Pixelverse Giveaways 2024 – 5 Exclusive Tips & NFTs

What is Pixelverse?

The Pixelverse has rapidly gained popularity for its innovative approach to gaming and giveaways. It’s not just a game; it’s a community where players can earn real rewards through play-to-earn mechanics and token airdrops.

Pixelverse was formed as a cyberpunk-themed, quest-based game that combines engaging gameplay with blockchain technology to create a unique and immersive experience. Players can earn tokens by participating in quests and battles.

The native currency of Pixelverse, $PIXFI, is used for trading, crafting, and battling within the game, with a deflationary mechanism to maintain the value of the tokens. A strong community is the backbone of Pixelverse. With an active social media presence and community events, Pixelverse offers interaction, collaboration, and competition opportunities.

Here you’ll learn how to tap to win in the Pixelverse game, discover the prizes up for grabs, and get exclusive insights into Pixelverse NFT giveaways. Plus, we’ll outline the eligibility criteria for participating in these giveaways.

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pixelverse twitter channel screenshot

Pixelverse Key Facts and Statistics

  • Pixelverse is a 2D cyberpunk-style GameFi project making waves in the crypto sphere.
  • It integrates with Telegram, allowing users to play and earn within the app.
  • As of June 19, 2024, the game has over 26 million players.
  • 250 million fights have happened in the pixelverse game on Telegram as of June 2024.
  • The Pixelverse telegram channel presently has over 5.5 million subscribers as of June 19, 2024.
  • On the Twitter/X platform, they have amassed over 1.5 million followers, all eager to benefit from the pixelverse games and giveaways.
  • On June 16, 2024, they announced a new partnership with Blum Crypto, a hybrid exchange that offers access to all crypto trading.
  • Players can earn FI tokens converted into FIX FE tokens, providing real-world value for in-game achievements.

Latest Pixelverse Giveaways

As of June 20, 2024, Pixelverse has ongoing massive giveaways. For each of these giveaways, there are steps users are to follow to participate. The giveaways include:

$50,000 $USDT Airdrop With Trust Wallet

In partnership with the largest mobile web3 wallet, Pixelverse is giving 2000 Trust wallet users a chance to win $50,000 USDT. To participate, here are a few rules to follow:

  • Like and retweet the giveaway post on Trust Wallet’s Twitter page.
  • Follow Trust Wallet and Pixelversexyz on Twitter.
  • Open Pixelversexyzbot on Telegram, and find the tasks menu below your screen. Tap on tasks and then TrustWallet tasks. Then, connect your Trust Wallet account.
  • Next, you move to the Pixelverse dashboard and sign in. Navigate your way to tasks and find the Trust Wallet tasks. Complete these tasks and connect your Trust Wallet account.
A screenshot of Pixelverse and Trust Wallet Airdrop Giveaway flyer.

50,000 $USDT Giveaway with OKX

This Pixelverse X OKX giveaway is for 1000 participants. To participate, users must first join the Galxe Campaign. Here, you must verify your OKX wallet and follow Pixelversexyz and okxweb3. Next, sign in to the Pixelverse dashboard using your Galxe email address and connect your OKX wallet to Pixelverse.

screenshot of Pixelverse and OKX giveaway flyer.

$220,000 USDT Giveaway

After the $110,000 USDT Giveaway earlier in June 2024, Pixelverse is doubling the giveaway prize in this new $220,000 USDT giveaway. To stand a chance to win, be among the top 500 of the weekly leaderboard and 500 participants who invite at least 4 people in the week.

