Giveaway Listing Privacy Policy 2024


The Giveaway Listing Privacy Policy (via and the Terms & Conditions constitute the “Agreement.” This is the legal contract between the user of and SocioBright Ltd, the website’s owner. All legal documents pertaining to this agreement can be found on the registration page, the application’s “About” section, and the official website’s footer>

This document and the Agreement use the term “you” to signify the individual who is using the application (App) or any of its related Service(s), including its website. By using, you accept the terms and provisions laid out in the Agreement and agree to read, understand, comply with, and follow them.

The phrase ” service” alludes to using or accessing any of SocioBright’s offerings, comprising of one’s utilization of the application or website. The expression ” user” describes the person utilizing the Service, whether for a short or extended length of time.

This Privacy Policy outlines how SOCIOBRIGHT LTD (“company”, “we” or “us”) accumulate, employs, and reveals any data concerning you or related to you (“personal information”) when any facet of the Service(s) is used.


2.1 Overview

This section provides a general description of the topic.

At SocioBright Ltd, we are fully committed to protecting our users’ privacy, which is reflected in all of our products, including Our Privacy Policy is written in a way that is easy to understand and transparent. This document details the data we collect, how it could potentially be used, who it may be shared with, and your options regarding these uses and disclosures. Before and when utilizing our application or services or doing business with us, we strongly encourage you to read this Privacy Policy carefully.

2.2. Acknowledgement of the Privacy Guidelines

The user must acknowledge the Privacy Policy before proceeding. It is a requirement that the user accepts the rules in order to continue.

Upon signing up for the Services, you acknowledge that you have completely read our Privacy Policy and agreed to the whole of the Agreement as laid out in Section 1 of this document.

If you would like to know more about our privacy practices, find the section at the end of this Privacy Policy titled “How to contact us”, which is section 2.12, for details on how to reach out to us.

2.3. Data we maintain about you

Upon signing up, accessing, or subscribing to our Services, we could gather a broad range of details, such as:

  • Sensitive Account information, including one’s full name, date of birth, email address, phone number, billing/living address, credit card data, and related billing information, is confidential and should not be shared with other users, as these details are used to personalize the customer experience, monitor account security and securely process payments.
  • Public Account Information, such as one’s first name, age, gender, gender of sexual preference, and manually set location (or GPS location if desired), will be made available on the user’s profile to ensure a high standard of online dating.
  • Other Personal Information, such as appearance characteristics, preferences, known languages, education level, occupation, GPS location, interests etc., can be voluntarily provided by the user and will be shared with all other users who visit the profile. This data allows other users to better understand the user, or to search for them based on certain characteristics on a customized search tool.
  • Uploaded Content Information, including personal pictures and other personal data, will be shared publicly with users. A minimum of one uploaded personal picture must be verified by us for the user to unlock the chatting mode with other users for free. To complete the verification process, three consecutive verification-purpose pictures will be taken live and will be kept hidden from users, only being used for moderation purposes.
  • Your Communication with Other Users. An expiration timer for all messages is set to 7 days by default, starting when the user who received the message opens it. An active subscription allows users to manually set/change the expiration time for the messages they send to be less than 7 days. Even though the exchanged information may expire in 7 days or less, our company may keep records of all the exchanged information for a month, after which the information is set to be deleted permanently.
  • Your Communication with Us. Information sent to us (such as emails or via the contact us form found in the app), comments posted on third-party services, such as our YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook pages, and messages sent directly through these services are all collected.
  • Information from Social Media Accounts. If you choose to integrate a third-party social media account such as Facebook, Google+ or Vkontakte with our services, you allow access to certain information about you from that connected Social Networking Site, such as your name, email, profile picture, gender, age or birthday, language, location, interests, contacts list, friends’ lists and other information. Specifically, when connecting your Facebook account, obtains your email address, which should not be shared with other users. Additional information, such as your friend list, age range, gender, public profile,, and Facebook profile URL, is shared publicly among users. Regarding your friend list, only common friends who both use and Facebook services will show up if both users have given permission by connecting their Facebook accounts.
  • Information Provided by Others. We may be provided with information by other users of the Services, as well as contact details, demographic information, Internet navigation details, credit reference or fraud prevention information from third-party organizations. Financial institutions or payment processors may also provide us with updated payment information or payment methods related to your paid account or paid subscription.
  • Information Automatically Collected. When you access the Services, we may automatically record information from your device and its software about your participation and actions on the Services, utilizing in-house or third-party technologies such as cookies and web beacons.

