Free Nitro Giveaways 2024 Guide -7 Steps To Win Discord Contests

Nitro Giveaways: An Introduction

Discord Nitro and Nitro Basic are subscriptions that unlock new perks on Discord. These paid memberships give people access to Nitro stickers, a custom Discord number tag, animated avatars, custom emojis, server enhancements, and more.

Founders Stan Vishnevskiy and Jason Citron have shared a love of video games since childhood and grew up cherishing the connections that formed while playing them.

For that reason, Discord was born to help people communicate with friends worldwide and connect while playing games online. According to Discord and Wikipedia, they want to help people find belonging in their lives through the platform they’ve created.

Nitro giveaways and giving Nitro gifts increase the fan experience on Discord. This guide will cover the latest about Discord giveaways in July 2024 and ways to get your hands on free Nitro.

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Free Nitro Giveaway Key Facts

  • Companies sometimes provide free months of Nitro to all their customers as a special offer or a welcome gift.
  • Epic Games provided free Discord Nitro for all its subscribers.
  • Owners of Partnered Discord servers receive free Nitro upgrades.
  • Discord conducted a Nitro promotion starting on April 24, 2024. This promotion offered a Gyoiko Sakura avatar decoration for those who signed up for a Nitro membership.
  • From February 28, 2024, to May 28, 2024, Alienware Arena members could claim 1 month of free Discord Nitro.
  • Discord celebrated its Nitro 5th Anniversary with a giveaway. The giveaway offered five grand prizes, each consisting of five years of a Nitro subscription.
  • Five prizes were awarded during the Nitro 5th Anniversary Giveaway, with a total approximate retail value (ARV) of US$2,500.

What is a Nitro Giveaway?

Nitro giveaways allow fans to win and unlock more services with Nitro. You can win access to previously locked features. For example, you can use a custom emoji anywhere, upload bigger files, set a custom video background, and more. 

You can also win free games that you can add to your library. You have custom emoji support and can use them across the servers you’ve joined. When your Nitro subscription ends, you lose access to the perks.

Discord Nitro giveaways banner

How Does Nitro Giveaway Work?

How a Nitro giveaway works depends on the type of giveaway you are entering. Let’s examine some free Nitro giveaway options before we cover more ways to get free Nitro.

Nitro Gift Giveaways

As stated by the company, the official way to get free Nitro on Discord is to receive a Nitro gift. You can find out more about it in the support section on Discord.

The organizers state that the only official way to get free Nitro is through a code you receive, which can be redeemed under the Gift Inventory in your account or if a gift is sent to you in chat.

If you’re already logged into your account on the browser or desktop version of the Discord app, you can easily claim a gift!

You can follow these steps to receive your gift:

  • If you’ve received a gift link in a DM or server in Discord, you can accept the gift by clicking the “Accept” button.
  • A pop-up will ask you to confirm your acceptance of the gift. Press the “I accept” button to apply the gift to your Discord account.
  • After accepting the gift, the subscription will be directly applied to your Discord account, and you’ll receive confirmation.
Nitro giveaways free Nitro gift.

Official Discord Giveaways 

You will find that Discord sometimes runs its own giveaways, too—for example, their most recent Fifth Anniversary Giveaway. Discord held an official sweepstake on Twitter, giving 5 lucky fans a chance to win five years of a Nitro subscription.

No purchase was necessary to enter, and five prizes were awarded to randomly selected winners, with a retail value of US$2,5000.

Participants had to like and reply to the sweepstakes post on Twitter or email [email protected] with an email that included the phrase “Enter me into Discord’s fifth anniversary Nitro sweepstakes.” The details are logged on Discord’s website.

7 Steps to Win Free Nitro

After thorough research, we discovered that there are crucial steps to follow to win a free Nitro giveaway in 2024.

1. Nitro Giveaways

Aside from hunting for official Discord giveaways, you may choose one of the many Discord servers that run Nitro giveaways. Most of these servers are focused on promotion and advertisement, so they hold free Nitro giveaways to promote their services. 

