5 Tips To Find The Best Instant Cash Giveaways – Win Free Money In 2024

Why you need to enter Instant Cash giveaways

We could all use the extra cash in our bank accounts.

If you are looking for inventive ways to earn extra cash without much effort, you should check out our Instant Cash giveaways 2024 guide.

Instant Cash giveaways are a perfect way to make easy money without spending a penny.

You could win big money by spending just a little time in free cash sweepstakes. Investing a little in exchange for a lot of free money sounds good.

In this guide to instant cash giveaways, we’ve covered why you should consider entering them and how to do that. Read on for your chance to win some instant cash prizes in June 2024!

Cash bonanza instant win giveaways

How can I win cash instantly online for free?

Winning cash for free can be effortless these days. You can find numerous giveaways and sweepstakes online. We’ll get to how you can enter in a moment.

To understand how you can win cash instantly online, it’s good to know what free cash giveaways are all about. It’s worth mentioning they’re sometimes called by different names.

When searching for instant cash giveaways, you might also see other names listed, such as legit cash giveaways, instant cash sweepstakes, instant win sweepstakes, instant win giveaways, and free cash giveaways.

All instant cash/giveaways listed above include a fast-track winning method. Unlike most giveaways, there is no waiting time until the giveaway ends before a winner is drawn.

As a result, instant win entrants are notified of the giveaway result immediately after entering it. Participants like you get to find out instantly if you have won a prize!

Instant cash giveaways occur frequently, and the games’ pace means you can move swiftly from one game to the next. That puts you at an advantage.

You can enter more games for easy money without overthinking keeping track of what you’ve entered. 

You win instant cash giveaways on a mobile phone

Where can I win cash online?

If you’re new to giveaways, instant cash games, and giveaways are an excellent place to start. You can easily enter as many cash giveaways as you like to win real money.

It’s all very simple. You enter a contest, win money, and bingo. Free money.

Some of the different instant win giveaway options for winning cash online:

  • Spin to win
  • Scratch-off online cards
  • Scratch and match 
  • Online games
  • Online surveys
  • Online contests 
  • Slot games

You’ll notice a theme with the types of cash giveaways you can enter online. All of them are based on casino betting games.

But, as you’re not paying a price to enter, technically, you’re not gambling money.

However, you are spending time. So it’s entirely up to you how much time you spend!

From spin-to-win to online contests, these instant-win cash giveaways are easy to play, and it’s exciting to find out if you’ve won straight away!

Before we cover our tips on where to find free cash, check out this Forbes article for their pick of the best apps to win instant money.

When it comes to where you can win cash online – there are a ton of giveaways to choose from. We’ll take you through a rundown of the best instant cash/giveaways in 2024.

Instant win games cash prizes and presents

What are the best cash giveaways to enter?

As above, there are different kinds of instant wins to enter. Take your pick from the bunch, as some of the best cash giveaway sites are listed here.

If you’re already following giveawaylisting.com, you’ll know we list all the legit and best cash giveaways and sweepstakes to enter online.

We also make it easier to find out when these online and cash sweepstakes and giveaways are ending. As part of our daily feed, we update you with current giveaways. 

Here are more instant-win giveaway sites you can enter.

  • Sweepstakes Bible
  • Sweepstakes Fanatics
  • Ultra Contest
  • Offer Joy
  • Giveaway Listing 

From $100 to $500 cash prizes to $1000 or $10,000, small and big instant cash giveaways can help you pay for your expenses like bills or go as far as treating you to a holiday.

Instant cash sweepstakes on a laptop

Now, the question is how to win these instant cash sweepstakes.

How to win the best cash giveaways?

We’ve compiled a handy guide of 5 tips to ensure you win the upcoming best instant wins while helping you find them.

1. Pick your favorite way to play

As mentioned, most instant win cash giveaways are an option to win money without putting in too much effort. You simply need to follow the process, which is sometimes as simple as entering your required details.

However, some giveaways may suit you more than others. For example, certain games and contests might match your preferences to make winning cash more fun!

Spin to Win is a simple interactive game, whereas contests require more brain power. If you enjoy a challenge, contests might excite you more than simple games.