PixelVerse Daily Combo 12-07-2024

Here’s the latest Pixelverse combo as of 12-07-2024, to unlock your free daily bonus (range from 500,000 to 5,000,000 coins)

PixelVerse Daily Combo

5 Steps to Claim Pixelverse Tap Tokens

To earn and claim wins from the Pixelverse game, here are the steps you must follow:

1. Join the Telegram Channel

Pixelverse Tap is an engaging mini-game within Pixelverse. It’s a “tap-to-earn” game that rewards players for their tapping speed and consistency. To begin, join their telegram channel and launch the bot.

pixelverse telegram channel and bot launch screenshot

2. Start Tapping and Complete Tasks

To claim tokens, begin by tapping within the game. The more you tap, the more in-game coins you accumulate, which is essential for claiming Pixelverse Tap tokens. To complete your tasks, here are steps to take:

  • Tap on the ‘Rewards’ menu at the bottom of your screen.
  • Then tap ‘Tasks.’ Here, the tasks are dropped down, and you can begin completing them one after the other.
pixelverse tasks section screenshot

3. Participate in Fights and Daily Combos

Engage in battles with your pets. Winning battles is not only for the fun of it, but it will also help increase your chances of earning more tokens. Also, play the daily combos that are changed every day. You must put the bots to play the daily combos. Getting this arrangement correctly will allow you to win the daily combo of over 216,000 coins.

pixelverse fight and daily combo screenshots

4. Upgrade and Evolve Your Pets

Invest your in-game coins in upgrading and evolving your pets. This will make them stronger for battles and increase your token earnings. This upgrade may cost a few coins, but it will also add more to your wallet in the long run. It is like an investment.

To do this, first join the fights. As you progress, you can pause to upgrade your pets and continue to be stronger than before.

pixelverse pet upgrade screenshot

5. Stay Active and Engaged

Maintain an active presence in the game. Regular participation and engagement will increase opportunities to claim Pixelverse Tap tokens. Ensure you follow Pixelversexyz on Twitter.

pixelverse telegram channel

Understanding How to Earn Pixelverse Coins

Earning Pixelverse coins involves tapping on the pixelversexyz platform. This simple yet fun activity allows players to accumulate coins that can be used within the game’s ecosystem.

The coins have real value, as they can be traded for PIXFI tokens, which have a market value and can be exchanged on various cryptocurrency platforms. The value of these coins is tied to the Pixelverse economy, making them a sought-after asset for players.

Players can earn coins by participating in various in-game activities, such as completing quests, winning battles, and through consistent gameplay. The more active a player is, the more they can potentially earn.

The PIXFI tokens earned can be used for staking, governance, and in-game transactions, providing players with a sense of ownership and investment in the game’s future.

By understanding the mechanics of earning Pixelverse coins and their value, players can strategically engage in the game to maximize their earnings and enjoy the benefits of the Pixelverse economy.

Pixelverse airdrop page screenshot

Maximizing Benefits from Pixelverse Airdrops

Airdrops have become a staple in the crypto universe, offering a way for projects to incentivize participation and for users to gain access to new tokens. In the case of Pixelverse, the process to claim airdrops is a multi-step adventure that rewards engagement and community involvement.

  • To begin, users must visit the official Pixelverse airdrop page and sign up using their email address or Google account.
  • After registration, 500 PIX points are instantly credited as a welcome gesture.
  • From here, you are expected to navigate the tasks and perform them. Some of the tasks include participating in the Pixelverse $30k PIXFI airdrops.

Inviting friends is another lucrative avenue, with a percentage of the referred friends’ PIX earnings added to the user’s balance. This communal approach expands the user base and creates a network of players who contribute to and benefit from the platform’s growth. These efforts culminate in a share in the 10 million PIXFI airdrop pool, a testament to the project’s commitment to its community.

Pixelverse referral links screenshot

Leveraging Pixelverse Referral Codes

The Pixelverse experience extends beyond the game itself, with the Pixelxyz Telegram game offering a unique blend of fun and rewards. Users are tasked with engaging in social tasks, tapping, and joining PvP fights, all while accumulating points convertible into PIXFI Tokens.

Referral codes play a role in this ecosystem. Using a referral code, such as ‘lllauacrue’, users can receive 5000 bonus points, significantly boosting their start in the game. The referral system is designed to reward both the referrer and the referee, creating a cycle of mutual benefits as more users join the fray.

