The Best Free Turkey Giveaways of 2024 – 5 Step Full Guide

Free turkey giveaways in 2024

Several generations ago, giving away a free turkey was a common workplace practice for employers. Back then, that wasn’t associated with the giveaways we know today.

This gift-giving practice dipped in popularity during economic crashes or when small businesses tightened their budgets. But these days, turkey giveaways are making a comeback during the festive season.

From classic giveaways to charitable free food, in this guide, we will tell you all there is to know about how America’s oldest tradition went viral.

Free turkey giveaways thanksgiving dinner with turkey and cranberries

Who started the turkey giveaway?

Turkey giveaways are older than you might think. This tradition goes back generations to the manufacturing boom of the 1800s. Seen as a way to introduce immigrant workers to the American way of life, giving away turkeys was a gesture of giving thanks at Thanksgiving.

Nowadays, turkey giveaways are back to suit modern-day times. This traditional event is going through a renaissance while still keeping up with the traditional spirit of the season.

You will find that some employers still gift their employees with free turkeys as a gesture of appreciation. And in more recent years, companies and individuals have taken on this tradition.

Thomas J. Henry, for one example, has been giving away turkeys to families in need each November for a decade and counting.

The Thomas J. Henry turkey giveaway is one of the nation’s largest turkey giveaways and charity events, as this generosity has impacted more than 350,000 people.

Each year, on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, throughout the South Texas region, people queue outside attorney Thomas J. Henry’s building.

Some people wait in line from two o’clock in the morning to ensure they’re early. But there’s no shortage of giveaways, as people receive turkeys until late in the afternoon.

Set to take place again in 2022, this tradition brings families together for a day of fun and gratitude. If you’re local, you may want to get in line for the giveaway.

The annual Thomas J. Henry turkey giveaway

5 steps to find the best turkey giveaways

There is seriously no shortage of free turkey giveaways and seasonal gift-giving this year. We’ve found out that to find the best turkey giveaways, you first have to take the task in stages. 

We have done some of the challenging legwork, so you just need to follow our guide and take these steps.

1. Groceries stores

Step number one, there are big giveaways to be found. Tons of grocery stores are offering free turkeys this year as a traditional gesture. You’ll find discounts, offers, and free turkey giveaways in 2024.

As an annual thank you to their customers, grocery stores take the opportunity at Thanksgiving to bring you free turkeys.

You should search your local grocery stores to find out what their seasonal schedule is like. 

2. Small online business

Take note of small businesses you shop with and check out if they’re holding turkey giveaways. You may be surprised. 

Turkey giveaways aren’t reserved for bigger chain stores, small businesses also want to give back to their customers and community. Not only in-store businesses too, but those online.

You may find that small businesses’ giveaway numbers aren’t as big as grocery stores, but that doesn’t make them any less. We recommend you take this step to find special online giveaways. Surprise: we’ve listed one for you in this guide!

3. Third-party and social media sites

Step three, after completing the above, or right now if you’d prefer. Take note of our third-party sites, which have turkey giveaways, and get entered!

You’ll find turkey giveaways listed on third-party sites such as Discord, Gleam, Rafflecopter, or the forum Reddit, for example. Check out our Gleam guide to read more.

You will also find turkey giveaways on social media, and you may also find those small businesses mentioned above promoting their giveaways there. Check out Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – just use “turkey giveaway 2024” in the search bar and use that as a hashtag.

4. Foodbanks

This is a unique way that organizations give back to their community. It might not be a giveaway you’re used to, but these events are still named giveaways by most organizers.

Food banks and food pantries want to help out every holiday season by giving away free food. Thanksgiving is no exception, and you will find free turkeys being given away at this time of year. 

Food banks are seeing a record number of people at Thanksgiving, as covered by CBS News. Find out if your local food pantries and food banks are holding turkey giveaways. We’ve covered this in more detail later in this guide.

