Amazon Giveaways in 2024 – 9 Tips To Find The Best Giveaways

Amazon Giveaways 2024: An Overview

Amazon giveaways allow customers to win free items from vendors and vendors and an opportunity to attract more potential customers and engagement.

Amazon Giveaways were launched in 2015 but discontinued in 2019. However, there are still many ways to enter free Amazon giveaways, and thousands run daily.

Despite the closure of Amazon’s giveaways, thousands of Amazon giveaways can be entered via independent merchants who sell their products on Amazon. Some prizes include gift cards of different values, household items, and branded goods. 

This article will cover all you need to know about Amazon giveaways and your options for entering other Amazon giveaways.

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Amazon Giveaway Key Facts

  • Amazon Giveaway is a service that helps sellers on the platform raise product awareness and sales using sweepstakes.
  • The platform does most of the heavy lifting, making giveaways easy to set up and run.
  • All the giveaway hosts must decide what a brand wants to give away and choose the entry requirements.
  • Amazon enforces the set entry requirements, draws the winners, and ships prizes to the winners.
  • There are no extra fees or costs to the host besides paying for the giveaway items.
  • Amazon Giveaway was launched in 2015.
  • The program hosts thousands of giveaways every week.
  • As many as 50 prizes, totaling up to $5,000, could be awarded per giveaway.
  • Amazon would ask for their tax info if a participant wins over $600 in a calendar year.
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Top Amazon Giftcard Giveaways Feed (updates hourly)

For reliable Amazon giveaways, you can enter the free $1000 Amazon Gift Card giveaway by This guide also provides more options for gift card giveaways that you don’t want to miss in July 2024.

Alternatively, this live Amazon gift card giveaways list shows Instagram’s most popular Amazon giveaways. Feel free to check this page every hour to see the newest top-rated gift card or product giveaways for you to enter in July 2024.

You can also check out this frequently updated international giveaways list below for more  Amazon giveaways.

Is Amazon Doing Giveaways Now?

What happened to Amazon giveaways? Amazon announced on October 10, 2019, that Amazon Giveaways would no longer run. Customers could still enter giveaways until October 17, but new giveaways could only be created until October 10, 2019.

This seemed like a fast turnaround from the announcement of Amazon Giveaways’ closure to its retirement. 

the official Amazon response related to Amazon giveaways

The reason the Amazon Giveaway program was retired is unknown. However, its legacy remains, and Amazon’s popularity and giveaways have not been forgotten.

Amazon giveaways allowed independent merchants with online stores to enhance their presence and connect to a broader audience. The Amazon giveaways promoted independent business products while allowing customers to win big.

Currently, Amazon no longer hosts giveaways directly from its eCommerce platform, but it still sells gift cards that can be used for third-party giveaways.

Amazon also holds giveaways on Amazon Prime and its app. Keep reading to find out more.

What is an Amazon Giveaway?

To backtrack and discuss what an Amazon giveaway is, let’s cover how Amazon giveaways used to work.

The Amazon giveaways were straightforward to run and enter. To create a giveaway, vendors would access a particular page through the Promotions tab on their account, where they could select what item they would like to give away to lucky customers.

Vendors would then choose a prize product to give away, how many prizes participants could win, and the type of giveaway.

For example, participants could enter instant-win giveaways, sweepstakes, or the easiest-to-win giveaways, such as first-come, first-served. The first-come, first-served participants could enter a giveaway with a single click. They could also enter simply by following an author or viewing a video.

This service was a fantastic opportunity for vendors to attract new potential customers and promote their products. Prizes most often consisted of electronics and Kindle e-books, but you could also easily find Amazon/giveaways for home goods, kitchen accessories, and even exercise gear.

Unfortunately, now that Amazon has changed its services, customers need to look elsewhere to find and win Amazon gift cards and product giveaways. 

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How to Participate in an Amazon Giveaway?

It’s still possible to participate in an Amazon giveaway. Both vendors and entrants can find what they’re looking for and run Amazon giveaways differently. 

