Master the Angels Giveaways In 2024 – 5 Ways To Win Free Tickets

Los Angeles Angels

Based in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Angels compete in Major League Baseball

As a renowned American League West division team, the Angels have played its home games at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, since 1966.

Since baseball giveaways rise in popularity, the Angels have been stepping up to the plate in more ways than one. Angels giveaways are an exciting addition to their home games.

In this guide, we will run through everything there is to know about the Angels/giveaways and share ways you can win free tickets to see the Angels play.

Now, let’s explore the Angels giveaway for June 2024.

The Los Angeles Angels Anaheim Stadium

What are the Angels giveaways?

With 81 regular season home games, choosing just one game you want to attend can be tricky. The Angels giveaways give you even more choices to choose from.

Angels giveaways are announced every new season. This makes each season’s schedule announcement even more exciting for fans.

You may already know if you have tickets to a game this season. The giveaways allow you to watch a game and attend a giveaway simultaneously!

The Angels/giveaways increase the fan experience, and they’re a popular aspect of the team’s game schedule for both the fans and the team.

Some might say a giveaway is a way to sell more seats – but if you’re a fan, you’ll unlikely have this perspective. Attending a live game and getting free Angels merch is a win-win.

Now that baseball’s upcoming season is approaching, you might hear the hype and wonder what the Angels giveaways are about.

Angels free giveaways have already seen thousands of giveaway items gifted to lucky fans of all ages.

The fans are entered into Angels promotional giveaways just by attending a game. That’s a generous thank you from the team!

Angels Giveaways Key Facts

  • The Angels Giveaways are conducted during the Los Angeles Angels’ baseball games.
  • All giveaways are for the first 25,000 fans in attendance unless otherwise noted.
  • The giveaways include various items, such as limited edition team apparel and Rally Monkey accessories.
  • The Angels’ promotional calendar is filled with unique offerings and events for fans of all ages.
  • Some of the giveaways in 2024 include a Wall Calendar, Mandalorian Rally Monkey, Logan O’Hoppe Bobblehead, Clear Backpack, Performance Hat, Clear Tote Bag, City Connect Cooler Backpack, Cowboy Hat, and more.
  • In addition to the giveaways, there are other special events like the Angels Home Opener Red Carpet Event, Star Wars Weekend, and Country Weekend.
  • The giveaways are not just limited to game days. There are also theme days where additional Angels promotions can be claimed exclusively via Special Ticket Offers.
angels tickets given during Angels giveaways

When can I participate in the Angels giveaways?

The official Angels giveaways occur at their home stadium during their games. You can only participate in these giveaways when you’re a ticketed fan of that game.

Once you’re a ticketed fan of your chosen game, you’ll be entered into the giveaway just by showing up. Sounds too good to be true, right? 

There’s no catch, but you need to remember that not everyone will take home a giveaway item. 

Free promotional items are generously given to most fans in attendance at Angel Stadium giveaway games. However, the promotional items are limited to around 25,000.

We recommend that if you’re headed to Angel Stadium in Anaheim, you arrive early to avoid being disappointed.

If we do the math, there are 45,000 seats; if it’s a sell-out game, less than half of the fans will take a freebie home.

The Angels official promotional giveaways are running with every game with an associated promotion. So, to find out when the next giveaway will be, you also have to find out when the next promotion is running.

Head to MLB Angels website and search for Promotions and Schedules. You can check back with us too. Our live giveaway feeds will list all of the latest promotions.

There are also unassociated or unofficial Angels giveaways – we will list those, too. So, when you can participate in those depends on what’s on offer. There’s a wide variety of choices.

Let’s find out how to get free tickets in official and unofficial Angels giveaways in 2024.

Los Angeles Angels baseball game

How can I get free Angels tickets?

The Angels rarely offer free tickets during their giveaways, but if they did have a promotion, you will find it on their website under Promotions.

Usually, these free ticket promotions are run through their partners, sponsors, or collaborations.

For example, Partner Offers, which you can see listed online. Here you will find what’s known as ‘season long offers,’ which give you access to perks or free stuff.

Budweiser offered fans a safe drive home while giving away an Angels prize pack each month during the season.

Lexus drivers can now get a free upgrade to the Lexus Lot’s premium parking spaces closer to the stadium’s front entrance.