Here are a handful of the best Discord servers you can check out right now: Disboard, Open Advertisements, Discords, Self-promotion Central, Discordme, Sound’s Spooky World, Dank’s Dungen, Jet’s Dream World, and Custom’s Magical World. You might need to go through a verification process to join and stop bots from spoiling the fun.

You should also check out gaming servers such as MrBeast Gaming, Roblox Unofficial Discord Server, Rust, and Terraria.

2. Promotional offers

You can find companies giving away months’ worth of Nitro subscriptions for all their customers as a thank-you offer of appreciation or a welcome gift.

For example, the company Backbone+ is offering three months’ worth of free Discord Nitro (we’ll cover this later), and Epic Games used to offer Discord Nitro to its subscribers. YouTube Premium was also free for a few months if you had Discord Nitro. Participants could buy Nitro for $10 and get a YouTube premium account for free for three months, worth $33.

On the flip side, there was a previous offer to get 3 months’ worth of Nitro if you subscribed to YouTube Premium. You should check out to find the current Nitro promotions on offer.

3. Discord Program

You can receive free Nitro upgrades if you’re signed up to Partnered Discord servers. To apply, your server needs to have at least 500 members and be at least 8 weeks old, or it needs to be active. It must also be considered a good environment with no false claims or language.

Join the partner program by opening the server settings in your Discord server and navigating to the Partner Program option. Here, click on the Apply for Partnership button. You’ll notice if your server is eligible for the abovementioned requirements. Note that the partner program is closed irregularly by Discord, so there may be a wait time before you can purchase the program.

Discord Partner Program apply for partnership

4. Discord App

This is for new Discord Nitro users. You’ll get a free month of Discord Nitro by downloading the Discord mobile app. This only works if this is the first time you’ve installed the Discord app on your mobile device and your account has no Nitro. Unfortunately, if you’re already using Discord Nitro, this one’s not for you.

When downloading the Discord app for the first time, a pop-up will ask you to proceed with your download. Discord will ask for your payment info even though you don’t have to buy it now—that’s for a future date should you choose to continue. 

5. Salad

The platform Salad allows you to earn free Discord Nitro. You can install crypto mining software for free on Mac, Linux, and Windows. The software mines crypto for you using your computer resources.

Once you start making cash, you can redeem that as crypto or use that to buy gift cards on Amazon, in-game currencies, for offers like Spotify and Discord Nitro. You can check out Salad if you’d like to start an account and find out how-to with their FAQs to help you get started. You earn more Nitro from your computer by how powerful it is.

free nitro salad promotion

6. Level Up 

Many of the mentioned Discord servers have a system where each message you send helps you increase your level and eventually level up and get you an XP.

Some servers will provide gifts as you level up, including Discord Nitro as one option. For example, Planet Roonie rewards you if you’re the most active person on their platform. That can get you Nitro for free if you play often.

This live list by Giveaway Listing features free Nitro giveaways. With an online presence dating back over a decade, Giveaway Listing offers its users extensive lists of free giveaways.

7. Discord Events

You can find events related to Discord, often holding giveaways with Discord Nitro prizes, and you can earn Nitro easily for free this way. For example, Discord typically runs anniversary events, such as the one listed above, or for another example, they have been known to hold a giveaway called Snowsgiving at Christmas.

Nitro Giveaway Collaborations 

Here’s another previous giveaway example that is recurring. Discord partnered with YouTube to bring three months of free Nitro to Discord users who subscribed to YouTube Premium.

Starting in December, you can subscribe to Backbone+ and get 3 free months of Discord Nitro. Log in to the app, navigate to Perks & Rewards or Getting Started, and click the giveaway.

See the Backbone x Discord press release here. You can find more new releases and giveaways on Discord’s support page.