Ending Hunger free turkey giveaway donation

5. Giveaway Listing

As you can see from the steps above, there are several ways to guarantee you get a free turkey this year. From saving money while spending to unmissable giveaways and acts of kindness.

There is also the opportunity to connect with your local community while also spending time with your family this year. If you’re in need, there is always the generosity of those willing to help out and giveaways to match.

Life gets better when we all get together, so you’re welcome to check back with us anytime! Giveaway Listing will share the best giveaways as they happen.

Where can I get a free turkey this year?

We get it. You’re on the hunt for a free turkey this year, but the choices are vast. It’s tricky to know where to begin. 

To narrow this down for you, we’ve compiled a short list of where you can get a free turkey so you get a head start.

Groceries stores

It’s an annual event at groceries stores nationwide in the US. It’s rare to find a big chain grocery store that isn’t holding turkey giveaways for Thanksgiving.

You need to check out the requirements for each, as most stores have exceptions to their rules and will be different than the next business. 

Also, free doesn’t always mean free – that is, you sometimes have to spend an amount at the store to get your free item. That said, technically, it’s still a giveaway because you get a freebie! 

With that aside, here’s the grocery store list of where you’ll find free turkeys this year.

Giant: If you can rack up 400 Giant Choice Reward points by a certain date in November, you can redeem your reward points for a free turkey. You’ll get a free turkey certificate that can be redeemed. What are you waiting for?

Shop Rite: It’s an annual guarantee, earn points and win your free turkey at Shop Rite. Once you spend your local store’s threshold, you can present your club card to receive a free turkey or centerpiece dish of your choice!

Walmart and Ibotta: Last year, Walmart and Ibotta teamed up to serve you free giveaway food prizes, including a turkey for your Thanksgiving meal. This promotion ran last year in November, so keep an eye out to see if they bring this back.

Foodtown: As a thank you, Foodtown will give you a choice of free items, including a free turkey for Thanksgiving. You have to spend at least $400 with your Club Card, and rules apply. Check out the stores in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania for details on how to earn your freebie.

Weis Market: Weis Market’s Thanksgiving rewards include a free turkey when you shop and 400 Weis rewards points for using your Weis Market rewards card. With this offer, you qualify for your free Thanksgiving turkey.

Weis holiday rewards turkey giveaway

Independent online businesses

We recommend you browse your favorite independent businesses online to find out if they’re running turkey giveaways. And here’s our surprise giveaway listing, one held by Simple Dreams.

Simple Dreams wants to help you celebrate Thanksgiving with its 9th annual turkey giveaway.

All you have to do is simply register to receive a free Thanksgiving meal! Each recipient will receive a turkey, a bag of potatoes, vegetables, stuffing, and a pumpkin pie.

As part of the giveaway, the recipients are requested to invite their family and friends to the giveaway to make the event bigger than ever. Each year hundreds of people enjoy the Simple Dreams giveaway.​

Turkey giveaway grocery store by Simple Dreams


In addition to free turkeys from designated grocery stores, you might get a free turkey from a local food bank instead of entering a classic giveaway. Especially suited to low-income families, this is one way to guarantee a free turkey this Thanksgiving.

Here are some charity options that may offer free turkeys or free Thanksgiving meals.

  • United Way 211
  • Local food pantries
  • Local Charities
  • Churches and religious groups
  • Meals on Wheels (for 60+ years)
  • Local hostels and shelters

We suggest searching “food pantries near me” online to find a physical pantry near you.  

And check out Feeding America to learn more about free Thanksgiving food and where your local food bank is.

Free turkey Thanksgiving giveaway

Who is giving away free turkeys this year?

As noted above, there are many ways to enter turkey/giveaways this year, and many organizations are holding giveaways. If you’re lucky, you may even get a free turkey from your boss.

Including the search list below, here are some more ideas for turkey giveaways in 2024.

  • Grocery stores
  • Independent online
  • Third-party websites
  • Food pantries & Food banks

Operation Hope (food pantry giveaway)

The charity known as Operation Hope has made it their yearly tradition to help put food on every family table for Thanksgiving.

