101 Giveaway Tips for 2024 – The Utmost Guide to Win Big Prizes

Giveaway tips in 2024

Participating in giveaways is one definite way to try and win free stuff, but do you know how to increase your winning chances in 2024?

On that note, this guide is dedicated to giveaway tips to help you win big this year. We will share 101 tips, to be exact!

Before we get to those tips, we’ll give you some pointers about entering and more importantly — winning giveaways!

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How do I win giveaways?

Winning giveaways might come down to luck, or it might depend on skill, so which is what? Well, how you win a giveaway depends on what type you enter! 

Our tips will help you win more giveaways, but here is a list of different giveaways you can enter until then and the details of each. 

Raffle or lottery

  • Based on luck 
  • Paid promotion (ticketed in some way)
  • Randomly selected winner
  • Multiple (paid) entries are sometimes available

Sweepstakes or giveaways 

  • Based on luck
  • Free promotion
  • Randomly selected winner
  • Additional (free) entries are sometimes available


  • Based on merit 
  • Free promotion
  • Winners are selected based on skill
  • Competition/talent based (usually one winner)

Reward level

  • Based on merit
  • Free or paid promotion 
  • Entrants must meet the requirements to win
  • Typically more than one winner
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Bonus tip: if you enter a contest or skill-based giveaway, be prepared to work for the prize! You will be required to submit a competition entry for these giveaways.

If you’re looking for an easier way to win something, you might want to enter a standard giveaway or sweepstakes. To win prizes, you simply need to follow a few action steps.

How can I win more giveaway prizes?

There are a few tricks to winning more giveaway prizes. First of all, you have to enter more giveaways in 2024. 

Entering more giveaways will boost the likelihood that you’ll win a prize, but more doesn’t equal better (or winning, in this case).

Alongside more entries, follow these ideas to win more prizes! Don’t forget that we offer innumerable sweepstakes tips throughout our guides, so be sure to check them out.

  1. As noted, enter more giveaways and keep track of the giveaways you’ve participated in!
  2. Be organized. Keep a record of the giveaway closing dates so as not to miss any updates about who won the giveaway. Hopefully, that’s you!
  3. Enter various giveaways. By participating in various giveaways, you will increase the possibility of winning more prizes and get to know what types of giveaways you like. 
  4. Look out for giveaways offering prize bundles and runner-up prizes. Both of these options will raise your odds of winning something!
  5. As mentioned above, know your odds when you enter a giveaway. It’s quite simple to know the odds of winning a giveaway. By entering giveaways with fewer fans, you’re already at an advantage.
  6. Enter low-comp giveaways. Essentially, enter giveaways with less competition (as above) because your odds will be higher! 
  7. Lastly, use our handy guides and giveaway tips to increase your chances of winning a giveaway!
Giveaway Listing’s website and global giveaway listings

So that’s an additional seven tips for you before we get to 101 more!

What prizes can I win in a giveaway?

You can usually find many types of giveaway prizes on offer. The answer to this largely depends on the brand holding the giveaway.

For instance, instant cash giveaways solely give away cash prizes, whereas a brand like Alienware is focused on giving away branded products. 

In another case, Walmart and Amazon both tend to offer gift-card giveaways offering their participants the chance to win the chance to shop with the company.

There are even music festival giveaways, where participants can win branded items, discounted goods, or free tickets.

To see the variety of giveaway prizes available, check out Giveaway Listing, where you will find tons of giveaways and prizes.

Giveaway Listing newest giveaway guides

How can I increase my chances of winning a giveaway?

When it comes to increasing your giveaway-winning chances, there are different ways to go about it. The answer to this depends on the giveaway type and the platform you use to participate.

To say it in another way, the giveaway host and style of the contest will determine what tips of ours you should use!

The tips we have provided for you below cover different types of giveaways across many different platforms.

The tips we share for social media contests will differ from those you should use on third-party apps, for example. 

So to win more prizes, you’re in luck with the following list! Here are 101 tips to help you win big this year via many hosts. Let’s get to it!

