Omaze Giveaways 2024 Guide – 7 Top Tips To Win A Prize

What do you need to know about Omaze giveaways?

Omaze partners with charities in fundraising events and holds free and donation-based giveaway sweepstakes. Their giveaways are growing in popularity, and there is a multitude of prizes on offer, such as cash prizes, property, tiny homes, or celebrity experiences.

Keep reading for everything related to the Omaze sweepstakes and the 7 best tips to increase your chances of winning them.

Now, let’s find out what Omaze Giveaways are and how to increase the odds of winning them in May 2024.

What is Omaze?

Omaze logo

Omaze is a privately owned American for-profit fundraising company founded by Ryan Cummins and Matthew Pohlson in July 2012. Omaze is based in Los Angeles, California.

Omaze raises money for charity while offering people the chance to win life-changing prizes and life experiences. They believe by harnessing the power of dreams, they can help change the world.

Omaze started as an idea that the co-founders had to bring affordable giveaways and experiences to the masses, both pay-to-enter prize draws and free ones.

One of their objectives was to raise more money for nonprofits by having more people participate in their giveaways.

They wanted to create extravagant alternative opportunities for giveaways online that are cheaper for you to enter. They call it ‘Win: Win.’ 

Omaze Giveaway Key Facts

  • Omaze has partnered with over 600 charities to date.
  • The company has raised over $200 million for various charities.
  • Omaze offers chances to win big prizes while supporting charitable causes. The prizes include material goods, property, or celebrity experiences.
  • For every $10 donated, you typically get 100 entries into the sweepstakes for an incredible prize.
  • The donations are split with the affiliated charity. On average, charity partners receive 60% of proceeds from celebrity-tied campaigns, 25-30% from experience prizes like travel, and 15% from luxury car giveaways.
  • The company has raised over $130 million for over 350 charities, including UNICEF, After-School All-Stars, Julia’s House, Product Red, and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

What are the experiences on offer?

Omaze has a few types of prizes on offer, such as vehicles, cars and vans, property and tiny homes, cash prizes, and experiences such as vacations, plus the chance to meet celebrities, with prizes such as dinner dates, set visits, and premiere tickets.

Omaze experiences category list

Past experience prizes have included: VIP tickets with Robert Pattinson at the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures’ The Batman, meeting the cast at Downtown Abbey, and a dream vacation in an Overwater Villa in the Maldives.

Omaze giveaway prizes on the official Omaze website

Our guide will tell you all there is to know about the Omaze prize giveaways.

Is Omaze legit?

In a word, yes. Omaze has already raised more than £115,000,000 for over 400 charities worldwide since its launch in 2012, and it seems that this amount will keep increasing exponentially in 2024.

Even though most of their giveaways are based in the US, now they’re taking the rest of the world and the UK by storm.

So far, they have raised £250,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust, £500,000 for The Prince’s Trust, £1,000,000 for the British Heart Foundation, and £1,000,000 for the NSPCC’s Childline.

As well as supporting some of the world’s favorite charities, they’ve made numerous new multi-millionaires. 

omaze charities

Now we will cover how you can become one of those lucky winners and how to enter the Omaze giveaways.

How can I enter an Omaze giveaway?

There are two ways to enter an Omaze giveaway and two ways to win the Sweepstakes on offer. 

The first way is by making a donation-based ticket entry through the Omaze website platform. On their website, you will find an “all prizes” page, which lists all of their sweepstakes giveaways.

how to enter omaze giveaways

It’s as simple as that, donate on the Omaze platform for the giveaway you’d like, and you’ll receive entries into the associated sweepstakes experience.

Further along in our guide, you will also find out how much each donation entry costs.

The second way to enter is totally free. You can enter exactly as described above, but instead of entering by donating, you can “enter without contributing.”

You can find the “Alternative Method of Entry,” or AME for short, which is free of charge on each “all prizes” giveaway page on the website.  

how to enter Omaze giveaways without contributing

How do you enter the Omaze draws for free?

Here’s a brief introduction to the process. 

