X Twitter Giveaways Guide – 9 Top Tips For Businesses And Entrants

Twitter giveaways in May 2024

Twitter (now known as simply X thanks to the genius of Elon Musk) is among the most popular social media sites. It sees over 326 million active users on the platform every month.

With the popularity of the platform comes the invention of Twitter giveaways. And it’s a lot easier to run and enter these giveaways than you might think.

For giveaway participants, Twitter giveaways offer you a simple way to enter contests to win irresistible prizes. You can find a wide range of giveaways on Twitter.

For businesses and giveaway holders, giveaways encourage more sales of your products and services, while giveaways held on Twitter help to build more engagement on your Twitter profile. 

If you’re looking for a way to boost your social media marketing strategies to drive people to your business, then look no further. 

This guide will go into depth with tips for Twitter giveaways in May 2024, whether you’re entering them or holding them. 

Blue Twitter logo with blue Twitter bird

X / Twitter giveaway types

This giveaways guide will cover Twitter giveaways for businesses who want to run giveaways and participants who want to enter them. We will serve two groups.

1. Giveaway organizers: This section is for business and giveaway organizers who want to run their giveaways on Twitter. We will cover how you can use Twitter for marketing and tips to stay within their terms and conditions.

2. Giveaway entrants: This section is for participants who want to enter giveaways on Twitter and maximize their chances of winning a prize. We will cover ways to use the platform to find giveaways.

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How to promote Twitter giveaways

So, you heard the hype about Twitter giveaways and want to run one of your own, but you don’t know where to begin?

With so many giveaway types to use, it can be challenging to start somewhere. It can be equally challenging to get your giveaway to your target audience and get the results you need to drive business growth. 

This section of the guide will cover some of the best Twitter giveaways as examples so you can get inspired to create your own.

First, let’s run through the basics of Twitter and help you prepare your Twitter account for giveaways.

Twitter marketing strategy with icons banner

How do Twitter giveaways work?

Simply put, a Twitter giveaway is designed for audiences on one of the top microblogging and social networking platforms we know as Twitter.

Twitter giveaways are a type of social media marketing campaign aimed toward the users of the platform and, with any luck, the target audience of the giveaway holder.

The giveaway holders typically ask the audience to carry out specific actions in exchange for a chance to win the prize on offer.

The entry methods can be as simple as following you (the giveaway holder) on Twitter, retweeting one of your tweets, or leaving a comment on your post.

Twitter giveaways work in several ways. Running a giveaway has several benefits for your business, including:

  • Promoting your new products.
  • Driving traffic to your website.
  • Engaging your existing audience.
  • Growing your Twitter follower list.
  • Growing your subscribers and email list.
  • Increasing awareness about your brand.
  • Collecting user-generated content (UGC).

In summary, a Twitter marketing campaign such as a contest, competition, or giveaway is one of the smartest ways to grow your business. 

Social media marketing campaign and social media icons

How do I hold a Twitter giveaway?

Creating a giveaway on Twitter isn’t all that complicated. It’s best to keep things simple and plan your giveaway in advance. That way, the process will be simple to carry out.

First of all, to hold a successful Twitter giveaway, you need to have an attractive prize on offer. Many companies either make one mistake or another with this step. You want to ensure you don’t offer something with little value while also not going totally overboard.

For instance, if you offer an expensive product, you might have people entering who aren’t interested in your brand. They’re only after the prize.

Alternatively, offering a $5 Amazon gift card might not pique people’s interest enough to enter. But if you offer a reasonably priced and personalized prize, you will promote your products while hopefully gaining new customers for your product or service.

When choosing a prize for your Twitter giveaway, consider your audience’s interests and tailor it to the season you’re in. For example, is it a Christmas giveaway or a specific Mother’s Day promotion?

Mother's day giveaway on Twitter

You should select a prize that is specific to any events parallel to your giveaway and make it relevant for your audience.

Next, we will cover more giveaway ideas to help you hold a successful giveaway.

9 tips for running a successful Twitter giveaway

Here are 9 tips you can implement right now to hold your own Twitter giveaway.

1. Choose a giveaway goal

Before starting any giveaway, Twitter or otherwise, it’s important to have an end goal in mind. This first step makes it easier to track your progress and aim for specific results.