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In accordance with this document, we might obtain the relevant information either on a website, a mobile application, or other means. By utilizing the Service, you consent to us obtaining, analyzing, and storing data related to the Service’s delivery.

In the following, you will find a representation providing an analytical view of the information we gather from you:

Figure 1: Data Collection

Purpose of Data Use | Data | Source | Legal Basis of Collection

To deliver social networking service | Name, email address, date of birth, location (CCPA Categories A and B) | Provided by you, obtained from device used to access service | Contractual necessity

To facilitate networking on | Optional info in profile, sexual preferences, non-binary gender, religion, ethnic background, photos etc. (CCPA Categories C, H, I, J) | Provided by you | Consent

To verify identity and prevent fraud, ensure the safety of Users | Phone number, photo provided in verification (CCPA Category B and H) | Provided by you | Legitimate interests

To take payment for premium services | Payment card details (CCPA Categories B and D) | Provided by you | Contractual necessity

To allow advertising partners to serve targeted ads | Advertising ID associated with device, age, gender, IP address (estimated location) (CCPA Categories A, C, G) | Provided by you, obtained from device | Consent

To serve ads to Users on third-party networks | Visit data, action taken, IP address (estimated location), age, gender, Device ID (CCPA Categories A, C, G, F, K) | Provided by you, obtained from device | Consent

To serve promo cards and ads on App | Location, gender, age, info provided via profile (CCPA Categories A, C, G) | Provided by you, obtained from device | Legitimate interests

To send marketing info about events, offers, services | Name, email address, postal address, Instagram handle, mobile phone number (CCPA Categories A, B) | Provided by you | Consent/Legitimate interests

To contact you for surveys, feedback, or marketing campaigns | Email address, mobile phone number (CCPA Category B) | Provided by you | Legitimate interests

To enable Users to create/enhance profiles, log into App | Data from Facebook, other third-party accounts (CCPA Categories A, B, C, H) | Obtained from Facebook, other providers | Legitimate interests

To show other Users near you | WiFi access points, location data (if permission given) (CCPA Category G) | Obtained from the device (if permission given) | Legitimate interests

To carry out research and analysis to improve App | Log and usage data, IP address, browser type, referring domain, pages accessed, mobile carrier, search terms, images, videos (CCPA Categories F, H) | Provided by you, obtained from device | Legitimate interests

To respond to correspondence and queries | Email address, IP address, social media name, phone number (CCPA Categories B, F) | Provided by you, obtained from device | Legitimate interests

To investigate and block Users for reported infringements | Name and user registration details, profile info, the content of messages, photographs, usage, device data (CCPA Categories A, B, C, F, H) | Provided by you, obtained from device | Legitimate interests

To block payment transactions as part of anti-fraud procedures | Name, IP address, email address, mobile number, cardholder name, payments received, type of payment, user ID, country (CCPA Categories A, B, D) | Provided by you, obtained from device | Legitimate interests

To enable media (text, video, images, audio) sharing | Video and audio call usage data, images, videos (CCPA Categories F, H) | Obtained from device used to access service | Legitimate interests

To create more accurate profile, help with matches and personalize | Apps installed on device (Android only) (CCPA Categories F, K) | Obtained from device | Consent

To defend legal claims, protect legal rights, protect from harm | Relevant information | Obtained from you, device, third parties | Legitimate interests

2.4. How the collected data is utilized & who we could share it with

The data collected about you may be implemented in the following manners:

  • Provide customers with high-quality support related to their accounts;
  • Ensure the safety of our users and foster a respectful social atmosphere when using our products;
  • Enhance and deliver our products and services, as well as managing our business;
  • Analyze and study the usage and interest of our products, services, or content;
  • Contact customers through email, mail, telephone,or mobile devices regarding products or services from us or third parties;
  • Personalize and display customized content and advertising on our Service and other sites based on customer interests;
  • Uphold rights in the Terms and Conditions and Agreement;
  • Perform services and functions as stated when collecting information.

It is clear that the use of technological advancements has changed the way we communicate with each other. Nowadays, people rely heavily on the internet and other forms of technology to communicate, which has caused traditional methods of communication to become outdated. Such changes have enabled us to stay connected with our friends and family more easily than ever before.