For vendors, the process is slightly different than it used to be. Vendors can still offer you their Amazon products, but you’ll find the giveaway hosted on another site. 

Finding a giveaway isn’t too complicated for entrants, but you must know where to look. After thorough research, we found a way to help you find the best alternatives to finding Amazon giveaways. Giveaway Websites like Giveaway Listing are among the best ways to find giveaways, specifically Amazon giveaways. One of the most common sources of free Amazon gift cards is websites specially dedicated to giveaways. 

Another method for finding the best Amazon giveaways is through social media. Some of the most popular apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, promote these giveaways and offer gift cards with various values.

Third-party platforms like Gleam or Rafflecopter will also host Amazon gift card giveaways. Other websites use these platforms to host giveaways rather than creating the giveaways themselves.

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9 Tips for Finding the Best Amazon Product Giveaways

Here are the 9 best tips for finding and winning Amazon giveaways:

1. Focus on What You Want to Win

Finding the best Amazon giveaways won’t be a chore if you focus on what you want to win.

We recommend listing what you want to win and using those as search terms and Amazon giveaways. You never know; you may be pleasantly surprised at what you can find. If allowed, you can invest more time in making as many entries as possible once you’ve entered a giveaway.

2. Check Giveaway Websites

One of the most commonly accessible Amazon gift card sources is websites dedicated to giveaways. Some offer only Amazon gift cards, while others have gift cards for various retailers, phone app stores, and games.

These often require users to create an account and answer questions in a survey format. 

3. Search on Social Media

Another source of Amazon gift card giveaways is social media. People often use Instagram lists, Facebook, and Twitter to promote these Amazon/giveaways.

Gift cards are offered as prizes with a wide range of values. Many businesses run these giveaways, and it is always up to the individual how much money will be loaded onto a gift card.

Please stay safe while engaging in social media giveaways, and never send anyone any money or personal information!

4. Utilize Third-party Platforms

Another source of Amazon gift card giveaways is third-party platforms, such as Gleam or Rafflecopter. Other websites use these platforms to host giveaways rather than creating the giveaways themselves.

For example, if someone wanted to run a giveaway on their reading blog to win a $20 gift card for Kindle e-books, they could go onto Rafflecopter and launch the giveaway. Sites like this allow users to customize and personalize the giveaways however they want.

5. Check Out Forum Sites

You should check out the Reddit forums for Amazon/Reddit/giveaways and Promo Today for worldwide Amazon giveaways, specifically for those in Canada, redflagdeals(dot)com.

Reddit is a social forum, content rating, and discussion website. Registered users submit content to the site, which other members can vote up or down.

You will find many free Amazon items listed in Reddit groups and subreddits, the most popular of which is r/giveaways. More than 30,000 giveaways are listed on Reddit, and approximately 50-100 are added daily.

Giveaways subrredit

6. Join Amazon Prime for Prime Day

Amazon is still running giveaway events on Amazon Prime for Prime Day. You should apply for an Amazon Prime membership to win free and discounted stuff through Amazon.

Amazon Prime Day typically happens once a year. There are freebies up for grabs, too. Amazon Prime members could claim over 30 free games for this year’s Prime Day promotion. Some games included PC versions of Mass Effect Legendary Edition and the recent Codemasters racing game Grid Legends.

These giveaways, also known as sweepstakes, are open to UK, US, and worldwide residents.

7. Download Amazon App Giveaways

If you subscribe to Prime, we recommend downloading the Amazon Prime app to avoid missing a beat.

Amazon announces the dates of the subsequent Prime Day events here, and as noted above, if Amazon is feeling generous, they may run another spontaneous Early Access Sale.

Amazon lets its customers know to use the Amazon app to get notified when special promos and giveaways start in the app.

To get notified, tap the app’s main menu (the three bars in the upper left corner), then tap “settings,” then “notifications,” and enable “personalized notifications.”