The referral tasks are straightforward yet engaging. Players can generate referral links within the Pixelverse game dashboard or Telegram Bot, share these links with friends and the community, and earn rewards based on their referrals’ in-game achievements. This system incentivizes existing users to spread the word and ensures that new players are welcomed with open arms and ample opportunities to succeed.

Tapping to Win on the Pixelverse Game

The allure of combining entertainment with potential earnings has never been more captivating than in Pixelverse’s games. This Telegram-based game is where players can battle robots and earn coins, which will be instrumental in the upcoming token airdrop. The game operates on a ‘tap-to-earn’ model, making it not only accessible but also potentially lucrative.

To excel in PixelTap, players must strategically assemble a team of robots and engage in combat. The game rewards daily participation and offers a significant coin boost through its daily combo feature. This feature presents a combination of robot characters that players must arrange correctly to earn a bounty of free in-game coins.

The correct sequence results in the full amount of coins, while partial accuracy still yields some rewards. The amount you can earn scales with the number of bots you’ve unlocked and the level of upgrades you’ve invested in them.

Finding the daily combo can be a challenge, but it’s part of the fun. Players often turn to social media platforms like Twitter to share the current combinations, fostering a community-driven approach to success. As players continue to engage with the game, their potential earnings can skyrocket into the millions, emphasizing the game’s rewarding nature.

Pixelverse Giveaways Prizes for Grabs

The giveaways in Pixelverse are nothing short of massive. To navigate these giveaways successfully, here are some strategies:

  • Stay updated on the Pixelverse community channels for announcements and events.
  • Engage actively in games like PixelTap to accumulate coins and improve your chances of winning.
  • Participate in airdrops and special campaigns to earn PIXFI tokens and other rewards.

Some notable prizes that have been up for grabs include a $110k prize pool from a just-concluded giveaway event, a 50,000 $USDT giveaway by OKX Web3, highlighting the significant sums involved, and various NFT drops and token distributions to reward the community’s engagement and loyalty.

In June 2024, there is a $220,000 giveaway from June 17th-23rd. To stand a chance to win, participants are expected to strive to be in the top 500 of the weekly leaderboard or be among 500 participants who invite at least 4 people in the week.

a person holding a unique, shimmering Pixelverse NFT card.

Exclusive Pixelverse NFT Giveaways

NFTs are the cornerstone of the Pixelverse ecosystem, offering unique digital assets with extensive utility. The PixelRobots collection is a prime example, serving as a multi-utility NFT within the PixelVerse, including PixelDeFi, PixelNFT, and the broader ecosystem. These NFTs are not only rare but also come with a variety of use cases, such as liquidity mining and governance.

These NFTs giveaways are exclusive, often requiring participants to engage deeply with the platform. For instance, the PixelRobots NFTs were initially offered through an Initial NFT Offering (INO), allowing early adopters to get their hands on these valuable assets. These NFTs can be equipped for higher rewards in liquidity pools, earn passive income, and even level up through play-to-earn games.

Eligibility Criteria for Pixelverse Giveaways

Understanding the eligibility criteria for Pixelverse giveaways is crucial. It ensures that participants have a fair chance and that the process is transparent. Here’s what you need to know to be part of the exciting Pixelverse giveaways:

  • Sign-Up: Participants must sign up for the Pixelverse platform, which may involve providing an email address or connecting a social media account.
  • Active Participation: Engaging in various in-game activities such as team battles, bot maintenance, trading, and battle predictions is essential.
  • Accumulating Points: Points are collected through gameplay and other activities, which are critical for eligibility in the airdrop events.
  • Referral Program: Using a referral code upon signing up can grant additional benefits and points.
  • Wallet Connection: Connecting a compatible crypto wallet, like Bybit or MetaMask, is often required to receive tokens.
  • Community Engagement: Active community members who contribute to the game and its ecosystem are often prioritized for rewards.