Lastly, every time the Angels win a home game, the next day, you can get free medium fries with a $1 minimum purchase from the McDonalds App.

When the Angels are offering free ticket partnership offerings, you’ll find them listed there. As mentioned, there are other creative ways to get free tickets you can look into right now. 

Let’s get to it with our guide to winning free Angels tickets.

The Los Angeles Angels spring training tickets banner

5 ways to win the Angel’s giveaways

Here are 5 creative ideas for getting your hands on free Angels tickets or any other Angel’s sweepstakes. 

1. Register with Relist

This one is for everyone. Relist offers die-hard Angels fans free tickets every season. All you need to do is complete the entry form to receive free Angels tickets. That’s it!

The giveaway has a simple entry method where you only need to enter your details. You can play for a Dugout Suite Experience for you and 3 friends.

Relists are also die-hard fans and attend almost every Angels game. Four generations of their family have watched the games from dugout suite #1. Check out Sweepstakes on their website now to enter.

2. Angels community ticket program

The Angels Community Ticket Program presented by Nike is another annual event. This program is funded by contributions from MLB and league partners to Angels Baseball.

Only organizations with a 501(c)3 designation and tax ID number can enter these giveaways. If that’s you, we will jump at the chance.

The 2022 season is complete, so you’re encouraged to check back later for 2023 ticket opportunities. Check out MLB Community for more.

The Angels community ticket program banner

3. Angels baseball employees offer

One new perk of being an employee of Angels baseball: you are exclusively eligible for 24 complimentary tickets! 

You can access these tickets through your My Angels Tickets account. Your complimentary ticket e-vouchers will be waiting for you. All you need to do is redeem them online.

That’s one excellent reason to work at the Angels stadium. If you want to find out more, head to Specials on MLB

The Los Angeles Angels baseball employee offer banner

4. San Diego Credit Union

Did you know San Diego County Credit Union (SDCU) sponsors Angels Baseball? This fan giveaway offers vouchers for free tickets to an Angels baseball game.

To be eligible, you must open a new checking account at one of their 3 Riverside County or 6 Orange County branches.

This giveaway has passed this year, but it’s an annual event, so be sure to check back with SDCU and Angels collaborative giveaways. 

5. Giveaway Listing

Check out our live feeds for the most highly rated and upcoming Angels giveaways. Giveaway Listing has been bringing you giveaways for a decade, and we’re not slowing down.

Our listings are arranged from the newest to the most popular so that you will find the best pick of the lot with us. Updated and refreshed daily, that’s the best way to find Angels free giveaway tickets. will update you with the current Angels giveaways. You will find the giveaway listings when the 2023 promotional schedule is up and running. 

Bonus tip

OK, this isn’t for free tickets, but it’s for free fees! 

Check out fee-free tickets for the Los Angeles Angels games minus the online processing fees.

Alright, next up, let’s look at what the Angels are giving away for 2022 and 2023 and why you need to make it down to the stadium.

If you’re a baseball fan, we think you’ll also be a fan of our other giveaway guides! Check out our White Sox guide.

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What prizes can I win in the Angels giveaways?

We’ll examine Angels giveaways and events to cover what you can expect to win.

Here’s a rundown of past Angels promotional giveaways to give you an insight into what they’re like. It’s no secret they’re full of free prizes.

April saw the return of season bobbleheads (predicted to sell for $100 on eBay by October), an Angels cooler bag, and an Angels roll-up blanket.

May brought with it an Anthony Rendon T-shirt, a Mother’s Day tote bag for Mother’s Day, and a Shohei Ohtani bobblehead. P.S. T-shirt giveaways are a big hit and are said to be a good omen.

Angels fans were gifted in June baseball caps, long-sleeve anniversary shirts, and a cup set. That’s something for every occasion and even a housewarming party.

In July vs. the Rangers, as part of 80s weekend, fans were gifted a funky and free ’80s tank top jersey. It had to be free if it’s that funky. No mullets were necessary to win, but in all seriousness, that sounds like a fun promotional giveaway.

August saw an amazing seethrough clear backpack giveaway and a player Shohei Ohtani hat – another item set to make big money on eBay.

