Catch Mr Thank You Giveaways in 2024: 5 Pro Tricks & Truths

What is it about Mr Thank You Giveaways and the extravagant prizes? Wonder no more. This article has the latest information as of May 2024. It covers many topics, including Mr. Thank You giveaways, facts about Mr. Thank You – Sergey Kosenko, winning strategies for his giveaways, and questions about Mr. Thank You’s fake money.

Additionally, we’ll examine Mr Thank You’s unbelievable net worth, prizes you can win in Mr Thank You giveaways, a detailed look at Mr Thank You giveaways, how to participate, and about past winners and the eligibility criteria for Mr Thank You giveaways. We’ll also look into the sponsors and reviews of Mr Thank You giveaways.

Everything you need to know about this extravaganza has been assembled for you. So, let’s learn more.

Mr Thank You’s Giveaway Key Facts

  • As of May 2024, Mr Thank You has given out over $190,000 to people on the streets.
  • He has also given out more than $85,000 to random Instagram followers.
  • Mr Thank You’s highest giveaway is the recent $20,000 giveaway on YouTube
  • On Instagram, Mr Thank You has over 23 million followers. In 2024, he is gaining over 1 million followers weekly, among the top 3 fastest growing Instagram channels.
  • Mr Thank You has more than 120,000 subscribers on YouTube and is expected to reach 1.5 million before the end of the year.
  • His favorite communication channel outside of Instagram is Telegram, in which he has amassed more than 100,000 subscribers (links below)
  • Since February 2024, he is giving away $25,000+ every month

About Mr Thank You Giveaways

Mr Thank You, whose real name is Sergei/Sergey Kosenko, is a Russian businessperson, entrepreneur, and social media personality who has gained significant popularity on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Known for his generosity, Mr Thank You frequently hosts giveaways on his social media platforms. These giveaways have garnered millions of views and have helped him amass a large following.

The giveaways are often extravagant, reflecting Mr Thank You’s lifestyle and net worth, reportedly $500 million. He has swiftly emerged as a force in NFTs and real estate, with a $50 million property portfolio in Dubai. His giveaways often reflect this wealth, with prizes that can truly make a difference in the winner’s life.

Mr Thank You and his team in animal costume

Who is Mr Thank You?

Sergey Kosenko, also known as “Mr. Thank You,” is a Russian philanthropist and social media influencer known for his generous giveaways. He gained popularity by hosting large-scale giveaways on his social media platforms, particularly Instagram.

Kosenko’s journey to success began in 2014 when he started a venture in the retail apparel business. Despite facing supply chain issues, Kosenko transitioned into blogging and social media. His entrepreneurial prowess is evident in his ventures into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and real estate.

He appeared on a Russian reality TV show called Island of Heroes in 2020, where he and other people had to survive on an island with minimal supplies.

In 2022, Kosenko launched the “Amazy” project, a lifestyle app offering cryptocurrency rewards for physical activity. The following year, he established “Habibi Real Estate” in Dubai. This demonstrated his commitment to the real estate sector. His company reportedly boasts a property investment portfolio valued at over $50 million.

Kosenko’s giveaways often involve substantial cash prizes, luxury items, and even cars. He believes in sharing his wealth and success with his followers to express gratitude for their support. His philanthropic efforts have earned him the nickname “Mr. Thank You.”

To participate in his giveaways, followers typically need to like, comment, and share his posts and follow his account. This engagement-driven approach has helped Kosenko amass a significant following on social media.

While some have praised Kosenko for his generosity and willingness to give back to his community, others have questioned the sustainability and authenticity of his giveaways. Some skeptics have raised concerns about the prizes’ legitimacy and the selection process’s fairness.

Despite the controversies, Sergey Kosenko’s giveaways have garnered significant attention and have inspired other influencers to host similar events. His actions have sparked discussions about the role of influencers in philanthropy and the potential impact of social media on charitable giving.