Having a giveaway goal helps you to focus on making the most of your marketing campaign. You can also measure your giveaway’s success to improve your tactics for the next one.

Your Twitter giveaway goals might include the pointers we included above, from gaining more followers to getting engagement on your posts.

2. Choose the type of giveaway

Five main types of giveaways are commonly used on Twitter. Each method (with different entry methods) can gain much traction if done right.

1. Reply. It’s a simple method of entry – people can reply to your tweet to enter your giveaway. This entry method is similar to the Instagram comments entry method. One comment or reply is all it takes to enter.

2. Retweet. For this giveaway type, people can retweet your tweet to enter to win the giveaway. The person who gets the most retweets of your giveaway post wins.

3. Followers. One of the best entry methods is to ask people to follow your Twitter account and retweet to enter your giveaway. The only con is that you must be on top of tracking who followed you and entered.

4. Mention and hashtag. Ask entrants to mention you in a post and use your branded hashtag. This method is a great way to increase your visibility on the site.

5. Use a landing page website. Ask entrants to click a link to a website or landing page to enter your giveaway. You can track and gain data this way with an app like Wishpond for a higher chance of converting participants into paying customers.

3. Write a concise caption

Twitter’s character count doubled from 140 to 280 in 2017, but you’re not obliged to use all 280 characters.

Lengthy captions aren’t as popular on Twitter compared to Facebook and Instagram. In fact, tweets with 100 characters or less get 17% higher engagement rates than long tweets, according to Buddy Media’s statistics. 

One hundred characters isn’t a lot to work with, but that can work in your favor. Keeping things concise on Twitter will capture your reader’s attention.

Bonus tip: Use strong words in your giveaway caption. Make the title enticing for the reader to make it likely they’ll click and enter your giveaway.

4. Use a video, photo, or GIF

Tweets using a photo are 34% more likely to get retweeted than tweets with no photos, according to Brandwatch. They also receive 89% more likes, 18% more click-throughs, and 150% more retweets.

If those figures are anything to go by, adding an image to your giveaway-tweet is critical for increasing engagement and success. With a single photo or a video to your 100-character tweet, you will increase user engagement and make your giveaway look good too.

We recommend capturing the audience with a high-quality and colorful image or video. The image must stop your readers in their tracks. Consider capturing your prize as part of that image or video and adding your logo to it for a personalized touch.

Adding your logo to your visuals will make you memorable and help your audience recognize you without much effort.

Tip: Twitter images look best at 1024 x 512 pixels. You can use Instagram’s size dimensions, but it’s best to stick to Twitter’s dimensions. You can use free tools like Canva if you need help creating the correct-sized image for your giveaway.

For even more engagement, consider using a tool like FlexClip to create a short and eye-catching video about your giveaway. FlexClip allows you to easily add text, images, and music to your video, making it a great way to showcase your prize and get people excited about entering.

5. Use branded hashtags

It’s no secret that hashtags can help you to grow your brand. Statistically, tweets with hashtags are 33% more likely to be retweeted than those without hashtags.

AdEspresso analyzed over 20K tweets and found that higher-performing tweets contained only two hashtags. At the same time, they found using more hashtags won’t increase the engagement rate. So 1 to 2 hashtags for your Twitter giveaway should do the trick.

It’s a good idea to create a branded hashtag as part of this step. A branded hashtag unique to your company can help you go far with user engagement.

If your company name is generic, it’s best to choose another unique hashtag name. Your hashtag can be anything you want it to be – just make it memorable and easy to spell. For example, Nike uses the hashtag #justdoit instead of their name.

6. Write clear instructions

Give your followers clear and precise instructions to enter your giveaway. This is an important component for them to enter your Twitter giveaway.

If there are several steps to enter your giveaway, you want the instructions to be as clear as possible for the participants.

Twitter mother's day giveaway

It’s important to note that giveaway instructions aren’t only intended for your Twitter followers but to prevent legal actions if there are any misunderstandings. Putting together written instructions may seem pedantic, but it reduces the likelihood of errors and increases engagement.

If you need to write detailed explanations, you can use another platform, such as your Facebook page or website, which will contain all of the further information.

Include a strong call-to-action (CTA) in your instructions. CTA’s should be easily accessible and short so that your readers know exactly how to enter your giveaway.

