Father’s Day Giveaways In 5 Easy Steps – Complete 2024 Guide

Father’s day giveaways in 2024

Whether you’d love to surprise your pops with a gift but you’re strapped for cash, or you’re hoping to run a father’s day giveaway for your customers. We have you covered. 

We have two solutions in this guide:

  1. Entering a giveaway to win a free father’s day gift
  2. Father’s day giveaway ideas for those who want to create one

Let’s start with entering a father’s day giveaway to get free prizes and presents.

What can I do for father’s day without money?

This is a question that has puzzled many of us. You’re looking forward to giving a gift, but you’re not looking forward to the money leaving your account. 

Well, the solution is here! Father’s day giveaways are one way you could try to find a free gift for father’s day.

Alternatively, as we cover later in this guide, you might choose to purchase a deal or discount instead. That isn’t entirely free, but it’s a lot cheaper than face-priced items.

Tip: Father’s day giveaways are usually held in advance of the tradition. You should search at least one month prior for fathers day giveaways. Don’t leave it until the last minute.

Now we need to cover where you can find a father’s day giveaway 2024.

Happy father’s day giveaways banner with coffee cup

Where can I find a father’s day giveaway?

We’ll help you narrow down your search for fathers day giveaways in 2024. Here is where you need to start.

You can find fathers day giveaways on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

You’ll also find a whole host of giveaways on third-party sites such as Rafflecopter and Gleam and forums such as Reddit.

You can always find the latest father’s day giveaway 2024 on giveaway sites such as ours, Giveaway Listing.

To narrow this down for you, we’ve created a guide for you to follow to find the best father’s day giveaways 2024.

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5 steps to win Father’s day giveaways

Here are 5 tips for you to master father’s day giveaways in 2024 and find the best around.

1. Father’s day hashtags

When using social media to find giveaways, we recommend you find the most popular hashtags to find the best pick of the giveaways.

Brands don’t only use common hashtags, but they’ll use hashtags that end up “trending” on social media. We’ve found some for you here.

When you search using trending hashtags, you’re guaranteed to find the most popular giveaways. 

Here are the standard hashtags: #fathersday #fathersdaygifts, #fathersdaygiveaway, or #happyfathersday, here are some creative ones: #giftideas #fatherhood #fathersdaygiftideas.

Check out the trending hashtag data we found on best-hastags.com.

Popular hashtags for father’s day

2. Local businesses

You might be familiar with the term “shop small” and support independent businesses – this tip involves these particular stores.

You’ll find that small businesses are catching up with the bigger brands on the market and offering their customers the same perks. Look out for local business giveaways.

We suggest you think of companies close to home or those you admire online. Have a look on social media to see if they’re holding any fathers day giveaways, discounts, and deals.

This tip also coincides with one we’ll cover later on. By entering smaller giveaways, you have a much bigger chance of winning them.

3. Forum feeds

Check out the Reddit platform to find father’s day giveaways. When you search “giveaway” in Reddit, you get a list of subreddits. We recommend that you use the subreddit search term: r/giveaways for specific giveaway listings.

Reddit subreddits r/giveaways father’s day giveaways

You can also use the r/AskReddit subreddit to ask any father’s day and giveaway-related questions you might have. 

When we search “father’s day giveaway” in Reddit, some of the following subreddits pop up: r/lakers, r/patriots, r/braves, and r/steelers. This tells us that sports giveaways are a big hit with father’s day prizes.

Check out the image below to see what we found on Reddit, and use the search terms above to see more father’s day giveaways. 

Father’s day giveaways on Reddit

4. Third party sites

When searching for father’s day giveaways, we recommend you check out Gleam giveaways.

To sign up for Gleam giveaways, all you have to do is sign up with a social media account. It’s possible to start entering Gleam “contests” and giveaways with a single click.

A great way to save yourself some time is to use a site that compiles Gleam giveaways, for example, Gleam Giveaways and the Gleamlist database. These are regularly updated, where you will find current Gleam giveaways. 

Another great way to enter and find the latest Gleam father’s day giveaways is via social media. Follow Gleam on social media to see their latest giveaways shared on their profiles.

Gleam father’s day giveaway

5. Giveaway Listing

To finish our father’s day giveaway list, check out our live lists! Giveaway Listing list active giveaways, and those lists are updated every hour. There you will find father’s day giveaways when the date is approaching. 

Giveaway Listing is dedicated to bringing you top giveaways. Plus, we’re determined to help you win these giveaways too.

Our guides, such as this one, can help you to maximize your chances of winning prizes. In this case, we hope you find the best father’s day giveaways and win something special for your dad.