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Mr Thank You' TikTok page

5 Strategies to Win Mr Thank You Giveaways

Mr Thank You Giveaways are spontaneous and often a game of luck. However, you can take steps to ensure you stand a chance of winning these giveaways. Some of them include:

1. Engage with Mr Thank You’s Content

One of the most effective ways to increase your chances of winning Mr Thank You’s giveaways is to engage with his content actively. Like, comment, and share his posts on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. By showing genuine interest and support for his content, you’ll be more likely to catch his attention and be selected as a winner.

2. Follow Mr Thank You on Multiple Platforms

To stay up-to-date with Mr Thank You’s latest giveaways and increase your chances of winning, follow him on multiple social media platforms. This way, you’ll be among the first to know about new opportunities and won’t miss out on any chances to participate.

3. Tag Friends in the Comments

Many giveaways encourage participants to tag friends in the comments. This not only increases engagement but also spreads the word about the giveaway. The more friends you tag, the higher your chances of winning.

Pro Tip: To learn more tips on winning this kind of giveaway, check out this article about this Giveaway of the Day Guide article, which contains explicit details on winning all forms of daily giveaways.

4. Share the Giveaway

Sharing the giveaway on social media can sometimes increase your chances of winning. It helps spread the word about the giveaway and shows the host you’re engaged.

5. Participate in Creative Challenges

Some giveaways require participants to take part in creative challenges. This could involve sharing a photo, writing a caption, or creating a video. If Mr Thank You’s giveaway involves a creative challenge, put your best foot forward.

Does Mr Thank You Use Fake Money?

Sergey Kosenko is a well-known figure on social media, particularly for his extravagant lifestyle and the money he flaunts. However, there have been questions about the legitimacy of the cash he displays.

According to various sources, the money Mr Thank You flaunts on social media is not real. It is referred to as “prop money,” a type of fake currency explicitly designed for use in entertainment media. While prop money is designed to resemble real currency closely, it is not legal tender and cannot be used as such.

Despite the money being tagged fake, Mr Thank You has gained a significant following on social media, with over 20 million followers on Instagram. His videos often show him giving away this prop money. However, evidence shows he has given people a lot of money during his extravagant giveaways.

Mr Thank You relaxing on his expensive car.

Mr Thank You’s Speculated Net Worth

Mr Thank You, or Sergey Kosenko, has made a name for himself as a successful entrepreneur and social media personality. His ventures span various industries, from music and social media to real estate and technology.

Source of WealthDescription
Music CareerMr Thank You is a singer and musician. He has released several songs and has a significant following on YouTube.
Social MediaWith over 17 million followers on Instagram, Mr Thank You has a significant social media presence. He monetizes this through sponsored posts and partnerships.
Real EstateIn 2023, Kosenko established “Habibi Real Estate” in Dubai, boasting a property investment portfolio valued at over $50 million.
TechnologyKosenko launched “Amazy” in 2022, a lifestyle app offering cryptocurrency rewards for physical activity.

As of 2024, Sergey Kosenko’s net worth is estimated at around $500 million, even though those claims have not yet been verified by any accreditated organizations like New York Magazine, Kiplinger, The New York Times, The Economist, Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. Therefore, there is no proof of Mr. Thank You’s net worth other than his expensive lifestyle on social media.

Mr Thank You's verified instagram handle

Prizes You Can Win in Mr Thank You Giveaways

Mr Thank You giveaways are not limited to a specific type or category, making them exciting and diverse. Some of the prizes include:

  • Cash prizes: Kosenko’s giveaways include substantial cash prizes; for example, a woman with the Instagram handle @sabrinakleckova recently won $5000 for the Mr. Thank You Capybara challenge.
  • Luxury items: Some giveaways may include luxury items such as designer clothing, accessories, or gadgets. However, the specific brands or products are not always mentioned.
  • Cars are also a huge part of Mr. Thank You Giveaway prizes.

Presently, he is giving $20,000 to random people on the streets! What luck will you have if you ever bump into him? First, you must follow him across all social media platforms to stand a chance to win when you meet him.

Detailed Look at Mr Thank You Giveaways

Mr. Thank You’s giveaways are known for their simplicity and inclusivity. To participate, users typically need to follow his social media accounts, like his posts, and sometimes perform additional tasks like subscribing to other channels or leaving comments.