101 Giveaway Tips of February 2024

  1. Search Giveaway Listing for live giveaways.
  2. Use Giveaway Listing’s giveaway guides for more winner tips.
  3. Learn more about optimizing your giveaway entries to increase your winning chances.
  4. Use our database and the search bar to find specific brands and prizes.
  5. Make your social media profile more attractive to help it stand out from the crowd. 
  6. Increase the number of friends on your social media accounts.
  7. Upload a fun and friendly bio to all of your social media accounts. 
  8. Don’t forget to include a nice profile photo on your social media accounts.
  9. Use cover photos whenever possible.
  10. Tag your friends whenever possible in all of the applicable giveaways. 
  11. Have a go-to group of friends who interact with you when you tag them on giveaways.
  12. Thoroughly read all of the giveaway instructions. 
  13. Follow the giveaway rules to a tee.
  14. Don’t add to the giveaway rules or do more than is asked of you.
  15. Enter giveaways with the same host more than once to increase your winning chances.
  16. Enter more giveaways with a grand prize winner and runner-up prizes.
  17. Find giveaways that have prize bundles and hampers on offer.
  18. Check the eligibility requirements to ensure you enter giveaways you can win.
  19. Search giveaways by location so you only enter those you are eligible to win.
  20. Don’t limit yourself to one giveaway type; enter various styles.
  21. Enter giveaways on different platforms, and don’t limit yourself to one place.
  22. Search for giveaways on Google as well as other sites.
  23. Search for giveaways directly on giveaway platforms.
  24. Make your YouTube subscriptions public for YouTube giveaways.
  25. Choose the live chat function on YouTube when entering live YouTube giveaways.
  26. Switch on the location function across social media to prove you’re eligible to win. 
  27. Don’t forget to check if you’ve won a giveaway!
  28. Follow up with giveaway hosts who are offering runner-up prizes.
  29. Enter giveaways from companies with fewer fans and a smaller audience.
  30. Check your internet connectivity if you enter a live giveaway.
  31. Enter as many giveaways as humanely possible to boost your winning chances.
  32. Narrow your giveaway search by using relevant hashtags.
  33. Enter giveaways with various prizes on offer – don’t be picky if you want to win anything.
  34. Add GIFS and images to your written comments to help them stand out. 
  35. Interact with the giveaway host after you enter their giveaway so they remember you.
  36. Calculate your odds, as you may want to enter giveaways with better odds of winning.
  37. Find giveaway groups and local groups to join on Facebook.
  38. Enter low-entry competitions on Facebook.
  39. Use the suggestions and “see more pages” to find more giveaways on Facebook.
  40. Ask your friends to support you and share your giveaway (if applicable).
  41. Follow your friend’s timelines if they often share giveaways.
  42. Find and follow your favorite business accounts in case they share a giveaway.
  43. Follow social media accounts that post only giveaway posts. 
  44. Enter the giveaway as soon as possible if the giveaway isn’t open for long.
  45. Enter comment-to-win and talent giveaways as late as possible so your entry is on top.
  46. Create a folder with image and video entries for giveaways on your phone.
  47. Create Pinterest boards dedicated to your favorite brands (and ready for giveaways).
  48. Follow more Pinterest boards (and automatically get added as a contributor).
  49. Check if you’ve won a Pinterest giveaway — some hosts share winners on boards.
  50. Be an active and memorable social media user and interact with giveaway hosts.
  51. Check out your competition on Instagram and social media for photo entry giveaways.
  52. Optimize your user name on Twitter and social media so it’s easy to read.
  53. Retweet for a Twitter giveaway as many times as you’re allowed.
  54. Track hashtags on Twitter to find the best giveaways and prizes.
  55. Download Tweetdeck to organize your feed and giveaway tweets.
  56. Follow giveaway hashtags on social media to find the best prizes and giveaways.
  57. Join giveaway groups on Reddit.
  58. Follow more groups of interest on Reddit.
  59. Don’t forget to use r/giveaways and r/sweepstakes on Reddit.
  60. Avoid entering any giveaway that looks suspicious.
  61. Search for the prizes you want to win to direct what giveaways you enter. 
  62. Search for giveaways held on third-party platforms, such as Rafflecoptor and Gleam.
  63. Attend baseball giveaway games early to be first in line for a prize.
  64. Search through baseball giveaway game listings (online) to find the prizes you want.
  65. Find your favorite way to play instant cash games (like a scratch to win, roulette, etc.)
  66. Use reputable sources to enter instant cash giveaways.
  67. Subscribe to the Youtube channel if the giveaway host has one.
  68. Subscribe to your favorite company or sports team’s mailing list for giveaway updates.
  69. Use the affiliate program on Roblox for Robux giveaways.
  70. Search Roblox on Discord for Robux giveaways. 
  71. Shop to save at your favorite big chain stores like Walmart for gift card prizes.
  72. Use the Ibotta app if you shop at Walmart for big deals and savings.
  73. Use the trade-in program at Walmart to win an instant electronic gift card.
  74. Search for gift-card giveaways on social media and search engines. 
  75. Use an alternative method of entry on Gleam to maximize your winning chances.
  76. Use social media to search for Gleam giveaways. 
  77. Search your favorite music festival’s website for giveaways and branded prizes.
  78. Consistently enter giveaways to increase your winning chances.
  79. Enter high-competition giveaways, such as Omaze, as they give away grand prizes.
  80. Check your favorite giveaway sites consistently to be on top of new giveaways.
  81. Keep note of the giveaways you enter so as not to forget any.
  82. Jot down giveaway deadlines in your notes so you don’t miss winner announcements.
  83. Create a spreadsheet of giveaway hosts to make it easier to access their giveaways.
  84. Compile a list of your favorite giveaway hosts to have them handy in one place.
  85. Start your video entry early with enough time for errors when entering video contests.
  86. Use an image editing app to help you create professional giveaway entry posts.
  87. Share your giveaway post with friends if you enter a talent contest that needs votes.
  88. Share your giveaway post on all of your social media if you need others to upvote it.
  89. Write book reviews on Goodreads to optimize your profile.
  90. Add books to your bookshelf on Goodreads to win more book giveaways.
  91. Be active on Goodreads to increase your activity on the site before entering giveaways.
  92. Look for giveaways in unusual places, not just standard ones, such as blogs and forums.
  93. Ask your friends what their favorite giveaway sites are to find more prizes.
  94. Decide whether you will enter giveaways once a week or once a day! The more giveaways you enter, the more chances you have of winning!
  95. Keep track of how many giveaways you win and why you won. Your notes can help you improve your next giveaway entries.
  96. Keep improving your talent contest entries. Research your competitor’s entries to analyze why they won.
  97. Whether it’s comment-to-win, retweeting a post, or a photo contest, work on making your entries stand out in some way to call those prizes nearer! 
  98. Enhance your giveaway entries with helpful or kind comments to help them get noticed.
  99. Stay informed about the evolution of giveaways, so you always know what prizes are available and the giveaway types on offer to you.
  100. Come back to this tips guide whenever you need a refresher!
  101. Lastly, don’t forget to check with Giveaway Listing regularly for the latest giveaway guides and sweepstakes tips! 