Browse the giveaways you’re interested in on and check the rules, and look for excluded countries in the rules. UK residents should use

  • Find “enter without contributing,” which you will find below the donation amounts
  • Click on the text line and complete your personal details
  • Now submit the entry form; that’s it!
  • NB: You can only submit one form per minute and 3 free entries 

For UK residents,, Omaze has at least one opportunity to win a house at a time, and the ‘free’ entry route is by post rather than online.

You can find out more from us and view the full rules on Omaze’s website.

Submit entry form for Omaze giveaways

How many times can I enter?

The maximum number of entries for one single sweepstake allowed per person is 6,000.

That appears like a big number of entries, but Omaze has a bulk purchasing option, and all entries are equal in the random drawing process. 

It’s important to note that the maximum number of entries allowed per person may differ for different giveaways and experiences.

Omaze  giveaways entry limit terms
Omaze’s legal disclaimer

Check out each experience and giveaway listing in the UK, as the eligible entry limit varies. 

See our top tips below to determine the criteria for entering a giveaway.

How much does it cost to enter Omaze?

As mentioned, there are two ways to enter the giveaway prize draws and two types of costs: free or donation-based.

Donation-based tickets for all Omaze draws cost:


  • $10 for 20 entries 
  • $25 for 125 entries
  • $50 for 500 entries
  • $100 for 1,200 entries
  • $150 for 2,000 entries 


  • £10 for 15 entries
  • £25 for 40 entries
  • £50 for 85 entries
  • £150 for 320 entries

There will also be applicable tax charges – we’ve covered that here. See the end of this guide for more details.

Find out below how to win a prize in the Omaze free giveaways.

How much does it cost to enter Omaze? Different Omaze entry and donation options.

How can I win an Omaze prize?

Check out our essential top tips guide below to increase your chance of winning something in the Omaze prize giveaways.

Current prizes include vehicles, cash prizes, tiny homes, and vacations – don’t miss out on these life-changing giveaways.

7 tips to win a prize in the Omaze Giveaways

Here are our 7 best tips to help you maximize your chances of winnining an Omaze Giveaway.

Tip 1. The basics: Get to know how to enter the giveaways

Use our advice here in our guide, and check Omaze’s website for rules and specific giveaway details.

It’s important to understand the eligibility rules between the US and UK entries as has recently expanded. Entries by UK residents must be made on the UK site.

Depending on your location and on each individual prize draw, there may be differences in the rules of entry for the Omaze free entry giveaways. It’s important to note that eligibility rules vary for each sweepstake.

For example, unlike the main draws, the UK free-entry route for Million Pound House draws is by post. 

Why create an account with Omaze?

To enter the giveaways, you don’t need to create an account.

Creating an Omaze account allows you to view your purchase details and find your Entry Code. However, you can also find your Entry Code in your confirmation email.

Also, with an account, you can easily see how many entries you have made on in the “Your Experiences” tab.

When you reach the max number of entries allowed per person for an experience, you’ll see “MAX” displayed next to your entry count.

You won’t be informed if you’ve reached your entry limit, however any entries over the limit will be void and ineligible to win.

Tip 2. Donate or enter for free: Decide which way you want to play

First things first, it’s a good idea to find out more about each way to enter the giveaways. 

Decide if you want to donate and pay or “enter without contributing,” as mentioned previously in our guide. 

It’s worth noting you can also enter a giveaway for free and still donate a few dollars or pounds if you’re strapped for cash and feeling generous at the same time.

There is the option to give a small donation of whatever you can if you enter for free.

There are pros to both methods of entering, and how you play will depend on your motives for entering.

If you’d like to maximize your chances and win big, you may choose to buy a bulk of a few thousand donation-based tickets.

However, if you’re entering for fun to find out what the Omaze free giveaways are like, you may choose to go the free route only. Just to get your feet wet.

Also, you can enter both ways: donation-based plus free at the same time, to increase your odds of winning.

Whatever you do, stay up to date with all of the latest.

