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Winning the Best Disney Sweepstakes in 2023 – 5-Step Guide

Let’s talk about Disney Sweepstakes

Unless you live somewhere far, far away, like Mars, we’re confident you’ve come in contact with the beautiful world of Disney, one way or the other.

Whether it’s sitting in your living room, watching the sweetest animations with your family, trying to figure out what Disney character to go as for Halloween, or maybe even being terrified at birthday parties by people dressed up in creepy Micky Mouse costumes, we’re sure there’s a little Disney cameo in all our life stories.

Disney Logo

Founded on October 16th, 1923, by brothers Walt and Roy Disney, the Walt Disney Company deals with mass media and is an entertainment conglomerate that has taken the lead as one of the major powers in the animation industry.

It has since expanded into other sectors, creating several production companies through which it diversified into other aspects like cable TV, owning channels like ESPN and Disney Channel, streaming services like Hulu and Disney+, and several Hotels, resorts, and parks.

The Disney mascot and corporate icon, Mickey Mouse, made history as the first cartoon with synchronized sound and catapulted the company from when it was first released till now as a force in the world of animations today. Mickey was a fan favorite when it debuted and is still a beloved icon today.

Mickey Mouse: Disney mascot and corporate icon for Disney sweepstakes

Disney has been around for a long time. They recently celebrated their 100th anniversary, and if that doesn’t make you feel old, it should definitely impress you. Existing for a century is no small feat, and Disney didn’t hold back with the celebrations this year.

Themed ‘Disney 100 Years of Wonder’, Disney kicked off the celebrations in Disneyland resorts in January and has kept it running all year. With special fireworks shows and debuting new rides, Disney pulled out all the stops, and with good reason!

Disney 100 logo

For many people, Disneyland has been a destination spot they’d like to visit at some point. From the exciting rides to the grand fireworks shows or even just the sentimentality of meeting the characters we’ve seen on our screens, it’s understandably a place to visit in your lifetime.

That doesn’t make it cheap, though. That’s why one of our favorite kinds of giveaways to tell you about is the Disney giveaways!

The first (and most important) thing you should know about Disney sweepstakes is that most of them are offered by 3rd parties and not the company itself. That’s not to say that they don’t ever offer sweepstakes, but it’s not something you should expect frequently.

So, when it comes to Disney sweepstakes, you’ll need to know where to go to find them and how to win them. Lucky for you, this article is here to do just that, so stick around and let us help!

Are Disney sweepstakes a real thing?

Most definitely! Difficult to find as they may be, Disney sweepstakes are as real as they come.

As we’ve already established, Disney means many different things to many different people, making it a big deal.

At this point, it’s also general knowledge that all true Disney fans (and just anyone who enjoys a good time) would want to experience the wondrous world of Disneyland or any of its magical counterparts.  

Can you blame them?

As far as themed parks go, Disney has revolutionized the industry since the creation of its first park in 1955. Walt Disney World followed 16 years later, in 1971. Walt Disney sought to create a place where dreams came true, a world where the characters we loved so much came to life, and we got to experience them firsthand, ‘The Happiest Place on Earth,’ precisely what he did with Disneyland.

Disneyland, California, where you can visit if you win a Disney Giveaway

Since then, Disneyland has expanded into what we can only refer to as the Disney theme park empire. With several branches worldwide, from Europe to the USA to Asia, and with variations like Disneyland or Walt Disney World, Disney has created a legacy in the theme park industry.

Unsurprisingly, a trip to Disneyland would be a dream come true for many people. It is common knowledge that trips to Disney World usually top the wish lists of beneficiaries of foundations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation that aim to make people’s dreams come true.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come free (or cheap) like many things. The average price for a single-day ticket to Disneyland or Walt Disney World starts at $104 and gets as high as $109, while multiday tickets can range from $395-$485

Depending on the theme park in question, the prices of the tickets can also be affected by the demand at the time. For Disneyland, the prices of tickets are pretty dependable and typically don’t change, regardless of the time of year or how busy they are.

Disneyland tickets you can win from a Disney Giveaway 

Walt Disney World is, however, very flexible regarding ticket prices, especially when demand is high. You’ll surely see it reflected in the cost of tickets at that time.

