The Best NFT Giveaways of 2024 – 9 Ingenious Ways to Win

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NFT Giveaways Overview

In this article, we will cover all there is to know about the fascinating world of NFTs.

We will take a close look at NFTs and NFT giveaways, and all there is to know about this exciting new cryptographic product. Before we discuss the nft/giveaways, first, let’s cover what NFT means.

NFT giveaway generated art with AI
NFT generated by OpenAI

What does NFT mean?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. What does that mean?

A non-fungible token is a unique cryptographic token that exists on a blockchain. These cannot be replicated, substituted, or subdivided. The token is recorded in a blockchain, and that’s used to certify authenticity and ownership. Essentially, NFTs are digital files, also seen as digital assets.

NFTs can represent real-world items like artwork and real estate. For example, NFTs can be a jpeg of a piece of art or a video, and that’s also known as “Tokenizing.” 

NFT art exhibition

This helps to reduce fraud considerably. NFTs help to secure those real-world assets items via blockchain to make buying, selling, and trading efficient.

Now we know “non-fungible” in a snapshot means that it’s a unique product and can’t be replaced with something else. To make that easier to understand, a bitcoin is fungible. You can trade one bitcoin for another, and you’ll have exactly the same thing. 

Another example. Currency is fungible because it is exchangeable with other genuine money of the same currency. 

A one-of-a-kind trading card, or NFT, however, is non-fungible. Or, a one-of-a-kind work of fine art made into digital NFT, is not interchangeable with anything else.

NFT Types

There are many NFT types available on the market. Here’s a list of NFTs you may have seen or will want to get to know.

Fine Art NFTs

Fine art NFTs are non-fungible tokens that people collect for their artistic value. 

The NFT, in this case, represents ownership of a digital piece of fine art. It will be digital artwork or physical artwork that has been converted into a digital format.

NFT art gallery in New York

Social NFTs

These NFTs’ primary value is what the NFT represents, for example, access to a social group.

Social tokens or media tokens, as they’re also known, allow creators to build communities and then also monetize their content, and the owner to be part of that community.

Social NFT image of people hugging

Smart Contract NFTs

Smart contract NFT acts as a digital contract, and the value is derived from the contract’s potential. The smart contract assigns ownership and reassigns it when transferred or resold.

Essentially, smart contracts act as a tool to implement a sale agreement.

Smart contracts NFT banner

An overview of Giveaway NFTs

For most NFT giveaways, the prizes on offer will be an NFT product of some kind, such as the case of a digital piece of art, music, or a one-of-a-kind collectible token.

Are there NFT giveaways? What are they?

Yes, there are NFT giveaways. Just like there are different types of NFTs, there are also different types of NFT giveaways. Across the various types, an NFT giveaway is usually a promotional tool to give participants free NFTs. The NFTs are given away as prizes.

NFT giveaways are a marketing strategy that big blockchain projects use to increase awareness about their products. For the company or project, giveaways increase brand awareness and bring new users to its community platforms.

Twitter NFT giveaway example
This is how a typical NFT giveaway looks like

NFT giveaways increase the token’s visibility and community acceptance when used as a promotional tool. For you, the participant, the giveaways are a great way to start collecting NFTs. It’s a free and easy way to get your hands on some free digital assets.

As mentioned, there are many different types of NFT giveaways, so it’s essential to do your research before you enter.

Next up, we’ll cover how you can enter a giveaway. Later on, we’ll cover the best giveaways you can enter for free.

How do I participate in NFT giveaways?

Due to the vast amount of giveaways to enter, there will be different rules between each. However, it’s often so simple to participate in any NFT giveaway. Usually, all you have to do is sign up via an email list, enter a discord server, or engage in the official social media channels of the promoter.

As mentioned earlier, various projects or brands may be running a giveaway. They may do so via their website or via their social media.

Gender unicorns NFT giveaway banner
Gender Unicorns is a social impact NFT project that was recently running a giveaway program

Oftentimes you will be required to do something straightforward to participate. One example is to join a mailing list or follow a specific Twitter account. In return, you’ll be entered to win an NFT that will be given away at random.