In 2022, it’ll be their 27th annual Thanksgiving food distribution. Last year the giveaway took place in Fellsmere, El Paso County Coliseum. Watch this space to find out where this year’s giveaway will take place.

Jesse Zermeno started the turkey giveaway over 10 years ago. He wanted to help people with trouble feeding their families and those turning to food pantries for assistance.

Safeway (grocery store giveaway)

As a paying customer, you can get a free thanksgiving turkey up to 16 lb at Safeway this November. It’s a tradition and popular annual shopping and Thanksgiving event.

Safeway is offering this giveaway item when you spend $100 or more. You just need to use your digital “Just for U” coupon by loading the coupon to your account and spending $100 in one transaction.

Once you have reached the spending threshold for the free giveaway, your receipt will indicate that you have earned the free turkey. You should check out Safeway this year to score a freebie.

Young Visionaries (nonprofit organization giveaway)

This year, as standard, the nonprofit organization called Young Visionaries is holding a Thanksgiving turkey giveaway event with live music, a kid zone, and much more.

If you’re based in San Bernardino County, you might want to head there to check it out. You can get free tickets on Eventbrite.

Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy’s purpose is to better young people’s lives through mentoring activities in the areas of education, employment, health, and community service.

Young Visionaries youth leadership academy banner

5 News (online giveaway)

If you weren’t already aware, KFSM-TV and 5News is a TV station licensed to Fort Smith, United States. 5News serves Northwest Arkansas as an affiliate of CBS.

That aside, 5News also holds annual giveaways! Check out 5 News’ Gobble Gobble Giveaway for a free turkey. Gobble Gobble Giveaway returns every November, so make sure to mark your calendars.

A total of 15 winners were announced last year every weekday for nearly two weeks, making 150 winners! You have to be a resident of the US to enter this sweepstake. Be sure to watch 5News if you do!

Bonus tip: if you’d like to see more exciting ideas for getting a free turkey this year, check out our Thanksgiving giveaway guide.

Why do companies give out turkeys?

It’s an age-old tradition going back generations. Giving out turkeys to employees was a workplace gift and act of kindness a couple of generations ago.

Historians date this tradition to the manufacturing boom of the 1800s. It was a way to introduce immigrant workers to the American culture and the holiday spirit of Thanksgiving.

This was standard practice in years gone by when unions were more powerful and businesses were more traditionalist. Also, one might argue that when companies were more loyal, their employees were also loyal.

Business handshake at Thanksgiving

Free turkeys during festive seasons such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are less common nowadays. Labor historians suggested this declined before economic crashes and was driven by business budget cuts instead.

With all that said, some turkey giveaways continue! Turkey giveaways you see nowadays piggyback on this traditional event. It’s all good marketing, for one thing.

See below to find out why America’s oldest tradition went viral.

Turkey giveaways are affordable and practical

A turkey is a giveaway item and gift that people can practically use. It’s a symbol rich in meaning, yet it’s a cheap way to thank the recipient. 

Employee traditional gifts and loyalty

A holiday turkey gift allows managers to make their employees feel valued. Especially impactful when paired with the spirit of the season, this builds company loyalty.

Customer giveaway gifts and loyalty

As above, a turkey giveaway allows business owners to say thank you and instead make their customers feel valued. This appreciation builds brand recognition and loyalty.

Nostalgia and family

A turkey evokes the joy of the holidays and a lifetime of family memories. Turkey giveaways have withstood the test of time due to traditions and culture. Not to mention the fuzzy feeling of being surrounded by your loved ones.

The attitude of gratitude

Thanksgiving is associated with gratitude, and traditionally, a turkey is associated with a Thanksgiving meal. So, all of that combined makes for a traditional seasonal gift.

It includes the whole package as family and friends get together and appreciate one another while also appreciating the provider of the gift.

The American way of life and culture

Turkeys are the centerpiece of America’s oldest tradition and they are native to the North of the US. Americans had already been celebrating Thanksgiving for two centuries when President Abraham Lincoln declared it an official national holiday in 1863.