Pixelverse Giveaways: Connecting the Dots

We’ve explored the ecosystem of Pixelverse, from the mechanics of earning tap tokens to airdrop and the NFT giveaways. This content is up-to-date as of July 2024. Here are some interesting takeaways:

  • 10 Million $PIXFI Tokens: Pixelverse announced a massive play-to-airdrop campaign distributing 10 million $PIXFI tokens.
  • Daily Combo Guide: ‘PixelTap’ offers a daily combo guide to earn millions of free coins.
  • Expansive Giveaways: From $220,000 USDT rewards to 50,000 USDT giveaways with OKX, the prizes are substantial.
  • Community-Centric Approach: Pixelverse emphasizes rewarding its community, ensuring active players are recognized.

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a person holding a smartphone with the screen displaying frequently asked questions about Pixelverse giveaways.

Pixelverse Giveaways FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Pixelverse giveaways.

How Can I Participate in Pixelverse Giveaways?

To participate in Pixelverse giveaways, you can follow the official Pixelverse channels and engage with the community. Participation involves signing up on the Pixelverse dashboard, connecting a wallet like Bybit or MetaMask, and completing activities such as inviting friends, trading, or maintaining bots.

What Can I Win in Pixelverse Giveaways?

Pixelverse giveaways offer a range of prizes, including $PIXFI tokens and other in-game assets. Recently, a campaign promised to distribute 10 million $PIXFI tokens to active community members based on their contributions. Their most recent giveaway includes cash rewards, as seen in a giveaway with a prize pool of $220,000 USDT.

Are Pixelverse Giveaways Legitimate?

Yes, Pixel giveaways are legitimate. However, you must follow the right platform and channel and pay no heed to any other platform impersonating the real pixelverse.

What are the Rules for Participating in Pixelverse Giveaways?

Rules for participating in Pixelverse giveaways include signing up on the official website, connecting a compatible wallet, and possibly entering a referral code. Additional rules may involve accumulating points through in-game activities to qualify for token distributions.

How Often Do Pixelverse Giveaways Happen?

Pixelverse giveaways occur periodically, with major events such as the Play-to-Airdrop campaign happening at specific times. For instance, a recent campaign announced the distribution of $220,000 UDT scheduled for June.

Can Anyone From Any Country Participate in Pixelverse Giveaways?

Pixelverse giveaways are generally open to a global audience, as the platform utilizes blockchain technology for worldwide participation. However, specific eligibility may depend on the rules of each giveaway and local regulations regarding cryptocurrency and online gaming.

Can I Win Multiple Pixelverse Giveaways?

Yes, participants can win multiple Pixelverse giveaways. The platform encourages active engagement and rewards users for contributing to the game and related activities. Users increase their eligibility for future airdrops by accumulating points, with 10 million $PIXFI tokens distributed to active community members.

How Will I Know if I’ve Won a Pixelverse Giveaway?

Winners of Pixelverse giveaways are typically notified through the platform’s dashboard or via the communication channels used for the giveaway, such as email or social media. It’s important to monitor these channels regularly to stay informed about the status of any giveaways entered.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Winning Pixelverse Giveaways?

To boost your chances of winning Pixelverse giveaways, actively participate in the community, complete profile setups, and connect social accounts to gain more points. Engaging with the game and its ecosystem is key, as points play a role in determining eligibility for airdrops.

How Do Pixelverse Giveaways Compare to Other Similar Online Giveaways?

Pixelverse giveaways stand out due to their integration with the game’s ecosystem, offering rewards like $PIXL, NFTs, and in-game items for time invested in exploring the Pixelverse. This approach incentivizes players to engage deeply with the game, distinguishing it from other online giveaways that may not offer such immersive experiences.

What is the Feedback From Previous Winners of Pixelverse Giveaways?

Feedback from previous winners of Pixelverse giveaways has been positive, highlighting the game’s immersive cyberpunk universe and the rewarding ‘Risk to Earn’ model. Winners appreciate the competitive aspect and the opportunity to stake tokens on themselves to win.

Are There Any Controversies Associated With Pixelverse Giveaways?

There have been no significant controversies associated with Pixelverse giveaways. The platform has focused on the transparent distribution of rewards and fostering a fair gaming environment. However, as with any online activity, participants should always exercise caution and ensure they are engaging with legitimate sources.

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