Another example is if you’re required to complete a particular task, such as retweeting a post, commenting on a post, or sharing a link. Other giveaway entries may be completely random. The winner might be chosen at random from all the entrants, just for entering their email address, for example.

And that’s it. As you can see, there are many ways to enter due to the different giveaway hosts, but it’s all very simple.

Whatever NFT giveaway you enter, make sure to read the rules carefully. This will ensure that you stand a good chance of winning. Now, we’ll help you to do that! Keep reading for our tips about winning the best giveaways of 2024.

Here are 9 ways to help you win the best NFT giveaways

1. Choose your NFT type

Let’s start here. Firstly, you might want to choose the type of NFT you’d like to win.

As mentioned, there are many kinds of NFTs to choose from and many types of nft/giveaways to enter.

By choosing what NFT you’d like to win, you’re choosing the best type according to you! Choosing what you’d like to win makes the giveaway even more exciting.

2. Find your ideal projects and brands

Something else to consider. Depending on what digital asset you’d like to win, you may find certain brands are giving away more of those kinds of NFTs.

In that case, we suggest you find your ideal NFTs and the brands to match.

You may find that a few brands you like are giving away the best NFTs, according to your choice. You can then choose to enter every giveaway they have on offer.

3. Enter various giveaways

Now, let’s consider you just want to win something, that is, you want to win anything.

If you don’t mind what type of NFT is up for grabs, this may be ideal for you.

You may choose to enter various giveaways with various NFTs on offer. Also, if you do choose specific giveaways to enter, you might still choose various giveaways to enter too!

4. Get to know the rules

Each giveaway has its own rules, as mentioned earlier, it’s essential to find out what those are.

Most giveaways are really simple to enter, but remember to check each one, as they’re different from the next. 

With any giveaway, it’s important to know how to participate. One wrong move might cost you the whole giveaway. 

5. Make eligible entries

Getting to know the rules brings us to this next tip. Make sure you make an eligible amount of entries.

Some giveaways state that you can only enter once. For example, one comment on a post per person is one entry. So don’t comment more than once.

It sounds simple enough, but commenting more than once will be seen as cheating, and your entry won’t be eligible. It’s not worth it.

6. Enter more than one at a time

There is no limit to the giveaways you can enter. You can enter more than one at one time across various brands and giveaways. 

If you enter more than one giveaway with the same brand, check if you can do that, as per the giveaway rules. 

Why not make a list of giveaways you want to enter and participate in all of them? This will ensure you have a great chance of winning even one!

7. Search on social media

Do a search on social media for different giveaways on offer. You can find a lot on Twitter, for example.

Just use the hashtags #NFTgiveaways, #NFTgiveaway, or #FreeNFTs, for example. You will find brands, NFT influencers, and NFT projects giving away free NFT in giveaways.

Just beware of fraudulent accounts, and make sure to check that what you’re entering is legit. Complementary to this tip, you may want to maximize your odds with our tip below. 

8. Maximize your odds

Maximize your odds by knowing the popularity of the giveaway. This is one last resort, and again, especially for those who are unphased about what prize is on offer.

If you’re playing only to win, you might want to enter the giveaways with fewer people entering them. That’s right, the least popular giveaways and the least known brands.

Also, as mentioned, if you’ve tried everything and are determined to win something, try this tip out and see if this works out for you. Let us know how you do!

9. Use the GiveawayListing‘s live giveaway feeds

Last but definitely not least, our final tip for winning one of the best NFT giveaways. 

Now that we have covered our foundations of success, we suggest you have a look at the exclusive live NFT giveaways featured on We’ve shortlisted the best NFT giveaways on Instagram and Twitter:

  1. Instagram NFT giveaways: Go to the very top of this article
  2. Twitter NFT giveaways: Go to the very bottom of this article

Those lists get updated every 1 hour and contain only the most popular NFT giveaways that Instagram and Twitter have to offer.

By getting to know all the many giveaways on offer and entering them, you will raise your chances of winning.

Giveaway Listing NFT list

What are the best NFT giveaways in 2024?

This is a big subject, but we’ve narrowed it down. 

You might be able to find NFT giveaways where you can show off your artistic talents or try your hand at making art to enter. These days, many NFT projects and influencers are hosting fan art competitions.

