Hamster Kombat Airdrop Date & 8 Tips to Boost Profits

The first Hamster Kombat airdrop date is coming soon, and the time window to unlock the maximum amount of $HMSTR tokens is getting narrower.

This guide will reveal the most likely airdrop dates and how to prepare your account to redeem the airdropped tokens.

Official Hamster Kombat Airdrop Dates

The Hamster Kombat team has not officially confirmed the exact airdrop date until the first half of July 2024. However, based on the most recent data, three dates are the most likely for the much-anticipated launch.

  • Speculated Airdrop Announcement Date: July 10, 2024
  • Speculated Airdrop Launch Date: August 6, 2024

The team initially shared several clues pointing to a July 2024 airdrop launch and posted several related tweets on X to generate hype without being specific.

The most notable clue is the “Token in-game utility launch” reference on the official website’s Roadmap, which has remained unchanged since April 2024.

Hamster Kombat airdrop date roadmap

While the Roadmap has led to a lot of speculation, some more recent announcements indicated an early July launch.

More specifically, on June 30th, a new “Special” category card was launched in the game, and it had a built-in countdown that was first seen in the game.

The new card, shown below, titled “Web 3 Game Con,” refers to the largest Web3 gaming event, which will take place from August 6-8 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Web3 Game con Card for Hamster Kombat with hints about the airdrop

The card features a countdown timer, which will be set to zero on June 10th, 2024, almost a month before the actual Web3 Game Con event. This has led to speculation that the Airdrop announcement date will be June 10th.

Hamster Kombat Airdrop Launch Date

If this speculation comes true, then on June 10th, we should expect the official announcement for the airdrop taking place on August 6, 2024, during the event, and possibly livestreamed.

However, as of today, there is no official confirmation of Hamster Kombat’s participation on the Web 3 Game Con website, nor in the “speakers” section.

WEb3 Game con event banner

An August 6 launch in such a large-scale event will ensure greater coverage for the project’s airdrop. It will also give the markets a bit of time to recover after the most recent bearish price action and lack of consumer interest.

Hamster Kombat Airdrop Date Countdown

Assuming the previous speculation comes true, the big airdrop announcement will happen on July 10th, 2024, at 13:00 UTC +0.

Here’s the countdown timer for the big event, if it happens to be true (please take this with a grain of salt).


We will update this page with the latest official announcements from Hamster Kombat’s social media channels.

You can watch our detailed video guide for the upcoming airdrop here:

Hamster Kombat Airdrop Tips

The team has shared several tips for their upcoming airdrop launch.

In their June 11 Telegram Announcement, they mentioned the importance of having a connected TON wallet in the app.

Hamster Kombat telegram announcement screenshot for airdrop tasks and TON wallet requirements

In a June 6 Telegram Post, the team emphasized the importance of gathering a high Profit Per Hour (PPH) instead of a high coin balance.

The high PPH is such an important factor in the upcoming token allocation that the team mentioned it on several more occasions, including this Twitter post:

A similar mention in focusing on profit per hour was also shared as early as May 3. on another Telegram Post

Hamster Kombat telegram announcement screenshot for profit per hour requirements

Lastly, the team also hinted at a continuous mining process similar to Bitcoin, suggesting that the airdrop may be a re-occurring, or even a continuous event, instead of a one-time occurrence.

Hamster Kombat telegram announcement screenshot for HMSTR token mining

Hamster Kombat Tokenomics

There’s a lot of speculation related to the $HMSTR token price, the distribution phases, and the overall project’s tokenomics.

Even though the team has retracted any previous data related to those topics, there is some now archived information that we can use to estimate the potential token allocation and price ranges.

Hamster Kombat Airdrop Distribution

Hamster Kombat’s first whitepaper published in April 2024 indicated a total supply of 10 000 000 000 $HMSTR tokens distributed in the following categories, as shown in the Budget Allocation table.

