Alienware Giveaways and Rewards 2024 – Win Big in 7 Steps

Alienware Giveaways: An Introductory Guide

Who is Alienware, and why is it running giveaways? If you’re a gaming fan, you may already know the answer to this question.

This guide will cover everything you need about Alienware, including the giveaways and rewards. If you’re a fan, you may be on the hunt for more ARP.

If you’re new to Alienware or versed in the language, this is your chance to earn more rewards and win more Alienware Arena giveaways in July 2024.

Alienware Giveaway And Rewards Key Facts

  • Alienware Arena conducts giveaways where participants can win exclusive in-game items, game keys, and access to some of the most sought-after closed betas.
  • They have a variety of giveaways, including game pack key giveaways, steam key giveaways, and exclusive discount codes on Alienware products.
  • In one of their events, they had thousands of prizes to give out in just 10 days.
  • These events can offer prizes like game codes, Alienware merchandise, and subscriptions to services like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
  • They also conduct community giveaways, where members who claim or win a Community Giveaway key are expected to have the new Steam game/DLC added to their library within 72 hours of claiming the key.
  • Alienware has conducted special anniversary giveaways. For example, as part of their 25th anniversary, they put together the ultimate Aurora prize pack.
  • The grand prize for the 25th-anniversary giveaway was an Alienware Aurora Desktop, estimated at $4,125.65.
  • They have also partnered with other companies for giveaways. For instance, they partnered with Digital Extremes for the Warframe 11th anniversary giveaway.
  • The Warframe 11th anniversary giveaway featured a Warframe-themed Alienware Aurora R16 desktop with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070.
Alienware's Vice-President, Vivian Lien.

Who is Alienware?

Founded in 1996, Alienware is a computer hardware subsidiary of Dell. The American company’s product range specializes in gaming computers with alien-themed designs.

As noted on Wikipedia, Alienware was initially founded by Alex Aguila and Nelson Gonzalez and is currently led by Vivian Lien.

The Alienware series is well-known for its performance level and striking designs. It’s a popular choice for gamers with some of the most powerful hardware. Moreover, Alienware gaming giveaways are among the most sought-after offerings for fans.

Alienware gaming laptops

What are the Alienware Giveaways?

Alienware giveaways are part of Alienware Arena, founded by the Alienware brand. In other words, Alienware Arena hosts the giveaways known as Alienware Arena giveaways.

Alienware Arena is a gaming and tech platform and community built by the Alienware brand to unite PC gamers worldwide.

Alienware Arena provides a free platform for gamers worldwide. As a member, you get free games, gaming content, forums, event coverage, tournaments, and gaming advice.

Alienware Arena Giveaways

Alienware Arena has over 20 giveaways running simultaneously. All of the latest giveaways are listed on their website under Giveaways. You can also view present and past giveaways on the AWA Forums page.

The Arena Boards

Alienware giveaways in 2024 are listed on their arena boards and categorized in several ways. These categories include community giveaways, deals and freebies, EU giveaways, and global giveaways.

Alienware Arena forum provides community members with advice 24/7 and gaming knowledge on tap.

Alienware Arena website arena boards

The Alienware App

The Alienware Arena app allows fans and gamers to access their accounts on the go.

You can easily interact with some of the best features of your account, including daily and weekly quests, rewards, game code giveaways, news, and much more.

a person showing the Alienware Arena App for giveaways on their phone.

How to Enter the Alienware Giveaways?

Alienware giveaways vary in their prizes, but they are similar in that most are easy to enter. Most Alienware free giveaways require a simple sign-up to join.

Let’s use an example. The Spider Tanks Alienware Head Cosmetic Key Giveaway, listed below, requires you to register with Gala Games and redeem your giveaway code. 

To enter, you must take these steps:

  • Log in to your Alienware Arena account or create one.
  • Select “Get Key.”
  • Click the “Register” button to create a Gala Games account. Complete all of the steps to register and verify your account.
  • After verifying, go to the redemption page of Gala Games to redeem the code you received. 
  • Once redeemed, head to Spider Tanks to download the game launcher from the banner. Ensure you’re logged into your Gala account.
  • Install and launch the game on your PC via the website as instructed.

Some giveaways will only require you to stay on the Alienware platform, such as the Guild Wars 2 Toy Mini-Egg Giveaway, also listed below.

1. Log in to your Alienware Arena account or create one.

2. Select “Get Key.”

3. Sign in to the Account Management page using your ArenaNet account.

4. Click the REDEEM A CODE button on the ‘Overview’ page.

5. Enter or copy and paste your code into the Enter Registration Code field.

6. Hit SUBMIT to redeem and add the code to your account.

7. Happy gaming!

Pro Tip: Check out this CNN article if you want to buy an Alienware laptop to play your giveaway games!

Alienware Arena rewards giveaway and Member Tiers

7 Steps to Win Alienware Giveaways

Here are the best tips to maximize your chances of winning Alienware Arena giveaways.

1. Earn Rewards on Alienware

You can earn ARP by being online. You don’t have to play, either; just by being on the platform, you can earn 5 ARP daily.

Once you start to use Alienware Arena, you can also unlock Achievements. These new achievements will grant you extra ARP (once you achieve the task).