Pro tip: Postcron recommends putting a URL in the middle of your tweet (rather than the beginning or the end) because that’s 26% more likely to get engagement. So do this for your Twitter giveaway.

7. Include the deadline

When you’re hosting a Twitter giveaway, participants need to know when the giveaway ends.

Make sure to let people know how long your giveaway will run and how long they have left to enter. 

You don’t have to use all of your tweet characters to do this. You can note these dates on your giveaway image or video details, on Facebook, or your website landing page.

Note: When you include a deadline for your giveaway, you help your participants avoid missing out and give them a sense of urgency to enter. 

8. Follow up with your audience

It goes without saying tweets have the shortest life spans on social media. A tweet’s lifespan can last between 5 to 30 minutes, unlike Instagram and Facebook, depending on your tweet’s engagement.

To increase user engagement on your Twitter giveaway and increase the lifespan of your giveaway tweet, try out these tips: 

  • Engage with people on your Twitter giveaway post and those who have replied and retweeted.
  • Send reminder tweets about your giveaway every other day or at least once a week.
  • Share your Twitter giveaway on your other social media platforms to get better engagement and gain more entries.
  • Pin your giveaway on your account at the top of your page, so it’s the first tweet people see on your profile.

9. Announce the winner

In your giveaway instructions, let participants know how you’ll announce your Twitter giveaway winner.

Based on the entry method, you will know the best way to select your giveaway winner. For example, choosing the person with the most retweets or likes. 

Once you’ve chosen your winner, let them know via social media that they’ve won. This also lets others know that the giveaway is closed.

You should also ensure the winner has seen the tweet. Contact them to let you know where to post their prize. All of those details about the prize-winning process should be part of your instructions.

What are the best Twitter giveaway accounts?

Depending on your business, you might choose to run your Twitter giveaway in one or two ways. Specifically, there are two ways to run a giveaway on Twitter. You can either:

  1. Start your own giveaway account
  2. Use your current business account

If you already have an account and opt for choice #2, it’s simple for you to start posting now. 

If you are considering choice #1 and creating an account specifically for giveaways, this section will help you to do that.

If you’re on the fence about which option to choose, this section will help you decide what route you’d like to travel.

To show you how #1 could work for you, we will list successful Twitter giveaway accounts as examples and what makes them so popular.

Here is a list of Twitter giveaway accounts we found. 

  1. Minty (@MintysGiveaways)
  2. GiveAway.SU (@giveaway_su)
  3. NFTGiveaway (@MetaNFTPunk)

1. Minty (@MintysGiveaways)

This account has over 50K followers and posts specifically about Roblox giveaways.

Why is Minty popular?

  • They tweet specifically about Roblox giveaways. Posting about a specific type of giveaway prize has its advantages.
  • Roblox is a popular platform, and so are Roblox associated giveaways.
  • Minty has its own YouTube giveaway channel and grows its audience organically across various platforms.
Mintys Roblox Giveaways Twitter account

2. GiveAway.SU (@giveaway_su)

This account has just under 80K followers. On their profile, they share that they collect information about Steam key giveaways and run their own daily giveaways.

Why is GiveAway.SU popular?

  • They tweet specifically about Steam giveaways and that niche works to their advantage.
  • They tweet approximately once a day, but sometimes less.
  • Game giveaways are popular (the popularity of the giveaway prize counts).
  • They run their own giveaways daily.
Steam Giveaways on Twitter

3. NFTGiveaway (@MetaNFTPunk)

In under one year, this account has over 80K followers and follows just over 90 accounts. 

Why is NFTGiveaway popular?

  • They tweet (and retweet) every day, with an average of 4-5 posts per day.
  • They retweet giveaways and information from other popular accounts.
  • NFTs are trending (the popularity of the giveaway prize counts).
NFT Giveaway on Twitter

Pro tip: If you love NFT giveaways, you will love our NFT giveaway guide.

What are the best Twitter giveaways?

This section will cover some of the best giveaways that went viral on Twitter. We will examine what made these Twitter giveaways so popular. 

  1. Gosh Finder (@GoshFinder)
  2. Peter Finch (@PeterFinchGolf)
  3. Woodward Sports Network (@Woodwardsports)

1. GoshFinder

This giveaway saw 22.9K views, 2.5K retweets, 5 quote tweets, and over 2K likes.