If you love Amazon giveaways, you won’t miss this chance to win special giveaways from Amazon.

8. Search on Blog Sites

While searching for giveaways on giveaway websites, here’s another tip—not all giveaway websites are dedicated to running giveaways. Some companies are committed to holding giveaways on their websites, yet that’s not their whole business model. 

Take, for example, Steamy Kitchen(dot)com. Steamy Kitchen is a food blog all about cooking and mindful eating, with a mission to limit food waste.

The prizes in Steamy Kitchen are diverse, and there’s something for everyone, from electricals to popular retailer gift cards and spa days. Amazon prizes are also up for grabs, including Amazon Gift Card Giveaways worth $100.

9. Check Out Giveaway Listing

For a final tip on finding the best Amazon giveaways, we suggest you look through our website for the best picks. On your search for Amazon giveaways, the Giveaway Listing website has more guides from us about winning the best giveaways. 

What is an Amazon Freebie?

Amazon freebies subreddit banner

Amazon freebie is a popular search term you can use on It’s precisely what it says in the title: you can score free stuff on Amazon.

Start browsing what free stuff is available by searching for “freebies” in the Amazon search bar. You’ll see the listings for everything on Amazon that is currently offered for free.

Amazon Vine Website.

What You Need to Know About Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine is an invite-only program; invites are only sent to trusted reviewers. Amazon chooses the reviewers, called Vine Voices, based on their previous reviews the Amazon community deems helpful. The better your reviews, the better your chances of being selected. 

Being a Vine Voice allows you to sample new and pre-release items for free in exchange for a product review. 

There’s no guarantee of being selected. The only way to try your hand at being an Amazon reviewer is to consistently write informative and helpful reviews on Amazon to increase your chances of getting invited.

Trading Old Amazon Devices for an Amazon Gift Card

If you’re considering upgrading an old Amazon device, you can trade it for a significant discount and some Amazon cash. One rule is that your device has to be an approved Amazon item.

Amazon offers 20 to 25% off new eligible devices plus an Amazon gift card equal to the item’s value as part of a trade-in program on their site. You even get a free shipping label from Amazon to send the item to them for no additional cost.

Methods for Saving Money on Amazon

If you are looking to save money on Amazon, here are a few tips you could use:

  • Discount Filter: Amazon’s hidden discount search feature allows you to shop for the best-discounted items on the site. The Amazon discount filter will help you find the best bargains.
  • Subscribe and Save: This primarily benefits regular Amazon shoppers looking to save money. You can buy essentials using this feature and save a hefty amount overall. Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program allows you to set up automatic delivery of items according to your schedule.
  • Deal Alerts: You can set a “deal alert” for items of your choice on Amazon to get notified when specials go live. This way, you’ll never miss a deal you’ll love in July 2024.

Amazon Giveaways: Final Thoughts

We’ve packed this article with a lot of information, spanning how to find the giveaways, what you need to know – how to enter, plus what you can do to increase your odds of winning. There’s a lot here – you may want to return to this article later to learn something new. 

Keep checking back with us for the best Amazon giveaways and discounts. We create guides for the best of both and will update you as the upcoming giveaways are announced. 

A boxed Amazon card.

Amazon Giveaways FAQ

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Amazon giveaways:

Monthly Giveaway Codes

Hey, you persistent reader! Your efforts have been rewarded! Here are 50 codes for GiveawayListing’s June’s monthly giveaway. You can redeem only 1 code per week.

Does Anybody Win Amazon Giveaways?

Yes, we can verify that people win Amazon giveaways. As stated on their website, when Amazon shipped giveaway prizes directly from their HQ for non-digital prizes, they shipped your prize directly to you.

If the prize was an Amazon Gift Card, each winner had to create an account to redeem the GC.

Did Amazon Stop Giveaways?

Amazon Giveaways began in 2015 and ended in October 2019. With its change of services, Amazon announced that the program was retiring.

However, it’s still possible to enter giveaways on Amazon or find unique Amazon products through merchants on the site.

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