How can I win a father’s day giveaway?

When it comes to winning a father’s day giveaway, you need to increase your odds of winning. However, much of the process comes down to luck.

There are some ways to boost your chances of winning. Here’s a list to check off the next time you enter a father’s day giveaway. 

  • Enter more than one giveaway. It might sound simple enough, but make sure you carve out time to enter more giveaways.
  • Follow the rules. Don’t lessen your chances of winning by trying to cheat. It won’t pay off in the long run.
  • Enter as many times as possible. If you’re given the option for bonus entries – take them! You can sometimes enter giveaways more than once. We suggest you do.
  • Use our giveaway guide! Don’t forget to revisit this guide if you need a refresher. We’re here to help.

Top tip: you can maximize your odds by playing giveaways which won’t have as many people entering them. This is one last resort for those who don’t mind what they win!

The giveaways with fewer people entering them mean less competition – it gives you a greater chance to win the giveaway.

You could try to find and enter small business giveaways to increase your odds of winning.

Happy father’s day giveaway banner

Which companies do free father’s day giveaways?

You will find that big-chain stores will typically run annual discounts for father’s day, whereas smaller companies and influencers on social media will hold giveaways.

One of the best ways to find father’s day giveaways this year is to use our guide above. 

Deals and discounts

You should also check out “food freebies and discounts” being held at this time of year, especially for father’s day.

Depending on your location, you will find retailers, restaurant chains, and fast-food joints running some promotions.

Here are some other ideas for where you need to search for deals and discounts.

  • Search on Groupon for father’s day deals
  • Local small independent stores
  • Big grocery stores and chains
  • Amazon
  • Target
Groupon father’s day coupons

Create a father’s day giveaway

If you’d like to hold a father’s day giveaway, but you’re unsure of where to start, you’re in the right place!

Check out the following section of our guide to find out how to effectively promote your company.

First up, let’s start with gift ideas for your themed giveaway. We’ll give you a lowdown of the best prizes your customers will love to win.

Father’s day giveaway gift ideas

If you would like to run your own giveaway, father’s day is the perfect time to start. Before running your giveaway, you have to know what prize to give the winner.

When considering your father’s day giveaway gift, check out the following sections.

Tip 1: select a gift that is geared toward father’s day. If you have digital items such as gift cards, why not personalize one with a themed message?

Tip 2: if you can afford to do this, why not have a selection of gifts on offer? One where your customer can choose what they win?

Tip 3: you might want to choose some of your newest product lines or offerings to promote them. That way, you may boost their sales at the same time as running the giveaway.

See the next section to find out what the most popular gift is!

Father’s day gift ideas

According to Amazon, here are some of the most popular gifts recently purchased for father’s day.

 Here is a section of gift ideas your customers will love. 

  • Cold brew coffee maker
  • Cordless string trimmer & edger
  • Exercise foam roller
  • Electric trimmer and shaver
  • Camp chair with side table
  • Indoor garden and grow kits
Indoor herb garden grow kit for father’s day

Depending on your brand or company, you may not have all of the suggestions above. That’s ok, we have more ideas for you.

Have a look below to find out what makes a great giveaway and other inventive prize ideas.

What makes a great father’s day giveaway?

Nearly half of all customers will be searching for their father’s day gifts online this year. Those numbers are steadily rising. 

A father’s day promotion is one easy way to grab their attention and get potential new customers.

Running a father’s day giveaway on Instagram is a top way to celebrate this national holiday online. In the process, you can boost your traffic, leading to more sales.

5 tips for a great giveaway

Here are our 5 tips and ideas for running a great father’s day giveaway on Instagram or a social channel of your choice. 

1. Choose your giveaway type

When preparing your Instagram (or social) giveaway, you need to choose out of the following: comment to win, repost to win, or create a post (and tag your account) to win.

For example, you can ask your users to comment on favorite memories involving their dads on your post. Alternatively, you can ask them to share a photo post on their account and tag you.

The easiest option out of the two is to ask for a comment on your post. This option saves you time when picking the winner.

Asking for comments on your post will also start a conversation that will increase your user engagement and build brand loyalty right on your own account.

2. Include all of the details

You want your customers to know what the prize is and how to enter the giveaway, for example. Make sure you include the following information.

  • The prize description and photo of the prize/s
  • The giveaway rules, including who can enter (country or age restrictions)
  • When the giveaway ends, including the date and time
  • Any necessary disclaimers (especially one to state Instagram isn’t endorsing you)
  • The terms & conditions and where to find them (if applicable) such as a link in bio.