Disney Giveaways are such a coveted opportunity; winning them feels like winning the lottery. Primarily because finding authentic ones is a challenging endeavor, considering that 3rd parties make most offers and not the Disney company itself.

Don’t worry, though, because we’re going to share our exclusive tips on how to find and win the best of these giveaways, and you’ll be going on trips to see Mickey Mouse in all his glory in no time!

5 pro tips on how to win Disney giveaways

#1 Tip: Through giveaways hosted by the company

As mentioned above, you aren’t very likely to find too many Disney giveaways hosted by the company itself, but that’s not to say it’s an impossible prospect.

Disney giveaways hosted by the company are announced on their official website along with the terms and conditions for participation. The giveaways are usually themed after a recent event or movie the company intends to promote. 

Disney is also a sucker for a good cause, so many giveaways are tailored to support a unique foundation of the company’s choosing. From Make-A-Wish to Give Kids the World, Disney giveaways always have a heartwarming underlining agenda.

Make-A-Wish Foundation Logo, which offers Disney Sweepstakes

The Disney giveaways on the company website will contain clearly stated steps to participate, requirements for eligibility, and even the prizes to be won. There is no ambiguity where these contests are concerned.

For the year 2023, there have already been several Disney giveaways announced on the official Disney website, ranging from vacations in resorts to special cruises, winning lots of merchandise, and sometimes all 3!

So, while official Disney giveaways may be few and far between, they definitely take their time when they come around!

#2 Tip: Through giveaways hosted by official Disney sponsors

Another great way to win a Disney giveaway is through participating in contests hosted by official sponsors of Disney.

Being the big deal that it is, there’s no shortage of companies in line to partner with Disney, and sometimes, the ones that succeed proceed to sponsor giveaways for their loyal customers (and to publicize their business, of course).

Disney also has several subsidiaries, being its successful conglomerate, and these arms host great sweepstakes to look out for as well.

An example would be shopDisney, the arm of the Walt Disney Company conglomerate that deals with retail merchandising. Operating as a chain of online and physical retail stores offering only Disney-related items, the company often goes further by sponsoring Disney giveaways for its loyal customers.

The shop Disney homepage is where you can find announcements for Disney giveaways 

Disney giveaways hosted by them are announced on their shopDisney official website, so that’s a great place to search for them.

#3 Tip: Through legitimate websites offering Disney giveaways

We know what you’re thinking: how on earth would you know an authentic giveaway contest if it was staring you in the face?

The primary thing you should know at this point is this: you’re most likely going to win a trip to Disneyland from a 3rd party contest organizer before winning one from the Disney company itself. That’s not to say that it’s impossible to win a trip to Disney from Disney (stay with us now), but the giveaway offers aren’t as frequent as you’d prefer. 

For this reason, you might need to be a little open-minded when searching out contests giving away trips to ‘The Happiest Place on Earth”. 

However, this isn’t a recommendation to throw caution to the wind. Not at all. We’d suggest you grab caution with both hands and ask its opinion before entering any online sweepstakes you find. And find them you shall. Trust us.

GiveawayListing is a great place to start your search for authentic giveaways. Another website you can visit on your journey to finding Disney giveaways is Mousesavers.com

Mousesavers website homepage offering Disney giveaways

Thanks to how popular Disney giveaways are, tons of websites claim to offer them, and worst still, only a few are legitimate. That’s why it’s crucial to research whichever website piques your interest and verify its authenticity.

We knew you might need some help figuring out how to do that, so we gave you extra tips. Just keep reading, and you’ll find out how below.

#4 Tip: Through Disney employees

You might think the best thing about working for Disney is being around all that magic all the time, but we’ll do you one better: free stuff!

Like most companies, Disney recognizes that they’re only as great as their employees, so it’s super important to appreciate them by keeping their working environment healthy and safe and, of course, incentives.

Disneyland employees and Disney mascot Mickey Mouse welcome you when you win a Disney Giveaway

This could include pay, health care, saving benefits, scholarships, etc. However, the benefit we’re most interested in is the particular employee passes for this specific guide. 

Disney employees are eligible for discounted and free tickets when they visit the parks as guests. This also extends to a limited number of guest tickets for those non-Disney staff accompanying them. 

The kind of pass granted to a Disney employee depends on factors like the employee’s current position and the length of their service at the company.