As a participant, you are asked to create artwork in order to win NFTs and other exciting prizes.  Most of the time, the artwork entries must be inspired by the organizers’ own NFT project. This is one exciting giveaway option for you.

But what about the best free NFT giveaways, which are more straightforward to enter? Let’s find out!

You will find some of the best NFT giveaways through various projects and influencers hosted on social media and channels like Discord and Reddit. But as mentioned previously, you will find NFT giveaways everywhere.

When it comes to NFT giveaway creators, there are two types: NFT project giveaways and NFT influencer giveaways.

NFT Project Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way of building an audience, and NFT projects capitalize on this so that you will find many freebies via various NFT projects.

Some of these projects will offer their brand-new NFT collectibles as prizes, while others share cash, cryptocurrencies, or other assets.

Bored Apes Yacht Club NFT giveaway
Bored Apes in April 2021 gave away apes that were worth more than $200,000 a few months later

NFT Influencer Giveaways

You will find that many NFT influencers and creators of NFT are just as passionate as the larger NFT projects. Influencer NFT giveaways are often interesting, creative, and fun.

You might find some of the best NFT giveaways via an influencer. However, double-check the influencer’s account before joining a giveaway to verify them as legit. Remember, anybody can get many followers these days.

Twitter NFT influencer giveaway
A typical NFT influencer giveaway

Which prizes are given for NFT giveaways?

As mentioned earlier, there are many NFT types available on the market.

For most NFT giveaways, the prizes on offer will be an NFT product of some kind, such as the case of a digital piece of art, music, or a one-of-a-kind collectible token.

Most NFT communities, influencers, and NFT projects will run giveaways once a week or even once a month.

In this case, the prizes are often collectible tokens, coins, or NFTs to promote their work. Sometimes they hold nft/giveaways like a lucky draw and give away NFTs to random people who participate. That way, they’re giving back to their community.

Now let’s cover some more interesting topics about NFTs. These FAQs will come in handy before you try to enter a giveaway.

The most frequently asked questions about NFTs

Why do people give away NFT?

This is one of the most talked about questions in the NFT world. Why do people give away NFTs, and why are they free?

As mentioned earlier on in the article, most people do this for marketing purposes. 

Holding giveaways or making free NFT as prizes serve as a promotional tool for a brand or a person. The NFT prizes are just as genuine and real in a giveaway as they are if you buy them.

The reasons why people give away NFT may be different for each. Still, the NFT you receive will be legit, so long as the giveaway is legit.

How do I get a free NFT giveaway?

As covered here, getting free NFTs by entering a giveaway is possible. There are so many giveaways to enter and different companies offering free NFT.

Giveaways make the experience of owning an NFT totally free for the winner. But each type has its own cost. The cost of NFTs can vary drastically depending on what you’re buying or, in this case, winning.

We recommend using our guide to find out more about where to get free NFTs. Check again, as we will share the latest news about free NFT giveaways.

Where to get free NFTs?

Aside from NFT giveaways, you may choose to join a website where you can earn money to exchange for NFTs by playing games. There are many to choose from.

For example, You can easily earn money by playing games, and answering surveys, for example. Average users make around $20+ per hour.

Then you can exchange the cash for NFTs by withdrawing your earned money using cryptocurrencies and purchasing NFTs on OpenSea.

Who is running the NFT giveaways?

Now we know there are many NFT giveaways on offer, and you’re free to enter the ones that interest you. 

From NFT projects, NFT influencers, or brands and artists promoting their work, there’s a wide variety of people running giveaways.

But while there are many people running the giveaways, there will be many opportunists also. Unfortunately, scams are going on in cryptocurrency, so be careful when entering NFT giveaways online.

What can I do to stay informed about NFT giveaways?

If you have read everything in our guide, you will be ready to enter your first NFT giveaway! 

We recommend you check our website regularly for new articles about free NFTs 2024 giveaways you may want to enter, and please use all of the guidance in this article. We hope you find it useful.

There is much to learn about the NFT market and NFT giveaways, and here at Giveaway Listing, we will keep you updated with everything you need to know.

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