That’s it for our top tips for giveaways! We hope that’s inspired you for your next giveaway entry!

Types of giveaways

There are several types of giveaways, and each of them targets a specific group of entrants. The most important giveaway categories are:

  • Events and experiences giveaways
  • Brand giveaways
  • Show giveaways
  • Cash giveaways
  • Technology giveaways
  • Influencer giveaways
  • National holiday giveaways
  • Product giveaways
  • Sports giveaways

Events and experiences giveaways

You will find a wide range of event and experience giveaways that give away an even wider range of prizes. The cost of the prizes can vary dramatically. 

Take Omaze giveaways as an example of expensive giveaway prizes. Their grand prizes are valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars, as they focus on giving away dream homes and cash prizes. 

Our Essential Omaze Giveaways Guide aims to help you win a dream home. You should check that out to win in 2024!

In contrast, festival giveaways mostly give away branded festival items, but you may get lucky and win free tickets!

If free music festival tickets are your thing, you should check out Festival Giveaway Guide. We want to help you win festival tickets and save money on tickets in 2024.

Four women at a music festival dancing with their arms in the air

Brand giveaways

Brand giveaways are another classic example of giveaways with prizes varying in cost.

The popular and book-obsessed brand Goodreads mostly give away books, so their grand prizes are usually worth thirty bucks at a time. 

If you’d like to enter Goodreads giveaways or you’d like to run one, we have the perfect guide for you. Check out our guide — Master Goodreads Giveaways. It will help you run successful giveaways on the site or successfully win one!

In contrast to Goodreads, the brand known as HGTV (Home & Garden Television) mostly gives away huge cash prizes and one-of-a-kind homes to lucky winners. 

If you love the sound of winning an HGTV dream home, you should check out our HGTV Sweepstakes Guide. You have a lot of competition — in 2022, there were 142 million entries – our guide will help you maximize your winning chances!

Tip: The amount you spend on a giveaway prize doesn’t matter as much as its value — that is, what value your audience places on it!

HGTV stage with a beach scene and deck chairs and fake sand

Show giveaways

If you love HGTV, you might also appreciate The Talk. The show and its giveaways have been among the world’s most popular series for over a decade. 

In recent years, the Talk show giveaways became one of the show’s most significant events, accumulating thousands of participants!