Online scratch cards scratch to win giveaways

2. Reputable sources

Choosing a trickier style of giveaway might suit more seasoned giveaway participants. Even so, you might want to play the most uncomplicated games regardless of your experience. There are so many instant wins to choose from, having the above option is a bonus.

Opting for contests from reliable websites or social media platforms is also advisable. As tip number 2 suggests, do not get lurched away by scam giveaways or cash rewards.

Some reliable social media sites to look for sweepstakes contests are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We have listed the best giveaways on our live feeds to simplify this.

3. Set your schedule

You want to maximize instant cash giveaway wins by creating a regime of playing games. By playing more often, you’ll become more efficient.

The chances of winning money will be unbeatable when you play daily.

Also, try entering as many contests as possible to hit your targets more often. It might sound a little extreme for first-timers, but the excitement of winning instant cash will be worth it!

4. Make it eligible

The instant cash contest sweepstakes are usually open to the US, Canada, and Worldwide. With no prize-pick-up locations, anyone can enter. 

There are a variety of sweepstakes and contests with the most attractive giveaways. With that in mind, make sure you can enter the sweep.

Some instant win cash prizes might only be eligible to certain ages and above or particular persons in specific countries. Be sure to check the eligibility rules before you enter.

5. Live feed

Giveaway Listing has a database of active giveaways you can enter now. Our live feeds make it easier for you to enter the current instant cash/giveaways. 

You won’t miss any instant win giveaways this way. Be sure to check out when the instant wins are ending to see a list of the best cash giveaways. 

We have been offering giveaway listings for 10 years, and we know how to bring you the best.

Giveaway Listing top rated giveaway list

What online games pay real cash instantly online?

Right now, you’ll find a whole host of giveaways running. So much so that it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin! We get that, so we suggest checking out our live feed!

In this following list, we have picked the top 5 places to play instant win giveaways.

Big Time Cash

Winning free cash prizes and online contests has never been easier. Big Time Cash lets you exchange your time for real cash.

There are over 600 exciting and fun games to play daily on the site, allowing you to receive tickets. These tickets allow you to enter regular and recurring cash draws for free money prizes.

As with any instant win giveaways and sweepstakes, the more entries you make, the more you maximize your winning chances.

It’s free to sign up for Big Time Cash, there are no hidden costs, and everything is completely free, including entering the draws.

Play more games to earn more tickets. And you won’t be asked to make any in-app purchases either, which takes the edge off. It’s super accessible for winning free money.

Steamy Kitchen

Steamy Kitchen is a food blog about mindful eating and a popular site for instant win giveaways. You will find instant win cash prizes listed on the section of their website dedicated to hosting giveaways.

Like most instant wins, you can only enter once in Steamy Kitchen’s instant cash prize draws, and you’ll find out immediately if you’re a winner. 

To enter, simply enter your name and email address, and then click Spin to Win. Plus, with the Instant Wins giveaway, you must “earn” your daily spin by completing the bonus questions.

That’s it! You’ll instantly be added to the giveaway. Often, the grand prize of instant wins is $100 for one lucky winner, followed by ten $10 runner-up prizes.


Swagbucks is the perfect way to spend your time if you’re into free cash giveaways and gift cards. You can play games in your spare time and win great cash prizes.

There are more ways than one way to earn real money on Swagbucks too. Not only do they have free instant win games, but they also have paid surveys, cash-back from big retailers, and simple tasks like browsing the net.

Site users have received over $530 million for using the platform. Plus, they have a referral bonus if you ask friends or family to sign up for the platform.

You can earn Swagbucks easily, all while earning gift cards or cash.


The PrizeGrab platform has regular cash draws and free prizes every day. They have given over 6k winners more than $2 million in prizes since 2013.

PrizeGrab wants to create genuine and honest giveaways where visitors can enter daily draws. They offer you real money prizes and online contests to win big cash prizes.

Their prizes include gift cards for big retailers and popular restaurants, not real cash. It’s one of the best places to try your luck winning free money online. 