Tip 3: Stay up to date: Check out Omaze’s official websites for all of the latest Sweepstakes

You will find updated information on Omaze’s official websites about each prize giveaway, or sweepstakes, as they’re also known. 

The two websites that you need to check are: and

There is a wide range of giveaways happening at once to choose from. Plus, all of the charities and who you’d be supporting are also listed there.

You will also see how many hours are left to enter for each giveaway on the listings page, so you won’t miss out on your chance to win.

Omaze regularly updates and uploads new experiences and giveaway listings on their website, so keep checking back to find out what incredible dream prizes are on offer.

You can also follow Omaze on social media to stay informed about the latest Omaze/giveaways.

Tip 4. Be social: Join the online communities and follow Omaze on Instagram and Twitter

Omaze have an ever-growing online community you can be part of on social media.

They share fun updates, new sweepstakes, and their community’s emotional accounts of winning prizes. You should check those out.

You can find Omaze on Twitter here: @omaze and @omazeuk

Find Omaze on Facebook here: and 

By following Omaze on social media, you’ll be in the know about all of the latest exclusive offers, too.

Omaze Facebook page banner - Omaze social media channels

Tip 5. Make consistent entries: Enter your preferred giveaways regularly

As well as the above, once you’re accustomed to the process involved in entering the giveaways, get to know what prizes are available to you.

Regularly enter the sweepstakes you want to win, from the various prize draws, from cars to vacations.

One of the best and simplest top tips in our guide has to be this one. By making consistent entries, you increase the odds of you winning. 

We cover advice about that below.

Tip 6. Familiarize yourself with how Omaze sweepstakes work

We recommend all of the advice above to familiarize yourself with Omaze sweepstakes. Plus, do check their platforms for all updated information. 

Here at Giveaway Listing, you will find more relevant guidelines and information with each new article we also share, so check back with us.

As mentioned, it’s possible to get to know the processes involved in entering the giveaways and even winning them, which we cover below.

And don’t forget, after you’ve entered the Omaze/giveaways, stay informed to find out if you’re the lucky winner. 

Now let’s talk about your chances of winning.

Tip 7. Maximise your chances by understanding your odds

Your probability of winning a giveaway will increase if you understand your odds, and there are websites out there dedicated to helping you understand this.

We will summarise this for you.

Omaze receives millions of entries, so your odds are small, to begin with, but you can improve your odds with a little knowledge of probability and odds.

The odds depend on how many entries you make

For example, each person can only get 6,000 entries per contest. But you only need to enter three times because you can get 2,000 entries by donating $150, for example. 

Don’t overdo it

Three entries, in this case, mean the maximum number of entries. By donating $450, you have 6,000 entries. At this point, you can donate more and enter more times, but that does not increase your odds of winning.

Enter in all of the ways possible

As mentioned in our guide, enter all of the giveaways that excite you and as many ways as possible. You can use the “enter without contributing” option. And remember, the odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received during the entry period.

The number of people entering changes the odds

The odds depend on the number of people entering the giveaway.

For example, if 50 people were to enter, your odds are 1 to 49, so the probability you’ll win is 1/50. That’s 2%. If 5,000 people enter, your odds are 1 to 4,999, then your win probability is 1/5000. That’s .02%.

You get the picture.

When it comes to winning, some things are out of your hands, but you can find out what prizes are most popular if you’re not picky, and if simply winning something is your sole motive.

Omaze giveaways social media mentions on Twitter
By sharing positive feedback for Omaze, you may be increasing your chances of winning

Let’s maximize your odds of winning at Omaze

Let’s summarize what we’ve learned on how to maximize your odds of winning at Omaze, do the following:

Do your research

There are websites dedicated to helping you understand your probability of winning. Also, you can study past giveaways to note who won and how. Again, there are some dedicated sites for this.

Enter the best of the best

We recommend upping your chances to win by entering the best sweepstakes. After your research, you can enter the sweeps with the highest probability of winning.

Enter as many times as possible

Each sweepstake has a maximum number of entries allowed. Max out your entries.