One of the unique aspects of Mr. Thank You’s giveaways is his collaboration with different brands and personalities. These collaborations increase the value of the prizes and bring together various communities, making the giveaways more exciting and engaging.

Mr Thank You arranging cash to giveaway to his fans

How to Participate in the Giveaways By Mr Thank You

To participate in Mr Thank You giveaways, one typically needs to follow these steps:

  1. Follow the official verified Instagram account: Participants must follow Mr Thank You’s official Instagram account to stay updated about new giveaways and to be eligible to win.
  2. Like the giveaway post: Participants should like the specific post on the Instagram account that outlines the details once announced.
  3. Comment on the giveaway post: Participants are usually expected to leave a comment on the giveaway post, often answering a question or providing a specific phrase mentioned in the post.
  4. Share the giveaway post: Some giveaways may require you to share the post on their own Instagram stories or feeds to increase visibility and engagement.
  5. Tag friends: Giveaways may also involve tagging a certain number of friends in the post’s comments section to help spread the word.
  6. Adhere to additional rules: In the case of creative reel challenges like the Capybara and Let it Fly, be sure to participate in the creative challenges if you want to win.
  7. Wait for the winner announcement: Mr Thank You typically announces the winner(s) on his Instagram account after the giveaway closes. The selection process may vary; the announcement date is usually specified in the giveaway post.
  8. Claim the prize: If selected as a winner, participants must follow the instructions provided by Kosenko or his team to claim their prize. This may involve providing contact information or other details.

Additionally, exercise caution and good judgment when participating in online giveaways, and be wary of any requests for personal or financial information.

A screenshot from Mr Thank You's instagram page where he randomly gifted a follower for following

Celebrating Mr Thank You Giveaway Winners

Mr Thank You, Giveaways are usually random and usually happen unexpectedly. However, he celebrates the winners publicly, often on the Mr Thank You social media platforms. In some videos he uploaded, he is seen giving out stacks of cash to random people on the streets as he drives past them. His usual question before giving them the money is, “Do you follow me on Instagram?”

Sometimes, he tosses a coin on a curated list of his followers, and whatever name the coin falls on becomes the giveaway winner at the time of selection. This emphasizes the importance of engaging with Mr Thank You’s social media content and following him across all platforms.

Mr thank's chats with his giveaway Winners

Eligibility Criteria for Mr Thank You Giveaways

The Mr Thank You Giveaway is not a very strict giveaway. Hence, there are little to no eligibility requirements. There are no age or location restrictions. However, to win any of the Mr Thank You Giveaways, interested individuals must follow him across all social media platforms and subscribe to the Mr. Thank You YouTube channel.

However, participants are expected to participate in creative contests using Mr Thank You’s songs for reels when needed. Recently, he released the song ‘Let it Fly,’ which is available on Spotify, and his fans have been having good play-making reels with it.

The Sponsors of Mr Thank You Giveaways

The Mr. Thank You Giveaways are solely sponsored by Sergey Kosenko, whose moniker is Mr. Thank You. He funds these giveaways from the money he makes from his businesses. Occasionally, he partners with other creators to sponsor giveaways, but he currently solely funds Mr Thank You Giveaways.

Reviews of Mr Thank You Giveaways

Mr Thank You owns a real estate business, ‘Habibi Real Estate‘, and has been making waves in the giveaway scene. With a substantial following on Instagram, he has been known to select people to receive a $10,000 prize randomly. His giveaways have garnered much attention and have been met with positive reviews.

One key aspect that makes Mr Thank You’s giveaways stand out is the excitement they generate. Winners often express their joy and gratitude in unique ways. For instance, they might say things suggesting that their lives have been changed forever. On Instagram, one such winner, Achatahubulat, expressed her joy when she was picked by Mr. Thank You, saying, “OMG. I’m so happy to get a DM from you @mrthankyou.” For some others, it was hard to believe how lucky they got.

The Bottom Line of Mr Thank You Giveaways in 2024

In 2024, Mr Thank You’s giveaways have become a hot topic. His approach to giveaways has created a buzz and brought joy to many people’s lives. The extravagant, mostly cash prizes he offers his followers and subscribers change their lives forever. It is correct to refer to him as a philanthropist, digital creator, and musician.