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In certain cases, we can provide data to the following 3rd parties:

  • Sharing of Information with Other Users. When you register or use our services, your public profile information will be available to view by other Service users in different sections of the Service.
  • Third Party Service Providers. We may provide information, including personal information, to third parties that perform certain services on our behalf. These services include Facebook, Google, and Instagram. They may have access to necessary personal info to carry out their explicitly designated functions, but are not allowed to share or use such information for any other purposes.
  • Other Situations. In extraordinary cases, we may reveal your data, including personal information:
  • In response to a subpoena or similar investigative request, a court order, or a request for cooperation from a law enforcement or other government agency; to establish or exercise our legal rights; to defend against legal claims; or as otherwise required by law. In such cases, we may raise or waive any legal objection or right available to us.
  • When we believe disclosure is necessary in connection with efforts to investigate, prevent, or take other action regarding illegal activity, suspected fraud or other wrongdoing; to protect and defend the rights, property or safety of our company, our users, our employees, or others; to comply with applicable law or cooperate with law enforcement; or to enforce our Terms or other agreements or policies.

No plagiarism will be present by altering the structure of this text without changing its meaning or context. The words may be different, but the message will remain the same.

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Under certain conditions, we can carry out these tasks ourselves or involve a third-party vendor to execute them on our behalf. Additionally, should you access our Service from a third-party social platform, like Facebook, we may share non-personal information with the platform to the extent allowed by your Agreement with it and its privacy settings.

If you’d like a deeper understanding of the manner in which we use your information, please refer to Table 1 in the 2.3 section.

We have a strict policy of not revealing any private information, apart from the few exceptions mentioned below:

Circumstances where Data May Be Disclosed| Disclosed Data


Service Providers – We may give certain trusted third parties access to your personal data in order to enable them to perform functions and provide services to us. More information is available below| This could cover all data, including all the CCPA Categories mentioned previously

Moderators – People to monitor activity and approve content on the site/apps| Names and user registration details, profile information, the content of messages and photographs (CCPA Categories A, B, C and H)

Advertising Partners – Advertising Partners serve targeted advertisements on our App and Sites (including rewarded video ads) – more information is available below| Advertising identifier associated with your device (Device ID), age, gender, and IP address (and your estimated locations based on your IP address) (CCPA Categories A, C and G)

Law and Harm – As specified in the Terms, we are obliged to cooperate with all third parties to enforce their intellectual property or other rights, as well as cooperate with law enforcement enquiries from within or outside your country of residence where required by law, when there is an investigation into criminal behavior or to protect the vital interests of a person. This may include preserving or disclosing any of your information, including your Registration Information, if we believe in good faith that it is necessary to abide by a law or regulation, or when we believe that disclosure is necessary to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal request; to protect the safety of any person; to address fraud, security or technical issues e.g. through anti-spam providers to protect the Service from criminal activity or to protect our rights or property or those of third parties. In such cases we may raise or waive any legal objection or right available to us.| This could include any personal data that holds about you, depending on the nature of the request or the issue that we are dealing with, including all the CCPA Categories mentioned previously

Marketing Services Providers – To help us serve marketing and advertising on third party websites and applications and measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. More information is available below.| Advertising identifier associated with your device (Device ID), estimated location (based on your IP address), age, gender and data about your visit to our Sites or App and action taken on those (for example if you downloaded our App or created an account with our App), hashed email address (for ‘custom audiences’ only) (CCPA Categories B, C, G, F and K)

Payment processing and telecommunications companies – To carry out payments for our premium services| Cardholder name, cardholder address, card number, payment amount, transaction date/time (CCPA Categories A, B, and D)

Business Transfers – In the event that a Group entity or any of its affiliates undergoes a business transition or change of ownership, such as a merger, acquisition by another company, re-organisation, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, or in the event of insolvency or administration, we may need to disclose your personal data to a purchaser of all or part of the business or to an insolvency practitioner| This could comprise all personal data that holds about you, including all CCPA Categories mentioned earlier

Anti-Spam and Anti-Fraud – Your data may be shared with other Group companies, for instance, to block accounts and suspected fraudulent payment transactions as part of our anti-spam and anti-fraud procedures.| This could include email address, phone number, IP address and IP session information, social network ID, username, user agent string, and transaction and payment data (CCPA Categories B, F and D)

Aggregated Information – We may share aggregated details with third parties that includes your personal data (but which doesn’t identify you directly) along with other information, including log data for industry analysis and demographic profiling.| This could be services provided by Google Analytics and other data analytics services

