2024 International Giveaway List of 200+ Top Giveaways

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Here you can find the list of the top international giveaways ending in July 2024. This list gets updated automatically every minute.

The list contains only giveaways that are free to enter. If you find any giveaway that doesn’t meet our criteria as stated below, then please contact us to review the cases immedietalty. 

You can also submit an unlisted giveaway by using the form below. Submitting giveaways at GiveawayListing.com is entirely free. 

International Giveaway Submission Rules

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You can submit any free-to-enter, international giveaway if it follows the criteria below.

Before you submit the international giveaway information, ensure that it complies with the following rules:

  • The link should be unique, posted only once
  • Free-to-enter, no requirement to pay at all
  • No affiliate links or other monetizable content
  • The organizer is disclosed and credible
  • No crypto/NFT/airdrop deals
  • Clearly defined prize and ending date
  • Clearly defined rules to enter
  • Only direct giveaway links from approved giveaway platforms such as:
    • gleam.io (preferred option)
    • kingsumo.com
    • app.viralsweep.com
    • giveaways.joinsurf.com
    • sweepwidget.com
    • woobox.com
    • prmo.me
    • ul.ink
    • toneden.io
    • sdqk.me  

If you’re looking for giveaway promotion tips, check our list of more than 100 giveaway guides.

Please use the form below to submit your international giveaway directly.

Submit International Giveaway Form

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There are several giveaway listing websites available online, but sadly most of them offer no free option to submit your giveaway. Instead those websites only offer paid options, which some of them can get pretty expensive.

GiveawayListing.com provides to everyone the option to submit a giveaway for free here.

The only caveat is that your giveaway should comply with terms stated on the page. Moderation is very strict so only 20% of all submission get accepted.

There are also paid options available which offer more exposure, a faster review time, but those options don’t guarantee listing if the submitted giveaway is not compliant.

Giveaway Listing has approximately 100 high quality giveaways listed on the international list every month, and is working on creating more automated ways of moderation to double this number before the end of 2024.

Submit International Giveaways FAQs

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How Much it Costs to Submit a Giveaway?

Posting a giveaway on GiveawayListing.com is entirely free. We mostly monetize our website through Google AdSense Ads at no expense to the visitor. Each giveaway is moderated for quality purposes though so please don’t send us low quality contests or websites as those will not be accepted.

How to Submit a Giveaway?

We have very high standards for all the offers in our international giveaway lists. You can read the complete list of requirements in the “International Giveaway Submission Rules” section. 

Also, if you live in Europe, make sure to review the General Rules of Contest for Prizes from the European GNSS Agency 

To accept a giveaway, complete the “Submit International Giveaway Form” and meet and get the Giveaway Rules, Terms, and Privacy Policy.

Are You Organizing the Giveaways?

No, most giveaways we display on our site are organized by non-affiliated 3rd parties. Therefore apply extra caution before you apply to any of the listed giveaways, despite our best efforts to review the list and keep it safe.
The only official giveaway that we organize is the Monthly Giveaway.

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