Like our other top performers here, no purchase is necessary, and you can sign up for their services for free. The PrizeGrab platform can be used on your home computer or with a mobile device.

Enter to win instant cash giveaways on a tablet

Key takeaways

Legit cash giveaways are the hottest way to earn money quickly. Making real money from online games is easier than ever.

Many free platforms allow you to sign up and start winning instant cash/giveaway prizes in minutes – that’s instant.

When looking for instant cash giveaways in 2024, we suggest you start with our list here and browse our live feeds for the current and best instant cash giveaways. 

Instant cash giveaways FAQ

Here are all the answers you wanted about Instant Cash giveaways.

Which Companies Do Cash Giveaways?

As a rule of thumb, you’ll notice small companies and organizations generally don’t hold cash giveaways. That’s simply because their budget won’t cover it.

On the other hand, big brands, retailers, and companies operating for an extended period (reputable ones) may hold cash giveaways. 

Keep this in mind when you are hunting for cash giveaways.

How Can I Win Money for Free?

As noted, the best instant cash giveaways let you win money in various ways. There’s something to suit everyone.

Here is a low down of the top ways to win free cash online in the instant win cash giveaways.

  • Entering online surveys
  • Playing games online
  • Participating in contests
  • Surfing the net
  • Fulfilling questionnaires
  • Cash-back on spending
  • Answer bonus questions

Complete an online survey for free money digital illustration

Does Cash App give free money?

In short, yes. But you have to enter their sweepstakes. 

Cash App is an upcoming mobile payment service that grossed US$1.8 billion in 2021 with 70 million annual transacting users. Available in the US and the UK, Cash App allows users to transfer money using a mobile phone app.

To enter the Cash App Sweepstakes, you have to follow 3 steps. 

  1. Reply to the sweepstakes post on either Twitter or Instagram (@cashapp)
  2. Include their hashtag in your reply
  3. Follow @cashapp (to secure your entry for the sweepstakes.)

Do People Really Win Online Giveaways?

Yes, people really do win online giveaways, and you can too! All you have to do to win online giveaways is to enter the giveaways. This advice comes with a word of warning.

Many online contests that are real and legitimate give you free prizes, while others that are illegal or unauthorized may not and waste your time.

If you’re wondering if online contests are real because you’re concerned about entering them, be sure you know what you’re playing before entering. You can avoid scams by checking our legit database of real giveaways with prizes.

Instant cash giveaway winner holding money

Money giveaways are legal if the host complies with relevant laws, rules, and regulations. Different rules and regulations are depending on the giveaway, too. 

For example, prize promotions in the US are categorized as contests and sweepstakes. Sweepstakes are based on luck – winners are chosen at random. Contests are based on skill – winners are chosen on merit.

No purchase necessary laws state that hosts can’t make their users purchase entries for sweepstakes where winners are randomly drawn. However, purchases can be made as part of a contest (sometimes).

Other important US laws and regulations require hosts to announce when prizes will be awarded, contact all winning entrants, follow through with all prizes, announce the opening and closing dates for entries, disclose when and how the prize winners will be selected, and provide free alternate means of entry if participants can enter the sweepstakes with a purchase.

Can You Win Money on Sweepstakes?

Yes, you can win money on sweepstakes, as long as they are legal.

You can get money from legit cash giveaways if the company complies with its country’s laws and regulations.

The sweepstakes aren’t a scam, so long as the company isn’t a fraud. Ensure you’re entering legit cash giveaways by checking out our legit database of where to win big.

Knowing this, you can stress less the next time you enter a free cash giveaway and focus on winning instead.

Check out the Omaze giveaway guide; we think you’ll love this guide if you’re an instant-win fan.

Omaze cash giveaways

One final spin on Instant Cash giveaways

Regarding instant cash giveaways, there are many ways to get free money in June 2024.

We have listed the top instant cash giveaways on giveawaylisting.com to satiate this sought-after prize.

One of the best things about free cash is spending what you like on what you want. You could even reinvest it in future giveaways and contests. That would be pro-level!

Cash sweepstakes are one easy way to change your finances right now. Use our guide to start playing to win free money and the best instant cash giveaways. 

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