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You can use this form to submit giveaways entirely for free. Make sure to review all of the giveaway submission rules below before submitting your giveaway. Repeated submission of ineligible giveaways will result in blocking your account and IP.

If your giveaway submission gets approved, it will be displayed publicly on our international giveaways list and other lists across our website.


¹ - Publishing is not guaranteed for any service option. Please confirm your giveaway complies with the Terms, Privacy Policy, and Submission rules first.
² - Please confirm that your giveaway and website are eligible by contacting us before paying for the "Partner Submission" price.

Submission Rules

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Before you submit your giveaway, make sure it complies with the following rules:

  1. No duplicate posts – please check if we already listed your giveaway
  2. We only accept free-to-enter giveaways
  3. Do not use any affiliate links, or other low credibility sites 
  4. Only giveaways with disclosed and credible organizers
  5. Only giveaways with a clearly defined ending date and prize
  6. Only giveaways with disclosed number of entries
  7. Only giveaways ending in the current calendar month – June 2024
  8. Only direct giveaway links from the following trustworthy giveaway platforms: 
    1. (preferred option)
We have the right to reject any giveaway submission without warning. All giveaway submissions are carefully moderated, particularly giveaways submitted using the “Premium submission” and the “Partner submission” options since those options warrant much higher reach.
Before submitting your giveaway, make sure that it is compliant with the Terms and Privacy Policy, in addition to the 8 terms listed in this section. Failure to comply with the terms will result in removing any giveaway submission. Refund requests will not be accepted if you do not comply with any of those terms.

Giveaway Listing Website Statistics

Website Statistics - Content Image - 1200x628 has been a leading giveaway resource since 2015.

Here’s a list of the most important monthly traffic statistics for our website as of February 2023:

You can see the screenshots for each metric below, taken directly from our Google Analytics account.

Giveaway Listing Traffic February 2023
Giveaway Listing Traffic by Country February 2023
Giveaway Listing User User Activity and Engagement February 2023
Giveaway Listing User Devices February 2023

More Free Giveaway Submissions

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If you are looking for more sites that accept entirely free giveaway submissions, then we suggest the following:

Even though numerous sites offer both free and paid plans, we only want to mention here the best free ones with no upsell or premium plans. Big shoutout and thanks to the moderators of those subreddits for doing such a fantastic job!

Giveaway Resources

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If you have already submitted your giveaways, and looking for ways to promote your giveaways, then we have prepared a series of detailed social media giveaways guides that reveal hundreds of marketing tips.

Those giveaway guides are written in two sections, one for giveaway organizers (that’s most likely you) and giveaway entrants. We suggest reading both sections to get familiar with what your potential entrants may be looking for when choosing which giveaway to enter. The more you know your entrants, the better your giveaway will be!

Here’s the list of our social media giveaway resources:

Our content team worked hard to create these detailed guides for free. If you like our work, please make sure to share this page with your peers! 

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