On average, Americans eat 46 million turkeys on Thanksgiving, 19 million on Easter, and 22 million on Christmas!

Check out this Thanksgiving CNN Quiz to find out how much you know about the occasion!

Thanksgiving traditional dinner vintage black and white photo

Turkey giveaways FAQ

Now we’ll cover some of the most frequently asked questions about free turkey giveaways in 2024. Here are all of the answers you need to know.

How can I get a free turkey?

As you’ve learned here, there are so many ways to get a free turkey.

Whether you’re shopping online and scoring a voucher or entering a giveaway with a click – you’re in with the chance to get a free turkey.

Just make a note of our 5 steps to find the best turkey giveaways, and you’ll be on your way.

How do you give away turkeys?

There are many ways that you can give back and give away turkeys this Thanksgiving. If you’d like to get involved in helping out, here are some suggestions:

  • Donate food to friends and family
  • Host a Thanksgiving giveaway at home
  • Volunteer at a local food pantry or food bank
  • Visit food banks and connect with families visiting
  • Donate to your local food bank or Feeding America, for example.

Where is the Thomas J Henry turkey giveaway?

This year as standard, the turkey giveaway will be held over a weekend in November.

The drive-thru locations for the turkey giveaways are Alice, TX @ Jim Wells County Fair Grounds; San Diego, TX @ Bernarda Jaime Junior High School; Freer, TX @ Norman Thomas Elementary and Corpus Christi, TX @ Thomas J. Henry Law’s Downtown Office.

The times for the turkey giveaways are: in Alice, the giveaway starts at 8:00; in San Diego at 9:00; in Freer at 10:00 and in Corpus Christi at 12:00.

Check out the latest about TJH turkey giveaways here.

Is Acme offering free turkeys?

Yes, Acme is offering free turkeys, with the exception you’re already purchasing Acme goods!

Acme Fresh Market welcomes you during November to prepare for Thanksgiving, and want to give you an enticing giveaway offer.

You should check out the Acme Weekly Ads where you’ll find their newest savings and digital coupons. There you can find out what their latest giveaway is. 

Currently, Acme’s November deal is a free turkey! If you spend $300, you can get a free turkey with your purchase.

Where are they giving out free turkeys in Chicago?

Chicago is seeing its annual free turkey giveaways return to the streets.

Last year, there were turkey giveaways throughout Chicago on the weekend of Thanksgiving.

Alderman George Cardenas and business owners in the 12th Ward donated more than 2,000 turkeys to families at Marina Crossings, 2075 W. 43rd St. Alderman Emma Mitts gave away 1,000 turkeys to families in need at 4926 W. Chicago Ave. And Roseland Community Hospital donated 200 turkeys to South Side families.

In the neighborhood, close to 50 top Chicago chefs made and distributed meals to local shelters for free during “Chefsgiving.” 

2021 was Chefsgiving’s sixth year in a row. Watch this space for the 7th event. 

How can I get a free turkey in New York City?

As mentioned above in our top tips, wherever you’re based, you can enter free turkey giveaways in 2024! But if you’re in New York City, you should check this out.

HelpNYC is excited to announce its 4th Annual Holiday Listings Campaign. This company provides New Yorkers with verified free food distributions, meals, and events for Thanksgiving. 

Plus, HelpNYC provides New Yorkers with those seasonal perks throughout the December holidays and New Year. 

The Thanksgiving giveaways will be listed on HelpNYC in November.

"Be thankful for this Thanksgiving" banner

A final word on turkey giveaways

As we’ve covered in this guide, from grocery stores to charity events, there are so many ways to get a free turkey this year. If you follow our steps above, we’re sure you will find free turkey giveaways in 2024!

Check back with us as we update our database with the best free turkey/giveaways, and see you then. From everyone at Giveaway Listing, enjoy the Thanksgiving season and the time spent with your loved ones!

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