Use the AMOE form (Alternative Method of Entry)

Raise your odds by entering the giveaway: donation-based and free, to maximize your chances of winning.

Get your friends and family involved

Creative route: double your odds of winning by having others enter on your behalf. Just make sure you sign a contract that the giveaway is for you, or firstly know that they’re trustworthy, of course!

Below we’ve covered popular FAQs about the Omaze giveaways today.

Frequently asked questions about the Omaze giveaways

Here are the most popular Omaze Giveaway FAQs that you were wondering about:

How does Omaze pick a winner?

Omaze giveaways announce a new winner every single Wednesday.

Winners are drawn at random within the “Experience Rules” found on their website. All winners are contacted by email or telephone. Therefore, make sure to save as a safe sender.

Omaze house giveaway prize

You are given a unique Entry Code when you buy entries, which can be found in your account if you’ve signed up, or it will be sent to you via email.

Your unique Entry Code is generated, and each entry you make is securely logged in the prize-draw database.  As found on the Omaze website: once the sweepstakes experience has closed, a winner is randomly drawn.

After the random drawing process, Omaze then completes the winner confirmation process.

Omaze typically announces winners on their social feeds, Instagram stories, Twitter, and on the individual listing pages every #WinnerWednesday around 3 pm PT. 

You can also view the winner/s for past sweepstakes experiences on the “Past Winners” page of their site. You can also opt to view closed experiences sorted by month.

Omaze past giveaway winners

What are the chances of winning an Omaze giveaway?

Please familiarise your chances of winning by reading our guide above, specifically #6: Maximise your chances: Increase your chances of winning by understanding your odds.

One more FAQ is: do you have the same odds of winning with or without subscription entries for the Omaze charity giveaways?

The answer is yes. Each entry has the same chance as every other single entry, regardless of the method of entry.

Omaze car prize

Do you have to pay taxes on Omaze prizes?

Omaze giveaway winners are responsible for applicable taxes.

For US winners with a prize value over $600, Omaze will issue the winner a 1099 form, for example, so that they can report their prize winnings to the government.

As mentioned, the rules will vary for each sweepstake, so it’s important to read the rules for each individual experience you wish to enter.

More information regarding each sweepstake can be found on Omaze’s websites. 

Can you sell the Omaze house if you win?

One of the top FAQs about Omaze/giveaways is about the house prizes, and we’ve got good news for you.

Yes, you can sell the house if you don’t want to move in. Omaze states on their website that the winner is free to do with the house what they wish.

The house will be yours to live in, rent out or sell. Omaze will cover all reasonable legal costs to complete the house transfer to the winner.

 All legal information is available on their terms and conditions page.

Omaze mansion prize - luxury house giveaway
This house given by Omaze had a retail value of $4.5M (!).

How does Omaze make any money?

Omaze takes a percentage cut from the entrants’ donations.

The platform normally takes between 12 % to 20 % per campaign, as mentioned below.

Omaze has raised $127 million in venture funding thus far, making it one of the world’s biggest crowdfunding platforms.

Where does the donation money go?

When you enter the Omaze prize giveaways, approximately 60% of your donation goes to the nonprofit beneficiary via a grant from CAF America. 

Typically 25%, on average, is used for experience costs, such as advertising and content creation costs and processing fees.

When you pay by donation to win an experience for a non-celebrity prize (like a car, vacation, or cash), 15% of your donation is guaranteed to go to the identified nonprofit beneficiary via a grant from CAF America.

Omaze donations tweet

Typically between 65-75%, on average, is used to pay for experience costs, such as advertising and content creation, prize costs, and payment processing fees. 

Historically, across all experiences, Omaze nets approximately 12-20%. On campaigns where there is matching, 100% of the match goes to the identified nonprofit beneficiary. 

What is the best way to stay up to date with Omaze giveaways?

Following Omaze on all platforms is a great way to stay up to date.

Here at Giveaway Listing, we continuously update all new information about Omaze, so check back for any updates related to the giveaways. Feel free to follow our social media channels to get informed for the newest Omaze giveaways.

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