What made this giveaway so popular?

  • It has a clear title, “NFT GIVEAWAY,” and lists the prizes directly underneath.
  • The entry method is listed on the tweet.
  • Good use of emojis to emphasize the points made in the tweet.
  • NFTs are trending (it’s a sought-after giveaway prize).
  • Good use of a high-res image under the tweet description.
  • Use of descriptive hashtags: #FreeMint #ETH #BTC #BNB #SOL #CRO #SUI #NFTGiveaways #NFTGiveaway #NFTCommunity #NFTs #Giveaway #GOSHFinder.

Check out the image below to inspire your giveaway tweet. As noted above, this Twitter post has a clear title and gives prize details directly underneath.

The tweet contains how to enter the giveaway, and emojis enhance the message.

NFT Twitter Giveaway rules

The giveaway also uses bright and striking images to capture the audience’s attention. It went viral with over 20K views and over 2.5K retweets!

NFT Twitter Giveaway tweets and images

2. Peter Finch

This giveaway saw over 2K retweets, 17 quote tweets, and over 2K likes.

What made this giveaway so popular?

  • The title clearly indicates what the prize is.
  • It has a simple entry method – retweet and follow the host.
  • Good use of emojis to emphasize the points made in the tweet.
  • Golf giveaways are popular.
  • The high-res image under the tweet description contains all the giveaway information.
  • Use of descriptive hashtags: #FinchNotGrinch #HowTheFinchSavedChristmas #GolfGiveaway.
  • The closing date for entries and winner announcement is listed.
  • The giveaway is also available on their Instagram and Facebook, as listed.

This giveaway also uses a great title to headline the tweet. Directly underneath is a clear call to action about how to enter the giveaway.

Golf Twitter Giveaway rules

This post also contains excellent imagery of the prize bundle. Each item of the bundle is pictured.

Not only that, the brand uses the image to share the entry method again, which is another detail that makes this a great giveaway post!

Golf Twitter Giveaway win a vice golf bundle

3. Woodward Sports Network

This giveaway saw over 122K views, 2K retweets, 31 quote tweets, and over 2.5K likes.

What made this giveaway so popular?

  • The Twitter account has over 60K followers, which works to the advantage of the host.
  • The giveaway title is specific about what the prize is.
  • The entry method is laid out in 3 steps: retweet, like, and follow.
  • Sports giveaways are generally popular, so the prize will be popular too.
  • The high-res image underneath the tweet description contains a giveaway image.
  • The giveaway duration isn’t long, as specified – “winner announced Tuesday,” so there is a sense of urgency to enter.

This giveaway post had the advantage of a big audience. It boasts 100K views, but views aren’t everything, as it only had over 2K retweets. In comparison, the first example had a similar amount of retweets with 20K views!

Detroit Lions Jersey Twitter Giveaway

The giveaway title details the prize, which is a great way to introduce the giveaway. Another plus point, the entry method is laid out clearly in three steps.

The eye-catching image below shows the giveaway prize in action!

Detroit Lions Jersey Twitter Giveaway image

How do I pick a Twitter giveaway winner?

As simple as Twitter giveaways are to set up, choosing your winner can be tricky. 

No free gadgets are available to randomly select your winners from your follower list, likes, or replies. But you can choose from one of the following.

  • Random list pickers
  • Random number generators

Random list pickers

You have the option to manually compile and record all of your entries and use a random list picker to choose a winner.

For example, Comment Picker and MiniWebTool both have free online tools you can use.

However, the downside is that manually recording every entry is time-consuming, especially compared to other approaches.

Random Number Generators

You have another option to allocate a number for every entry, using a number generator to draw a number within the appropriate range and matching that number to an entry to determine a winner.

For example, Google’s Random Number Generator and Random.org are online tools to help you do this.

The other way to pick your winner on Twitter depends on the type of giveaway you host. 

For example, what will your participants have to do to enter the contest? You can ask them to do one of the following or combine a few of each:

  • Reply to win
  • Photo contest
  • “Caption this” contest
  • Retweet and follow
  • Tag a friend’s account
  • Vote to win contest
  • Hashtag contest
  • Design a meme
  • Subscribe to an email newsletter

Dependent on your giveaway type, you can manually choose the winner in one of the following ways.