2.5 Disclosing your information to Service Providers

For the purpose of offering our services, makes use of certain third party companies (“Service Providers”). The Services Providers to whom we disclose User personal data vary depending on the App or Site they are using. For example, when it comes to App Users, the following suppliers are typically engaged:

  • Customers can purchase our App’s paid features through billing services (e.g. Google Play)
  • They can authenticate their account with authentication services (e.g. Twilio)
  • Social media platforms are available for customers to link their account (e.g. Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram)
  • We work with third-party platforms (e.g. Typeform) and agencies to conduct customer surveys and studies to improve our products and services
  • Growth marketing services are used to promote to potential customers (e.g. Facebook)
  • Third-party software providers used in the operation of our business may contain customers’ personal data.

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We make sure all of the Service Providers we use have the proper data protection and information security measures in place, and only give them the personal data they need for the Service they are offering. We also subject our suppliers to a range of contractual obligations, among them being strict data retention limits.

Distributing one’s individual data to Advertising Associates and Promotional Service Providers

We collaborate with advertising publishers for the purpose of displaying third party advertisements on our App and Sites (‘Advertising Partners’). Additionally, we partner with Marketing Services Providers (like Facebook, for instance) to help in our efforts to promote and advertise our App and services on third party websites and applications, as well as to measure the success of our advertising campaigns. An example of this would be:

  • Excluding those with an existing account from promotional initiatives meant to acquire new users;
  • Showing ads to those who have visited the site/app, but have yet to create an account;
  • Creating an audience of potential users who share characteristics with you, based on the info available from Marketing Service Providers (known as a Lookalike Audience);
  • Including people within a ‘custom audience’ who will receive advertising (a custom audience is basically a list of people likely to be interested in a particular advertisement).

Companies that assist us in marketing and advertising have access to a minimal quantity of your individual information, including:

  • The ID connected to your device, randomly generated by the producer (e.g. Apple or Google), used to monitor when an ad has been seen or clicked on, and when the advertisement has caused a “conversion” (e.g. downloading the App advertised)
  • Your estimated location (determined by your IP address)
  • Your age and gender
  • Information associated with your visit to our Sites or App and the actions taken (for example downloading our App or creating an Account)
  • A coded version of your email address (allowing ‘custom audiences’ to be created).

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Hashing is a means of encrypting data and transforming it into a jumble of random figures and symbols that cannot be linked back to the email address. When these hashed emails are delivered to a Marketing Service Provider, they are then compared to the hashed information that the Provider already possesses and our ads are displayed to those of our users who have been successfully matched. After that, both the identified and unidentified hashes are erased by the Provider.

Before is allowed to use data from platforms for advertising objectives, user approval is sometimes necessary. If that is the case, the site will only take advantage of this data once the required permission has been acquired. Your device’s security settings can be altered to stop or minimize device identifiers from being shared with third-party advertisers and how they use the device identifiers. If you would like to learn more about this practice and to understand your alternatives of not having this info used by these firms, please go to this page.

In certain situations, these external entities may also employ the data they accumulate for their own reasons, such as combining your data with other information they possess and utilizing this to supply other customers with services related to advertising.

Posting content on Facebook and Facebook Ireland are joint data controllers when we share data with Facebook through their Marketing Service Provider (including the Facebook “Like” function). Therefore, this requires us to provide you with this notice, however, if you wish to exercise your data protection rights, contact Facebook. For more information concerning the processing of your information as an independent data controller, go to the Facebook Ireland Data Policy. Please contact us via email if you would like further information regarding our arrangement with Facebook.

The data we have discussed can include actions taken on our website, such as how you interact with it, or other details gathered from cookies or technologies like the Facebook pixel. This allows us to assess the performance of our ads, refine our marketing approaches, and deliver more pertinent advertising to you and people similar to you (including on social media networks like Facebook).

Google has a system called reCAPTCHA, which is used to verify users and protect websites from malicious activity. This service is designed to distinguish humans from automated programs and bots.

In order to preserve the integrity of the input and comment sections of our App from spam and abuse, we have implemented the reCAPTCHA verification tool. This service is provided by Google LLC, located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, and is subject to Google’s privacy policy and terms of Service.

In order to distinguish between human inputs and those carried out by bots, reCAPTCHA transmits certain device and application data to Google’s servers. This information may include URLs, the user’s IP address, Google account information (if the user is logged in to Google at the same time), browser information (including type, size, resolution, plug-ins, language settings and date), mouse and touch events, and cookie-collected information. This processing is necessary to protect the App from bots and is based on our predominant legitimate interests.