Full or part-time employees may be eligible for a Main entrance pass for themselves, and extra guest passes for 4 guests after 2 weeks of employment. This applies to US-based and foreign-based employees.

Another type of pass given to eligible Disney employees is the Silver Pass. Available to all Disney staff across ranks, this pass allows them to enter Disney parks for free. That is, however, on the condition that such entry falls on days when the parks are not busy. 

They are given a total of 300 days of entry before which the pass privileges expire. Extra perks of this pass include a 10% discount on merchandise and food sold on the premises, free parking, and so on.

Disney Main Entrance and Guest Passes and an open palm receiving the Disney giveaway

The last kind of pass available to a Disney employee is the Partner pass/ Spouse pass. Granted on application, this pass admits the partners of eligible staff members into the park at discounted or even free rates.

It is important to note that all passes are subject to the company’s discretion, and they can change their policies anytime. Passes are also affected by Block out dates, which refer to days when such passes will not be valid for park admissions, primarily due to the busy nature of the park during that period.

The company may also host Disney giveaways, offering silver passes to its loyal customers.

#5 Tip: Through gifting

Another way to win a trip to Disneyland is by receiving one as a gift. Disney allows for tickets to their theme parks to be purchased and gifted to whoever the buyer chooses.

So add it to your birthday wishlist or as a Christmas request, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be on your way to a Walt Disney World near you in no time!

Bonus info

It’s no secret that Disney’s first prerogative at its core is to bring children joy and give them the time of their lives. That’s why it’s a staple rule that children 3 and below enjoy free entry into all Walt Disney parks all year!

5 Special tips for when you find Disney giveaway sites

1. When searching for giveaways offering trips to Disneyland as their grand prize, verify the sources as much as possible. Only enter contests organized by tested and trusted hosts with track records of successfully managed Disney giveaways.

It’s also a good idea to verify any social media posts claiming that a company is organizing such giveaways by visiting its official website and confirming yourself.

2. Finding reviews from genuine participants of these contests is also an excellent way to confirm their legitimacy. Sometimes, the reviews are on the website itself; other times, youll have to visit 3rd party websites like Trustpilot to find this feedback.

Where real people can vouch for them and share their experiences, chances are that they can be trusted.

3. Focus on how enticing the prizes sound or how simple the registration process may be. Pay attention to the requirements being requested of you.

If there are any red flags like demanding personal information like your credit card or social security numbers, drop them and move to the next as fast as possible.

4. Make sure you follow their social media platforms. This is another way to verify their authenticity and observe their activity for suspicious signs.

Disney homepage disclaimers and social media channels

Disney’s official website shows the social media platforms you can find the company on (i.e. Twitter and Facebook)

It also helps you stay updated on any essential news and always have access to information concerning their latest offers and how to participate.

5. Finally, go over the spelling of the company name in the website URL. Incorrect URLs are usually a telltale sign of nontrustworthy websites; we must agree with that theory.

Concerning the webpage, it’s important to note how recently the website was created. The longer it has existed, the better. Recently made webpages offering Disney giveaways are a red flag if we’ve ever seen one, and you have no business trusting them.

All in all, we recommend being intentional about finding legitimate websites offering Disney giveaways, and when you do find them, join as many of them as possible.

Disney Sweepstakes FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Disney sweepstakes and giveaways:

Disney sweepstakes FAQ

How do I win tickets to Disneyland 2023?

There are many ways to win tickets to Disneyland and Walt Disney World, as we’ve covered in detail above. From entering legitimate sweepstakes from 3rd parties to joining giveaways on the company website, there’s no shortage of methods to try.

We, however, have to reemphasize the importance of verifying the sources of these contests and ensuring their validity before participating in them.

When does Disney usually announce the winners of the sweepstakes?

Typically, most giveaways follow a similar structure of how they operate, including the method by which a winner is chosen and announced, and Disney giveaways are no exception.

The winner is usually selected by a random draw, through which the lucky participant is picked through sheer luck. Sometimes, however, the contest may include questions to answer on social media handles to tag as the test to arrive at a winner.

Black boards about to announce who “the winner is” in a Disney giveaway

Whichever method is employed, the aim will still be to be as fair and transparent as possible during this process.

Afterward, the winner will be announced on a date that would have been stated and made clear at the beginning of the contest. Said winner will then be contacted through the information they made available when registering to enter the contest.