CategoryTotalInitial unlock in tokensInitial unlock in %CliffVestingUSD priceToken Float at Listing$ Value at Listing
KOL Round825 000 00082 500 00010%13$0,0010825 500 000$165 000,00
Airdrop initial100 000 00020 000 00020%04$0,002020 000 000$40 000,00
IDO25 000 00025 000 000100%00$0,002025 000 000$50 000,00
Partnerships575 000 00000%3240
Team775 000 00000%7200
Token Liquidity100 000 00000%160
Community incentives7 600 000 00000%0250
Total Supply10 000 000 000127 500 000

Those distribution plans were first announced in April 2024 but soon removed from the official website as the team is now rethinking the project’s tokenomics.

The following screenshot was taken directly from the project’s first Whitepaper and predicted an airdrop total value of $40,000,000.

Hamster Kombat token price, allocation and distribution table

The team, however, didn’t consider the project’s meteoric success, which now boasts more than 150M Monthly Active Users. Such allocation would have delivered an average airdrop value of $0.26 per user.

Considering the new developments and partnerships with crypto giants such as Binance and Bybit, the token value allocation will be much higher, but the exact price is yet to be determined.

KOL Round8.25%
Airdrop initial1%
Token Liquidity1%
Community incentives76%
Hamster Kombat token allocation plan pie chart

It’s important to note that the Hamster Kombat team is re-evaluating all tokenomics data. The whitepaper has been removed from the project’s website, and a new whitepaper is set to launch soon, probably in July 2024.

Hamster Kombat Airdrop Price

One of the biggest unknowns in the upcoming airdrop is the $HMSTR token price.

The team has provided several clues about the token price. According to the April 2024 whitepaper, the initial $HMSTR token price was only $0,002 per token for an initial supply of 20,000,000 tokens, resulting in a total supply value of only $40,000.

Fortunately, those projections are no longer relevant since the project overperformed by a factor of 100x the initial growth expectations and became the most popular Pay2Earn gaming project in history. Our team will soon release an updated estimated token price based on the current project’s growth rate.

Hamster Kombat Airdrop Claim

Claiming the allocated Hamster Kombat airdrop tokens is a very straightforward process, which in part contributed to the project’s success.

The user should create a TON wallet directly on the Telegram app and then connect it using the “Airdrop” tab at the bottom right.

Airdrop claim screen for Hamster Kombat

Once the user connects their TON wallet successfuly, they will get the following confirmation:

Hamster Kombat TON wallet connection success message

Hamster Kombat Airdrop Rules & Task List

As of today, there are no official Airdrop rules aside from managing a legitimate account in the game without the use of fake referrals and bots and having an active connection to the TON blockchain wallet.

The users are encouraged to maximize their profit per hour (PPH) metrics while ignoring the total coin balance since the latter won’t be calculated in the airdrop allocation.

Airdrop Distribution Comparison Table

Hamster Kombat may be the biggest name in the Tap2Earn game but it is certainly facing some tough competition.

Here is a detailed comparison table of the token allocation for Hamster Kombat, Notcoin, Tapswap, Blum, Pixeltap/Pixelverse, and Gemz based on the most recent, publicly available data:

CategoryHamster KombatNotcoinTapswapBlumPixeltap/PixelverseGemz
Total Supply10,000,000,000102,719,221,7141,000,000,000500,000,0002,000,000,00010,000,000,000
KOL Round8.25%N/A5%8%10%7%
Airdrop Initial1%5%10%5%8%10%
IDO0.25%3% (Binance Launchpool)2%2%5%3%
Team7.75%5% (Development)10%12%10%15%
Token Liquidity1%78% (Miners)10%8%10%12%
Community Incentives76%9% (Ecosystem Fund)48%45%50%45%
Ecosystem FundN/AN/AN/A10%N/AN/A

Editors notice: We will soon provide a detailed comparison analysis on each of those 5 prominent telegram Tap2Earn apps

Past Airdrops

The very first Hamster Kombat airdrop on Gleam was active between 09 May 2024 at 05:00PM MSK and ended on 23 May 2024 at 05:00 PM MSK. However, this airdrop is not considered the actual official airdrop of the project since it didn’t involve the distribution of actual Hamster Kombat tokens ($HMSTR)

Hamster Kombat initial Gleam airdrop on May 2024

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