  • Choose winners from replies
  • Choose winners from retweets
  • Choose winners from hashtags
  • Choose winners by manual selection (example, choosing memes)

Bonus tip: Run an opt-in giveaway

Opt-in giveaway

You can run your giveaway with a dedicated third party app like Gleam’s Competitions app.

Gleam giveaways are contained in attractive widgets, and you can use this to your advantage to drive follows, retweets, and tweets on Twitter.

You can also include call-to-actions, including social referrals, newsletter subscriptions, visits to your website, and social media channels. 

Here is a landing page of what your giveaway could look like on Gleam:

Gleam signature sweepstakes giveaways landing page

If you want to discover more about Gleam giveaways, check out our Gleam giveaway guide. 

Closing thoughts

That’s it for our tips about running your own Twitter giveaway. It’s time for you to use the information we provided to host your own giveaway!

We have more in store. Keep reading if you’d like to better understand how Twitter giveaways work from a participant’s perspective.


How to enter Twitter giveaways

With so many Twitter giveaways on offer and many prizes to win, it can be tricky to know where to start. Hence, this section of our guide will cover how to enter Twitter giveaways and how to win more prizes.

We will cover how you can enter Twitter giveaways, including all of the entry methods for doing so plus giveaway examples so you know what’s on offer.

Firstly, we’ll run through the basics of Twitter and discuss how you can enter giveaways on the platform. 

Twitter giveaways banner

How do I enter Twitter giveaways?

How you enter a Twitter giveaway depends on the type of giveaway. You will commonly find the following types being held on the platform.

Each giveaway type describes the entry method, and some giveaways combine more than one type. 

1. Retweet and follow

2. Reply to win

3. Tag a friend’s account

4. Subscribe to an email newsletter

5. Photo contest

6. “Caption this” contest

7. Vote to win contest

8. Hashtag contest

9. Design a meme

The giveaway type you enter will determine the entry rules you need to follow. All giveaways on Twitter will have their specific rules listed in their details.

How do I enter Twitter sweepstakes?

Entering Twitter sweepstakes is as simple as entering Twitter giveaways. Commonly you will also find the entry methods are similar. However, many sweepstakes held on Twitter are shared by companies that hold their own giveaways or reshare others. 

We have listed 3 popular Twitter sweepstake accounts that you can check out right now.

We will examine different types of entry methods that are commonly used in these sweeps.

  1. Sweepstakes Fanatics (@sweepsfanatics)
  2. Infinite Sweepstakes (@infinitesweeps)
  3. Sweepstakes Advantage (@SweepsAdvantage)

1. Sweepstakes Fanatics (@sweepsfanatics)

This Twitter account specializes in sharing sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways.

One of the most recent sweepstakes they shared offers the chance to win an Amazon gift card.

Sweepstakes Fanatics Twitter giveaway account

To enter the sweepstakes, you must fill out an entry form using your Google account. 

Enter to win Sweepstakes Fanatics Twitter giveaway

2. Infinite Sweepstakes (@infinitesweeps)

This Twitter account specializes in sweepstakes, instant win games, and Facebook giveaways.

Infinite Sweepstakes on Twitter

One of the most recent sweepstakes they shared directs you to their website to win a Farm to Wellness retreat experience. To enter, you have to complete an online form.

Infinite Sweepstakes farm to wellness retreat image

3. Sweepstakes Advantage (@SweepsAdvantage)

This Twitter account offers free online sweepstakes, giveaways, & contests.

Sweepstakes Advantage on Twitter

One of their most recent sweepstakes shared on Twitter directs you to their website. To enter this sweepstake, you have to subscribe by entering your email address.

Sweepstakes Advantage on Twitter

How do I win Twitter giveaways?

Winning Twitter giveaways is pretty straightforward when you know how to enter them. However, luck needs to be on your side, and you need to have patience. 

When asking how to win Twitter giveaways, you should also ask why people don’t win giveaways. We can let you in on a few secrets.

There are predominantly 3 top reasons why people don’t win Twitter giveaways, especially when the giveaway host is using “bots” to run the giveaway and pick the winners. The reasons people don’t win Twitter giveaways are:

1. They have failed to play by the giveaway rules.

2. Their Twitter profile is not optimized.

3. Luck hasn’t been on their side.

1. Play by the rules

Most giveaways help you to play by their rules with instructions on how to enter.