This article covered the 5 strategies to win Mr Thank You Giveaways, and the last content update was in May 2024. It’s clear that Mr Thank You’s giveaways are more than just a trend; they’re a phenomenon that continues to grow and evolve.

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Mr Thank You holding an FAQ tag

Mr Thank You Giveaways FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Mr thank You Giveaways.

Is Mr Thank You Real?

Yes, Mr. Thank You is real. His real name is Sergey Kosenko. He is a Russian businessperson, entrepreneur, and social media personality born in Moscow on August 23, 1987. He has a significant following on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, where he showcases his lifestyle and shares insights on finance and entrepreneurship.

Is Mr Thank You Money Real?

Most of the money Mr. Thank You flaunts on social media is called “prop money,” which means they are not real. However, he has been seen holding a significant amount of money, which he claimed to be $500,000,000, and is known to reward people with real money.

Is Mr Thank You Legit?

Mr. Thank You, or Sergey Kosenko, is a legitimate NFT and real estate figure. He founded “Amazy,” a lifestyle app offering crypto rewards, and established “Habibi Real Estate” in Dubai with a $50 million property portfolio.

However, he has also been involved in some media controversies, such as hosting a lavish party in Bali during COVID-19 restrictions, which resulted in his deportation and a six-month ban from re-entering Indonesia.

Is Mr Thank You Rich?

Yes, Mr. Thank You is rich. Sergey Kosenko’s net worth approaches $500 million. His wealth comes from his NFTs and real estate ventures, including his lifestyle app “Amazy,” which offers crypto rewards, and “Habibi Real Estate,” a company in Dubai with a property investment portfolio valued at over $50 million.

How to Win Mr Thank You Money?

Following Mr Thank You across all social media platforms is crucial to winning these giveaways. In addition, you can show your creativity by creating content related to the giveaway, following the rules, and staying active on the platform where the giveaway is happening.

How Can One Participate in Mr Thank You Giveaways?

To participate in Mr. Thank You’s giveaways, you must follow the instructions for each giveaway. For instance, one of his giveaways on TikTok required participants to show their creativity by creating reels on a specific song. Always make sure to read and understand the rules of each giveaway before participating.

How Often Are Mr Thank You Giveaways Held?

The frequency of his giveaways is not definite, but he sure holds a lot of giveaways multiple times a month. Following his official social media accounts for the most accurate and up-to-date information is essential.

How are Winners Selected in Mr Thank You Giveaways?

Winners in Mr. Thank You’s giveaways are often selected through a process that involves the participants interacting with his social media posts. For instance, they may be asked to comment on a post or add him as a friend. However, the selection process can vary at different times.

Are Mr Thank You Giveaways Open to International Participants?

Mr. Thank You’s giveaways are open to international participants. With the global reach of social media platforms, the giveaways transcend the borders of the United States and stretch to almost every part of the world.

Are There Any Fees Associated with Participating in Mr Thank You Giveaways?

Typically, legitimate giveaways do not require participants to pay any fees to enter. This is generally considered a vital characteristic of a fair and legal giveaway. In the same way, Mr Thank You Giveaways are free. Monetary expenses are not expected of participants. It is good to understand this so as not to fall victim to scams.

How are Mr Thank You Giveaways Announced?

Mr. Thank You’s giveaways are typically announced on his social media platforms. He may post about the giveaway on his feed or send a direct message to the winner. Following his official accounts is essential to stay updated on any new giveaways.

How Can One Verify the Authenticity of Mr Thank You Giveaways?

Verifying the authenticity of a giveaway can be challenging, especially with the prevalence of scams on social media. Here are some tips:

  • Look for the blue checkmark: Many social media platforms verify pages from brands and celebrities so that users can tell actual pages from copycats. Mr Thank You is verified on some social media platforms. Additionally, his YouTube channel contains all the links to his various social media profiles.
  • Watch out for new accounts: If the account announcing the giveaway is new or has very little other content, that’s a big red flag.
    Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Always exercise caution when participating in online giveaways.

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