This might not be the most exciting aspect of running the giveaway, but it’s important. To run an effective giveaway, you need to make sure this admin is taken care of.

3. Create a memorable experience

If you have loyal fans or customers, this is especially impactful. Even if you’re just starting out, there is a way to take your giveaway to the next level.

Father’s day is the perfect time to collect memorable user-generated content.

You can ask your followers to use your campaign hashtag. As mentioned above, you might ask them to create posts mentioning your brand in their descriptions, comments, and hashtags.

Use the social media’s app search function to find all the entries, or streamline with the Mention + Hashtag app. This app collects all of the entries in a gallery. There you can pick your favorite!

giveaway app login

4. Collaborate with another brand

This tip is beneficial if you’d like to pair your strengths with another brand. Some brands may find connecting a prize with the holiday difficult, yet have something else to offer.

If you’d like to boost your sales by collaborating, you could pair up with someone to run a co-branded giveaway on Instagram. 

Co-branded Instagram giveaways are popular with customers, they can get double the winnings in one giveaway or get an exciting mix of prizes.

This option is a great opportunity to grow your social media following and reach a wider audience simultaneously.

5. Make it personal

With this step, we recommend personalizing your giveaway and the prize. Personalized prizes or rewards (such as discounts or gift cards) will show you care about your customers.

You don’t need customized products to add personal touches to your offering. There are several ways to personalize your prizes.

  • Choose a prize that comes with options such as a range of colors
  • Ask users to comment on a range of prizes and select their favorite to win
  • Share discount codes for specific products that your customers can choose
  • Give away gift cards with a “to” and “from” section. This also lets them choose their own gift from your store/webshop.
Father’s day gift card

How do you promote father’s day?

Other than giveaways, you can promote the event in other ways to celebrate the occasion with your followers. To do this, have a look at our options below. 

In addition, to make your giveaway stand out, do these things and promote your giveaway at the same time.

Father’s day deals

While you might not be running a giveaway this year, you could promote your products by promoting father’s day on your store or business home page. 

Getting more leads means getting more sales. Running a special promotion such as “Father’s Day deals” allows you to capture interest to make a sale.

Opt to use website pop-ups on your website or a message on your homepage notifying customers about your deals (and/or giveaway).

Categorize gifts and offerings

You can help your customers find the right father’s day gift by categorizing them on your site or social media accounts.

Your gift ideas could turn an unsure customer into a sure sale. Consider using categories such as budget-friendly gifts, personalized gifts, or fun dad gifts.

Whatever you use, make it clear that the selection you’ve put together is for father’s day in particular.

Email marketing campaign

Email marketing is a simple and cheap way to engage your audience. You can easily personalize your message and target specific events.

You can send father’s day wishlists, gift guides, or coupon codes this way to remind them about the upcoming date. You can easily boost your traffic with a personalized email.

Refresh your sites for father’s day

Your customers may be shopping to find the perfect gift. Refreshing your site specifically for father’s day helps them choose one.

This is your chance to win over potential new customers too. You can think about the color scheme and select themed photos for the occasion.

Colors and imagery determine what decisions customers will make. For this occasion, use a masculine color scheme and feel.

Also, if you’re running a giveaway, don’t forget to promote that in all of your online spaces.

Website shop all gifts section for father’s day marketing

What is essential for a father’s day giveaway?

Finally, what are the most essential aesthetic and practical details to include for your giveaway? You should consider the following:

Eye-catching colors and images

A beautiful giveaway will look professional and engaging. Use eye-catching colors and imagery to make your giveaway stand out and make it suit your brand.

An attractive prize

As mentioned previously, the giveaway prize will be the key reason users enter your giveaway. You should include the retail value of the prize to make it more enticing.


You want everyone to know you’re running a giveaway, and you should make it easier for them to enter. If it calls for it, you should use a call-to-action button (for entry) that’s easy to spot. This is suited to giveaways that use sign-up forms, for example.

Bonus entries

The more options people have for entering your giveaway, the more time they’ll spend doing it. This helps you to spread the word and offers them more chances to win. 

Giveaway rules

Always include the giveaway terms and conditions. You want your participants to know what qualifies as an entry. You should mention whose eligible to enter and how often they can.

Enter to win the giveaway call-to-action banner

Happy father’s day

Whether you’re hoping to win a father’s day giveaway or looking for father’s day giveaway ideas to run your own. We hope this guide helps you achieve what you set out to do!

Giveaway Listing has live feeds of giveaways that are updated every hour.

You can find the live feed on our website, and also check out our social media for more: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We’ll see you next time with another global giveaway guide.

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