Free Nitro Giveaways: Key Takeaways

To win free Nitro, you can benefit from using all of these ways to generate free Nitro from various sources. As you get involved with each way we’ve listed, you’ll begin to build your Nitro empire.

Salad is one definite way to get Nitro consistently, and you can use all of these ways to get free Nitro without much effort.

Participating in the Nitro giveaways in 2024 is also so simple. Some Discord Nitro/giveaways just require a sign-up and one click.

Three months free Discord Nitro giveaway

Nitro Giveaway FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Nitro giveaways.

Can You Get Discord Nitro for Free?

You can get Nitro on Discord for free, predominantly through gift-giving on their server. Discord assures us that Nitro gifts are real; beware of scams claiming to be gifted (usually from bots).

You can buy a Nitro gift via the Nitro page on the site’s desktop version or the Nitro Gifting tab on the mobile version. 

For other creative ways to get free Nitro, follow our guide above. And don’t forget to see our latest homepage feed on Giveaway Listing, plus our social media, with all of the newest free Nitro giveaways on offer.

How Do You Enter Discord Nitro Giveaways? 

There are many different Discord Nitro giveaways in 2024, and with that come many other ways to enter. Take this current giveaway, for example, running until November, offering 1 month of Discord Nitro.

This gives you 1 month of Discord Nitro for Tower of Fantasy players. But you have to be a first-time Discord Nitro subscriber. You can claim this promotion on Mobile or Web platforms.

Log into your account or create one using the Tower of Fantasy app on your PC or mobile device. Then, play Tower of Fantasy until level 6 to receive your Nitro offer. Once the offer appears, click or tap “Get It Now” or “Claim Nitro Offer” and follow the steps to receive your promotional Nitro link.

How Do People Run Nitro Giveaways? 

There are many ways to run Nitro giveaways, from sharing gifts on Discord to the official themed sweepstakes mentioned in this guide. 

You can return to our step-by-step guides at any time. We’ll share more updates about how Nitro giveaways are run and the best ones you can find.

Is the Giveaway Bot on Discord Real?

The bot is a scam that shows the message “Claim your Nitro bot: This is the official Discord bot for Nitro giveaways. Please click on this link to claim yours. The gift expires in 35 hours.”

Once you click on it, it will ask you to add the bot to your server. It’s a scam. Don’t fall for it.

How Do I Start a Discord Giveaway? 

You can give away Nitro on Discord as a gift.

If you want to gift Nitro on Discord, follow these steps.

  • Select your account avatar to open up User Settings
  • Select Nitro Gifting
  • Alternatively, open a direct message or server text channel.
  • Select the gift icon to the right of the chat entry bar
  • Simple & easy! Once the payment is complete, you’ll receive the shareable, unique link allowing another user to claim this Nitro gift. Provide this link with that lucky somebody & they’ll be able to claim the gift!

How Can I Get a Free Nitro?

Follow along with our steps above for your chance to get free Nitro. Besides, while the core Discord experience is free, the company offers a Nitro subscription service.

You must pay to unlock the ability to make custom emojis,v support servers, stream HD video, and upload larger files.

How Do I Claim My Free Nitro?

How you claim your free Nitro depends on what giveaway you’ve entered. If you have signed up for a free Nitro promotion directly for the official Nitro app, then you will get an email with a redeem code that you can use to unlock your Nitro prize.

You must copy the redeem code from the email, go to your Discord app settings, and select the “Gift inventory” section. From there, paste your redeem code into the text box and click the “Redeem” button.

The subscription will be automatically added to your account if you’re eligible. That’s it – you can enjoy the perks of Discord Nitro immediately.

Check out our NFT giveaway guide if you love Nitro and gaming giveaways. 

What’s Next for Nitro and Discord Giveaways?

Discord is fast becoming where the world talks and hangs out, and their giveaways are just one way they will build relationships worldwide.

You can get involved on Discord and find a space there, just like gaming did for the founders, all while winning more free Nitro and building your servers.

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