Again, you face a lot of competition when you enter these giveaways. The Talk Ultimate Giveaways Guide can help you to win big in 2024.

Another big hit with giveaway fans is our guide dedicated to PowerNation Giveaways. The popular vehicle enthusiast TV show began as PowerBlock and still consists of other hit automotive shows.

PowerNation also hosts giveaways and sweepstakes on its website, all with an auto theme! If you love cars, their giveaways are for you!

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Cash Giveaways

Just as there are many types of giveaways, there are many giveaway prizes on offer. 

For instance, instant cash giveaways give away cash prizes, whereas a brand like Alienware focuses on giving away branded PC products. 

We have a guide dedicated to Instant Cash Games and Giveaways — check that out if you’re a fan of earning easy money!

In another case, Walmart and Amazon both run gift-card giveaways offering their participants an opportunity to shop with the company.

Check it out — our Walmart Giveaways Guide can also help you to save money, while our Amazon Giveaways Guide will help you find the best giveaways in 2024.

On that note, we have a guide dedicated to giveaways focusing on reviews for organizers and participants! If you want to review products to earn big or even get your audience to write reviews for you, we cover that and more in our Reviews and Giveaways Guide.

Our Gleam Giveaways Guide will help you win more prizes on the platform — or run a professional Gleam giveaway.

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Technology giveaways

Perhaps you prefer technology over technical gambling games and enjoy gaming instead! If that’s the case, you will love our technology giveaways. 

Take NFTs, for example, they’re a popular cryptographic product.

If you have no idea what a non-fungible token is, you can get acquainted with the subject through our guide dedicated to NFT GIveaways. More than covering the vocabulary, we help you win free NFTs and more throughout the guide!

Another popular hit with gamers is our Alienware Giveaways Guide, where we help you win big in 2024. Alienware Arena is a gaming and tech platform and community built by the Alienware brand to unite PC gamers worldwide.

As a member of Alienware, you get free games, gaming content, forums, event coverage, tournaments, and gaming advice.

If you love Alienware, have you heard of Roblox? As a tech lover, we are guessing you have! In 2020, over half of the US population under 16 played Roblox.

If you don’t know what it is, our guide to Roblox giveaways will reveal all, and we cover 5 ways to help you win free Robux. So here’s the guide to the best Roblox Giveaways in 2024!

You may also want to check out Discord! According to gaming platforms, they want to give fans more ways to have fun and express themselves through their servers. Nitro lets you customize your gaming experience on the platform; the more you play, the more games you can play. 

If you didn’t already know, we also have a Nitro Giveaways Guide to help you win free Nitro in Discord contests!

That’s not all, as we have more technology giveaways where that came from. We have a trending guide with unique tips to help you win PC GIveaways Worldwide.

Two Alienware Arena laptops on a Giveaway Listing banner

Influencer giveaways

We have giveaway guides for tech lovers to Youtubers! Technically, that’s still one for technology lovers, right? In this section, we will examine some of your favorite influencer giveaways!

If you love extravagant prize giveaways, you will love MrBeast. MrBeast is an American entrepreneur and YouTube celebrity who has gone viral on his YouTube channel. He’s known as Youtube’s biggest philanthropist! It’s no wonder MrBeast giveaways became a worldwide phenomenon.  

The popularity of his giveaways has driven the success of his YouTube channel. He recently became the second creator to reach 100 million subscribers, and the more famous he gets, the more money he gives away!

You can learn more about the influencer in our MrBeast Giveaways Guide. We have covered 7 pro tips to help you win big in 2024.

Another successful influencer, blogger, and giveaway host is Jaden Rae of Steamy Kitchen.com. With over 8 million page views and more than 550,000 users per month, Jaden Rae runs one of the largest food blogs in the world. 

The food blog aims to help you limit food waste at home and offers meal plans, recipes, and tips. Moreover, a section of their website is dedicated to hosting all types of giveaways.

If you want to learn how to master the Steamy Kitchen giveaways, check out our Ultimate Steamy Kitchen Giveaways Guide

Big money instant win $100 cash prize image with a piggy bank and coin

National holiday giveaways

From food blogs to thanksgiving dinners – there’s a giveaway guide for every day of the week on Giveaway Listing!

Our special Thanksgiving Giveaways Guide is dedicated to helping you find free Thanksgiving deals in 2024. If you’re strapped for cash around this national holiday, you may opt to enter a giveaway or even save money with one of our money-saving tips.