For example, all you have to do is to like and retweet, follow certain accounts, comment, and tag friends. You’re automatically disqualified if you don’t follow all of their instructions. 

Another mistake people make is trying to play smart or do more than is asked of them.

For example, if the host specifically instructs you to tag two friends, you should only tag two friends. Don’t add or subtract from what they’ve specified.

2. Optimize your Twitter account

Twitter optimization involves getting your Twitter account to a certain standard so that it will be noticed by the giveaway bot (Twitterpicker) or tool. 

Twitterpicker is programmed to look for certain things in the profile of every account that enters a giveaway. Your profile needs to have a bio description, a photo, and a banner.

Optimize your account on Twitter to win more giveaways

You don’t have to have your location switched on to use Twitter. However, you should switch it on for location-based giveaways. This is because the giveaway host can pick the location of the accounts to be selected for the giveaway by a Twitter tool – if your location is switched off, you won’t get selected.

3. Get lucky

There isn’t much you can do about luck not being on your side aside from being persistent. You should enter the giveaway as many times as possible and enter more to maximize your winning chances.

9 tips to win Twitter giveaways

Here are our 9 tips to help you win more Twitter giveaways.

1. Optimize your profile

For this tip, you want to give your profile page a makeover. Your profile might get viewed before deciding if you’re a winner, so make it look nice.

Make sure you have a good profile photo, and it’s a good idea to use a cover photo too. If you’re not camera shy, use a photo of yourself.

To go that extra mile, write a fun bio. These days you can pin a tweet to the top of your profile too! Under an existing tweet, tap the three dots to get that option.

Pin your tweet on Twitter

2. Optimize your username

Using a short and sweet username will work in your favor. Use a memorable username that is less likely to be misread and easy to spell.

This will also work in your favor if you’re constantly typing your name out in giveaway entries. You want to make this easy for you to use and make it a winning name.

If you want to change your username, that’s easy. The challenge is coming up with an unused one! Generally, underscores and numbers aren’t as desirable, so keep going if you’re running out of options.

Log in and go to your Account Settings to change your username. This will not affect your current account details other than your name. You might want to let your followers know about the change.

3. Retweet many times

Don’t just retweet once, but retweet many times. Twitter giveaways requiring a post retweet are easy to enter, making them hard to win. There’s heaps of competition for these giveaways.

You might also find that your feed will turn into a breeding ground for adverts afterward, which could work against you. Twitter search results might end up filtering your account.

You might be better off entering more giveaways where the promoter asks for photos, replies, and other entry methods.

Pro tip: Enter a retweet giveaway as late as possible. This will ensure your entry is seen.

4. Interact with the promotors

You’ll make yourself memorable by interacting with the giveaway holders and promoters. We suggest this even if it’s not an entry requirement.

Reply to their tweets and make your comment stand out from the rest. This action will put you in good stead for coming to mind when they pick winners.

You could choose to add photos or GIFs and tag a friend. It goes without saying, but be as personable as you’d like. Be yourself and be friendly.  

It’s often difficult to pick a random winner for a retweet giveaway. Some promoters might pick a winner from replies instead, which could make your extra effort worthwhile.

Twitter contest winner announcement

5. Search for giveaways

We suggest you use Twitter to search for giveaways and competitions. If you want to win more prizes, you need to do a bit more than wait for opportunities to come to you.

Don’t rely on your news feed and the accounts you follow. Expand your reach and use Twitter’s advanced search function.

Use that function to specify what you’re looking for – tweet types, hashtags, dates, and even certain locations.

If you like the results you’re seeing, save your search! Click “more options,” then “save search.” You can go back to this option in the Twitter search box.

6. Follow companies you know

Search for local companies you know and love in your area. Follow all your favorite places, like restaurants, cinemas, bars, etc., on Twitter. Moreso, those that do regular giveaways!

You’ll find that these giveaways get far less attention than most, so you have a higher chance of winning.

Another advantage is that you might know these promotors. Plus, they may follow you back – and the more followers you have on Twitter, the less likely you are to be filtered out.

You can also add these local companies to a Twitter list. Tweet using your local area as a hashtag, and you can get new followers that way too.