Each achievement can only grant you one item. You can view all of your ARP and achievement statuses on your profile.

2. Play More and Earn More

Earning more ARP for each consecutive day you log in to Alienware Arena is also possible. You will earn more points if you log in for 7 straight days. That’s one easy way to level up. 

You also have the option to earn exclusive ARP within Advent Calendar. You can receive a new reward for each accrued day you log into the site. 

3. Increase Rewards on Steam

Not only can you play Alienware Quests, but there are also Steam Quests you can join. If you play those specific games and quests on Steam, you can earn more ARP. Connect your Steam account to Alienware Arena and set up your Steam profile.

You can find the how-to details under Steam Quest Setup on AWA.

4. Level Up on Twitch

We’re spoilt for choice. Not only can you play Alienware Quests and Steam Quests, but you can also join quests on Twitch

You can participate with the channels running these quests if you already have an account. Suppose you don’t have one; consider starting an account to maximize your daily rewards.

Just by watching the participating Twitch channels, you can earn more ARP. It’s possible to earn 15 ARP a day this way. AWA has a list of live Twitch channels on its site. 

5. Join the Forum

The Alienware Arena forum grants you access to all the current giveaways listed neatly in one place. Moreover, you get to view them by category.

This lets you view and ultimately enter the type of giveaway you want to join immediately. If you’re stretched for time, this is one handy way to speed up the entering process.

More than that, the forum allows community members to share their thoughts and alert others of bugs, for example, to make your giveaway experience as smooth as possible.

6. Giveaway Notifications

We recommend you switch on your notifications to be the first in line for a giveaway. To receive emails from Alienware Arena and be notified about a new giveaway, change the settings in your account. 

Go to your account’s control panel section and click “Settings.” Then, scroll to “Notifications” and click the “Edit” tab. From there, you can select “Subscribe me to the Alienware Arena email newsletter.”

That’s it. Check that box to receive email notifications from the site and be the first to know about new giveaways. More importantly, you can be the first to enter them.

7. Alienware Support on Dell

To familiarize yourself with the basics of Alienware Arena, we suggest you check out Alienware Support on Dell

You will also find some advanced tips and tricks there. Plus, don’t forget to check out Dell Rewards while you’re at it. 

In eligible locations, you can use your ARP to redeem Dell Rewards and other physical merchandise. These rewards work like regular dollars and will be automatically deposited in your account.

Alienware Avatars

What Prizes Can I Win in the Alienware Giveaways?

As part of Alienware giveaways, contests, and quests, there are many prizes to offer. 

You can win exclusive access to game accessories such as avatar cosmetics, beta codes to play demos, discount codes for AWA accessories such as keyboard mice, and more.

For example, here is a list of Alienware Arena giveaway prizes on offer. 

Winning Alienware Giveaways: Final Words

The rise in popularity of far-out gaming platforms such as Alienware Arena has seen the rise of gaming giveaways.

Games and giveaways are perfectly matched and offer unique experiences for both gaming and giveaway fans. Fans of games and giveaways are in heaven with Alienware/giveaways.

Remember that the more extraterrestrial points you earn, the more Alienware giveaways you can enter. For this reason, we recommend you increase your AWA Rewards and level up to new Tiers to win big. The more rewards you earn, the higher your rank in the giveaways.

Giveaway Listing has a close eye on the latest from Alienware Arena. As more Alienware Arena giveaways are announced, you’ll see them listed on our live feeds.

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Alienware Arena giveaway key codes

Alienware Giveaways FAQs

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about Alienware giveaways.

Is Alienware Arena Free?

Yes, it’s completely free to join Alienware Arena.

Members of AWA receive access to exclusive pre-released games, in-game items, and early beta access to some of the most talked about games.

As a member, you also get the additional perk of joining the platform’s community forum.

What are Alienware Arena Rewards?

Alienware Arena Rewards is a loyalty program. By using the Alienware Arena website and participating in activities, AWA participants earn Arena Rewards Points (ARP). This free incentive allows AWA users to earn points to raise their levels on the platform.

Earning ARP entitles users to various rewards and raises their level on Alienware Arena. As users do this, they can reach new tiers and redeem more rewards in the Marketplace.

Do I Win Games in Alienware Giveaways?

As part of AWA Rewards, AWA members are given access to a new selection of games every month to redeem. Members can win games as part of their Game Vault rewards scheme.

Once members have accrued enough ARP (and part of an eligible tier), they can spend their ARP to redeem the games on offer. 

The selection of AWA giveaways includes game demos and opportunities to win game accessories, such as beta codes and cosmetic keys.

How Long Do Alienware Giveaways Last?

Each giveaway’s length of time will vary. Alienware Arena giveaways have been known to last anywhere from minutes to days. The duration usually depends on the popularity of the AWA giveaway, as it’s first come, first served.

What Can You Do With ARP Alienware?

You can spend your Arena Reward Points, ARP, on Alienware Arena Marketplace

For example, you can select to use your hard-earned ARP on games, Dell products, and your personalized gaming account.

Categories on AWA, such as Dell Rewards, Game Vault, Badges and Borders, and Avatar, make it easy to know where to spend your ARP.

To keep track of what you’re buying, check out your ARP transactions in the ARP section of your account.

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