Remember that this entire process must be transparent and almost predictable. So, any introduction of ambiguity or vagueness to the process must be considered alarming and avoided at all costs. 

Has anyone ever won the Disney sweepstakes?

Most definitely. As we mentioned above, the concept of Disney sweepstakes is a popular one, so the likelihood that you’ve come across an offer for one is very high. 

However, we understand that you need more to convince you of its legitimacy, and for good reason. So, instead, we recommend researching the Disney giveaways and discovering the real experiences of participants who have entered and won these contests.

Remember, seeing is believing; we recommend taking your word for it.

How do I get into Disney World for free?

As described in detail in this guide above, it’s possible to enter Disney theme parks for free (albeit not too familiar).

The significant ways we outlined would be winning Disney giveaways directly hosted by the company, a sponsor, or legitimate 3rd parties. 

Walt Disney World Orlando, Florida, USA entrance

Employees of Disney also enjoy free entry as part of their benefits, which often extends to a few extra people they select as beneficiaries. 

Children younger than 3 also enjoy free entry into Disney theme parks worldwide.

Is Disney World free on your birthday?

Unfortunately, Disney is no longer free on your birthday. Until 2009, Disney offered free admission to guests whose reservations fell on their birthdays. However, that’s no longer the case.

A woman wondering if Disney World is free on her birthday

That’s not to say they won’t try to make your day a little more unique, though. From offering you special “happy birthday” pins when you inform them of your birthday to excited cast members wishing you happy birthday when they get the chance, you’re sure to feel extra special when you celebrate your birthday at a Disney theme park.

What age is free in Disney?

Any child under 3 is eligible for free admission into Disney theme parks worldwide. This, however, does not entitle their caregivers to similar concessions. 

For children older than 3 but less than 10 years old (i.e., between the ages of 4-9), the park provides child prices on their first visit to the park. These tickets are significantly cheaper than the adult and child tickets they’d be entitled to.

So Disneyland and the various Walt Disney Worlds allow free entry into their premises and discounted tickets for the specified age brackets above. 

Is Disney giving away a cruise?

They sure are! Every year, Disney offers cruises to its loyal community to celebrate a unique theme or support a worthy cause. These Disney giveaways offer winners the chance to go on all-expense paid trips aboard any Disney cruise ships selected for the giveaway.

There’s no limit to how many of these giveaways Disney offers a year, so it’s essential to stay updated on their website for any announcements relating to these giveaways. 

As we mentioned, these kinds of Disney giveaways are often tailored to celebrate a theme Disney is interested in publicizing. This year marked their 100th anniversary, so we’re sure you could imagine the theme.

They also just announced the premiere of their new animation ‘Wish,’ coming to cinemas before Christmas. Following that was an official announcement for the ‘Wish Together Sweepstakes’ on their website.

The Disney Wish cruise ship 

This sweepstake offers the winner a Disney Cruise Line vacation to the Bahamas aboard the Disney Wish, the latest in Disney’s fleet of vacation ships, amongst other fantastic prizes like a 3-night stay at a Walt Disney World resort, merchandise, and so much more!

To learn more about the current Disney giveaway being offered (and to stay updated on any new giveaways they have up their sleeve), visit the Disney official website.

Final Thoughts on Disney Sweepstakes

Disney’s success as a company has come mainly from its expert ability to connect with its customers and introduce them to new experiences they can’t find anywhere else.

It has done this through its heartwarming animations, visually appealing movies, and larger-than-life theme park experiences that have left, in its wake, a community of dreamers excited to be a part of the Disney magic.

The Walt Disney Company website homepage, where you can find Disney giveaways 

Disney sweepstakes are, therefore, another way to bring this community closer to the experiences of their dreams, offering them a chance to partake in the beautiful world of Disney at little to no cost.

However, before you begin your Disney giveaway journey, tread cautiously and keep your eyes open for any red flags the alleged organizers may exhibit. Also, go through the bonus tips outlined above that should help you differentiate between authentic and phony websites.

All in all, try your best and don’t give up. The giveaways may be hard to come by and win, but we’re confident they’ll be worth it when you do.

Also, check out our website, GiveawayListing.com, for more awesome giveaways, including how to win the latest iPhones and other exclusive giveaway guides you might need!

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