7. Use your own photos

It’s a good idea to have fun photos handy on your phone. Some giveaways involve tweeting a photo. You can enter a giveaway easily if your photos are ready at any time! 

We recommend you make an album of giveaway photos. That way, you’re one step ahead.

For example, specifically themed giveaways like festive ones might require you to send in a Christmas jumper photo. Save everything that’s quirky and interesting in one photo album.

You can always reuse your photos too. You can also delete your other entries if you don’t win, but that’s not necessary. 

8. Track hashtags

As you probably know, a hashtag is a topic that you can follow on Twitter. You can be as specific as you like when searching hashtags, for example, #EarthDayGiveaways or #TwitterGiveaways.

Searching for a relevant hashtag along with the word win, giveaways or competition should give you a selection of results to choose from.

You might not know about this function – you should also watch out for Twitter parties that have unique hashtags and chances to win prizes live.

Twitter parties are usually held by companies holding a live chat using the platform and the hashtag (#) search feature to connect participants to the live conversation stream.

Twitter party giveaway alert

9. Download TweetDeck

If you’re into organizing your social media feeds, Tweetdeck is for you. Just note that you can only use it on your computer, not your mobile device. 

TweetDeck shows you an organized set of scrolling columns of your feed, mentions, messages, a Twitter list, a search, or a user, for example. Everything is neatly presented. 

You can filter the content at the top of each scrolling column, specifying the date range or even by location.

It’s useful for following a hashtag – for example, if you’re at a Twitter party, or for finding giveaways hosted elsewhere (search other names such as Blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest in the search columns).

Pro tip: Make sure you log in to Twitter as often as possible. Some giveaways don’t last for very long!

Twitter giveaways 2024 FAQ

Here are some of the top frequently asked questions about entering Twitter giveaways.

Do people actually win Twitter giveaways?

Most definitely, people do win giveaways on Twitter. On average, some individuals win a prize on Twitter every couple of weeks.

You have to know how to win Twitter giveaways, so we suggest using our tips throughout this guide to maximize your winning chances. 

Winning doesn’t come easy, but it’s not rocket science. Winning Twitter giveaways just requires some persistence and a little bit of luck.

As you saw in our giveaway examples, some retweet giveaways get thousands of entries. There is a lot of competition on Twitter. Hopefully, you’ll be the next winner if you use our guide!

How do you always win a Twitter giveaway?

As mentioned, it’s possible to win a prize on Twitter every couple of weeks, but consistently winning prizes is not as easy as it seems. Twitter giveaways can get thousands of entries at one time.

To answer this question, we gave you some pointers in this guide about why people don’t always win. The 3 main reasons why people don’t win Twitter giveaways are:

1. They have failed to play by the giveaway rules.

2. Their Twitter profile is not optimized.

3. Luck hasn’t been on their side.

So to avoid this, remember to optimize your profile and play by the giveaway rules.

Are Twitter NFT giveaways real?

In short, NFT giveaways on Twitter can be real, but you must be mindful that there are scammers.

There is the possibility that fake Discord servers and fake NFT social media accounts can host fake giveaways. Those accounts can trick their users into pretending they’ve won something.

Think twice if you’re asked to connect your crypto wallet and enter a seed phrase or private key. That will give the scammer access to your wallet, where they can steal your funds.

Do not open random giveaway links sent to you. Instead, make sure you check the giveaway’s legitimacy. Double-check who sent you the message; if it’s spammy, delete and block it.

If you want to know more about Twitter’s guidelines for giveaways and promotions, check out their rules and policies guide.

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A final word on Twitter giveaways 2024

As we’ve learned throughout our guide, Twitter giveaways can be as popular as the platform is and they have the chance to go viral in one day.

Twitter sees thousands of people enter the giveaways hosted on their platform at one time. For businesses, that’s an excellent opportunity to capitalize on those numbers, and for entrants, that’s a lot of competition to contend with.

Still, hundreds of giveaways are being held daily on Twitter, so there’s always something to win. You might enter a giveaway held by a business that checked out our tips! And we have hundreds more prizes to share with you.

For more giveaway knowledge and guides, check back with giveawaylisting.com. We have live feeds of global giveaways, which are updated daily on our site.

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