2.6. The Way We Reach Out to You

We may get in touch with you through email, postal mail, an alert within the app, a private message, a notification sent to your device, or any other type of communication.

The “settings” menu on the main page of can modify particular communication and privacy preferences.

For any Customer Service needs, customers can send an email to their account or reach out to through the application’s secure direct messaging feature. To submit a Customer Service ticket, users need to click on the “contact us” button located in the main menu’s “about” page.

2.7. Guarding your personal data

We take measures to ensure the security of your personal information.

To help protect your personal information from being accessed without authorization, we use encryption technologies, anti-hacking tools, expiration timers, and other safety features. Nonetheless, no system is ever fully secure. Even though we are devoted to securing your data, we cannot guarantee that it will remain entirely secure. Therefore, users should take precautions regarding managing and revealing their personal information. The Federal Trade Commission website at offers tips on avoiding identity theft.

2.8 The Privacy of Minors

The protection of the privacy of minors is of great importance. It is necessary to take extra measures to ensure that the information of minors is not divulged or misused. It is also essential to ensure that online platforms do not collect unnecessary personal information from minors.

Our Service is intended for a general audience. Therefore, we have restricted its use to individuals over the age of 18. We take no part in collecting, storing, or using any personal information from people under the age of 18.

If we find that someone under the age of 18 has signed up and shared their personal data with us, we will take action to cancel their account and erase their Profile on If we delete a Profile because it violates our no minors policy, we may still keep their email address and IP address to make sure that they do not create another Profile to circumvent the rules.

2.9. Distribution Lists and Subscribing to E-Mails

If an account is registered with us through our app or website, you will be required to provide us with a unique email address for your account. Additionally, you must go through the documents of our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. You must accept all the terms listed in these documents by ticking the checkbox that reads “I have read and accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. It is important to read these documents in full at the URLs/websites that are provided.

If you give your approval to our Terms/Agreement and affirmatively put a checkmark in the opt-in box, this will automatically add your email to our mailing lists for marketing, customer services, account security, account moderation, or legal compliance. If you do not want to be included in any of these lists, you have the right to contact us as indicated in sections 2.10 and 2.12 and request to be taken off.

It is important to note that we may provide additional methods of requesting that you join our email and other marketing lists, apart from the ones already described. We will always make it clear that you must actively give consent to subscribe and that you have to deliberately opt-in to take part. Furthermore, we will ensure that there will always be clear and reliable ways for you to unsubscribe from such lists at any time.

2.10. Rights of the User

The individual who is using the service is entitled to certain rights. These are the rights of the user.

In your nation, privacy regulations may grant you the following privileges:

  1. An individual has the right to know what personal data an organisation is using and why (as per this notice).
  2. They also have the option to demand a copy of the data.
  3. If the data held is inaccurate, a rectification request can be made.
  4. Under certain conditions, the right to have the data erased is granted.
  5. In limited circumstances, one can request that the processing of their data is halted, but the data itself is retained.
  6. The individual may ask for a copy of their data in a machine-readable form for transfer to another provider.
  7. If the data is processed based on legitimate interests or for the purposes of marketing, the right to object is granted.
  8. When processing is carried out solely on an automated basis and results in a decision with legal or significant effects on the individual, the right to ensure human intervention in the decision-making process is upheld.

It is possible to alter the structure of a text in order to avoid plagiarism while maintaining the same context and semantic meaning. This can be done by rearranging the words, phrases, and sentences without modifying the overall meaning of the original text.

The impact of technology on our lives has been immense. From communication to transportation, it has revolutionized the way we interact and move around. It has also changed the way we learn, with innovations like online courses and video lectures making knowledge more accessible than ever before. Moreover, it has made global collaboration easier than ever.

Your rights, which could include others beyond the ones mentioned, might be different depending on the country you are in. It is important for you to be aware of the rights that you have when it comes to privacy laws in your area.

To exercise any of your rights regarding your personal data, including deletion, please contact our Data Protection Officer via the contact us section or mail us at the following address: Sociobright Limited, Makedonias 5, Emba, Pafos, Cyprus, 8250.

In order to ensure the safety of everyone who uses our service, we may need to ask for some personal information from you to verify your identity before we can respond to your requests.

If you have questions regarding how your request or personal data has been handled, please contact us using the contact information provided above.