In September vs. the Astros, there was a hockey-themed Ducks night. Let’s not mention that 40% of the fanbase are Kings fans. Still, everyone was gifted a Hockey Helmet Beanie in the giveaway.

In October vs. the Rangers 2022, the fan giveaway was a fun ‘team photo’ opportunity on fan appreciation day! 

As if that wasn’t enough, every Sunday day game to end a homestand, there is a “Kids Run The Bases” activity, and every Saturday, there’s a postgame fireworks show.

Check out this recent Facebook post from the Angels to see what kinds of prizes are on offer

Angels Anaheim stadium kids run the bases promotion

What are Angels promotional dates?

As mentioned above, the Angels promotional dates have an activity or event running at the same time as the game days. 

For example, promotions such as Firework Saturdays and Sunday Kids Run The Bases. Not to mention, the giveaways themselves are part of the promotional dates. 

Let’s take a look at the upcoming season schedule. By the way, we’re ahead of schedule, so we have to wait a bit longer until the promotions are announced. 

That said, the Angels 2023 games have been announced already, and here we are with the latest lowdown.

  • April 18-20: first series against Yankees in New York
  • May 8-10: first series against the Houston Astros
  • June 20-21: Freeway series at Angel Stadium
  • July 3-5: San Diego Padres series

Currently, the promotions aren’t live on air, but we will bet they will be listed soon. Usually, they’re announced one month before the season kick-off.

You can expect the promos to be online alongside the game listings in early 2023.

There are more games listed online than the above. You’ll find all of the latest game dates for the upcoming season on Angels Schedule.

The Los Angeles Angels schedule on the MLB website

Angels giveaways frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Angels giveaways. 

When are the Angels giveaways running?

The Angels giveaways are running with every game that has an associated promotional schedule. The giveaways last for the duration of the event. 

To find out when the next giveaway will be, you also have to find out when the next promotion is running.

You can do that by heading to the MLB Angels website and searching for Promotions and Schedules.

How do I enter an Angels giveaway?

Entering an Angels giveaway is as simple as choosing the game you’d like to attend and checking out which promotion is running that day! 

Once you’re a ticketed fan of that game, you’ll be entered into the giveaway as soon as you show up.

You have to arrive early to not be disappointed, usually, the first 25,000 fans receive giveaway prizes, and there are 45,000 seats. 

Are the Angels giving away bobbleheads?

Yes, bobbleheads are one of the Angels most popular giveaway items. Die-hard fan collectibles are always a big hit. 

Past bobbleheads have included: Trout Silver Slugger Bobblehead, Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead, Mike Trout MVP Bobblehead, Simmons Bobblehead, and Matt Shoemaker Bobblehead.

The Angels bobbleheads giveaway

How long do the Angels giveaways last?

The official Angels giveaways run during the course of a game. Usually, one hour before a game starts and sometimes an hour after the game ends.

These free promotional items are given away to most of the eligible fans in attendance, but it’s first come, first served.

The giveaways will also run for as long as the items are still available.

Can I get cheap tickets with the Angels giveaways?

To find cheap tickets, head to MLB Angels website and search for Promotions, Tickets and Schedules. You’ll find a list of the current games and promotions on offer. 

There is no new information on Angels Giveaways and Events as it’s mid-season before games begin again in Feb-March 2023. Check back regularly with them for 2023 Promotions.

Right now, you will find more ways to get cheap tickets with us. Check out our guide above for free tickets to Angels giveaways in 2024. Nevermind cheap, you sometimes don’t have to pay a thing.

The Los Angeles Angels free tickets giveaway

What’s next for the Angels giveaways?

Since the giveaways joined forces with great baseball games, we have seen the Angels hit home runs while offering us free stuff for doing so! That’s a pretty sweet deal.

If you want to get involved, mark your calendars for new Angels giveaways and events as they become known.

We’ll let you know to make things more convenient for you first as they become known to us! Here at Giveaway Listing, we don’t miss a thing (or a giveaway). We have many more giveaway guides you can check out, such as the Goodreads giveaways guide.

goodreads giveaways

We look forward to updating you with the all-new Los Angeles Angels promotional giveaways. Stay tuned!

Giveaway Listing website’s top-rated giveaway lists are updated every hour.

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