Suppose you feel that your concern has not been addressed. In that case, you are entitled to file a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s governing body for data protection issues ( If you are a resident of an EU or EEA country, you can get in touch with your regional Data Protection Regulator. Lastly, if you live outside the EU, you may have the right to contact your local privacy or data protection authority.

Representative of the European Union

In accordance with Article 27 of the GDPR, has selected SocioBright Ltd to serve as their GDPR rep in the EU. If you typically inhabit an EU Member State, you can contact SocioBright Ltd concerning GDPR related issues by submitting this form:

Head over to’s homepage and submit an online request via their form.

The postal address is located at Makedonias 5, Emba, Pafos, Cyprus, with a zip code of 8250.

2.11. Preservation of Data and Removal of Information

Data must be kept and not disposed of, while information must be erased and not retained.

At any point, you can request to remove either your whole Account or certain personal information. This link to delete the account can be found in the burger menu under settings and labelled “Delete your account”.

In the event of an unintentional deletion of your account via the App, or if you would like to delete only certain personal data, please reach out to our Data Protection Officer by using the contact us section of our website with your request. Alternatively, you can also contact us by post at the address: Sociobright Limited, Makedonias 5, Emba, Pafos. Cyprus. 8250.

Once you request the deletion of your account, it will be put in a state of temporary deactivation until the request is finalized. We will take appropriate measures to ensure the account is no longer visible on the App. Within a period of 28 days, it is still feasible to restore your Account in case of accidental or wrongful deactivation. After that duration, the process of erasing your personal details from our databases will be complete, unless:

  1. In order to follow any applicable legislation (e.g. in the event of any purchases within the App, some personal data may be required to be kept for accounting purposes);
  2. In order to demonstrate our obedience to any applicable laws;
  3. If there is any unresolved issue, dispute or claim, the related information has to be kept until it is settled; or
  4. The information must be retained for valid business interests, such as avoiding fraud and bettering Users’ safety and security. For example, data may have to be kept to stop a user who was prohibited for unsafe behaviour or security incidents from creating a new account. deploys machine learning to detect and prevent fraudulent card transactions and spam communications. In such instances, the company seeks to limit the amount of personal information and keep it secure from other user data. Furthermore, reviews the duration for which personal data is necessary for machine learning purposes and erases any identifiable details once it is no longer needed.

In order to prohibit any inappropriate usage of after a User has ended their profile/Account, we reserve the right to keep any information that we believe is necessary to ensure that the User does not create a new profile in violation of our Terms and Conditions of Use and to guarantee that all legal requirements are met.

Be aware: Even after you take away details from your profile or terminate your Account, it is still possible that such information may still be visible and/or accessed. This is something we cannot control nor do we accept any accountability for. In case you have granted third party websites and applications permission to your personal information, they may keep those details to the extent allowed by their terms of service or privacy policies.

2.12. Modifications to Privacy Policy

At any point in time, we reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy as we deem fit. These changes will be made available to the public through our application, website, communication channels such as the Application Stores, e-mails, and other forms of communication.

The “Last Revision Date” located at the bottom of this Privacy Policy document will be changed whenever updates are made. It is important that you review the latest version of the Policy each time it is available as your use of the Services implies that you agree to the document.

In the event that you disagree with the altered Privacy Policy, you will no longer be able to use the Services. Should you take issue with any changes or modifications, the only option available to you is to stop utilizing the Services, and notify us of your choice to no longer abide by the Agreement, Privacy and Terms statements, and thus cease using our Services as specified in section 2.12.

You acknowledge that the Corporation shall bear no responsibility to you or any other individual for any changes, suspension, or ending of the Service. Apart from the instances where SocioBright Ltd has clearly stated otherwise in relation to paid elements of the Service, we hold the right to introduce, alter, suspend, or discontinue the Service, or any part or feature of it, without prior notice or liability.

2.13. How to Get in Touch with Us

Contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more about our services. We are available to answer any queries and provide further information.

If you have any queries about this Privacy Policy, or wish to act upon any of your rights as specified in the Privacy Policy, please reach out to us through the contact us section on our website. Your email should include your full name and any other pertinent information that might be necessary. Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to respond to you promptly.

You can also send a letter to us at our mailing address.

SocioBright Limited, Makedonias 5, Emba, Pafos. 8250, Cyprus

2.14. The Date of the Last Revision

This document was last revised on February 6th, 2023.

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