We also have a popular Free Turkey Giveaways Guide to help you get a free Thanksgiving meal. In the guide, we also cover where the trend of free turkey giveaways started and more.

We also have a complete exclusive giveaways guide dedicated to Father’s Day! This one’s perfect if you’re stuck searching for a gift in 2024. A father’s day giveaway may be just the thing you need.

We have two solutions in this guide: if you’d like to enter a father’s day giveaway and tips if you want to create one. Check out our Guide to Father’s Day Giveaways.

Father’s day banner with three generations and a giveaway listing logo

Product giveaways

If you’re looking for the latest product giveaways, check out our latest guides for giveaways!

If you’re a shoe fanatic, we have a guide for you! We have written a complete guide to help you bag more sneakers in our unique Shoe Giveaways Guide.

Whether you’re new to shoe giveaways or versed in the process, our guide will reveal all there is to know about shoe giveaways and sneaker raffles in 2024.

We give you tips for winning giveaways and even tips if you want to be a brand’s product tester. Testing and scoring products for free is one of the trendiest ways to get free shoes today!

The following guide is for golf fanatics! Avid golfers out there are in luck, as we found many golf giveaways running in 2024, and we’re not keeping them to ourselves.

There are so many golf giveaways, so it’s wise to have a starting point for where to look. Here’s our Golf Giveaways Guide

Live feed of eight golf giveaways listings on giveaway listing

Sports giveaways

For all sports fans, we have many more sporting giveaway guides other than golfing giveaways. 

We’re listing them here if you’d like to check those out. 

The Mets baseball game audience wearing orange and blue waving flags and inflatables

If you’re a basketball or baseball fan, you will love our step-by-step giveaway guides above!

That’s not all, though. We still have more advice to offer, found in the FAQ section. Keep reading to find out more.

Giveaway Tips FAQs

Here are commonly asked questions about giveaway tips. Hopefully, these top giveaway tips will help you win more giveaway prizes!

Is there a trick to winning Instagram giveaways?

When it comes to winning any giveaway, you need to know how to maximize your winning chances. Specifically, there are a few rules to help you win more on Instagram — here are a few tips.

  1. Narrow your giveaway search by using related hashtags on the platform to find the best giveaways.
  2. Be an active fan and interact with your favorite giveaway brands, especially if you enter contests and competitions. 
  3. Optimize your profile to make sure it looks great when you enter contests. Judges may check out your profile before deciding if you’re a winner!
Giveaway Listing Instagram giveaways banner on pink background with icon

If you’d like to learn how to win more prizes on the grid, you need to take a look at our guide. We cover 9 ways to help you win more prizes in our Instagram giveaways guide!

How are giveaway winners chosen?

The giveaway organizers usually choose the winners by manual selection. For instance, the organizers will manually select the winners if the entries have to be judged based on merit.

In another case, the organizer might randomly select the winner based on a comment entry on their post.

In other cases, the giveaway organizers may use a third-party app to select the winners. The apps are especially helpful for brands with thousands of followers, as manually selecting winners could take all day!

How many prizes can I win in a giveaway?

You can usually win one grand prize in most giveaways – this is the common choice for most organizers. Some giveaways might have a selection of runner-up or consolation prizes too!

On some rare occasions, you might see prize bundles being offered. Prize bundles are typically like a goodie bag. These goodie bags contain a selection of a few smaller (often inexpensive) prizes in one.

Where can I win giveaway prizes?

You can win giveaway prizes on so many platforms these days. You will find giveaways on all social media channels and via small and large businesses alike. 

As their popularity increases and drives business growth, you’ll find most companies will desire to hold more giveaways. That’s good news for us, as we will be in on the action and share them with you!

Check out Giveaway Listing, where you will find a carefully curated selection of giveaways right now. 

How will I know if I won a giveaway?

The answer to this common question will depend on how you entered the giveaway!

If you enter a social media giveaway, you’ll be contacted via your social media profile or made aware on the giveaway organizers page once the giveaway has ended. 

If you entered a giveaway where you had to enter your email address as part of the entry requirements, you would likely receive an email notifying you if you won. 

Don’t take our word for it, though! That’s to say, you should always check back with the organizers on the giveaway closing date to see if you’ve won — they may forget to follow up.

How much are giveaway prizes worth?

Giveaway prizes can range from anywhere between a few bucks to hundreds of thousands — it really depends on what giveaway you enter. 

Take Omaze giveaways as an example. Their grand prizes are valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars! In contrast, Goodreads giveaways grand prizes may only be worth thirty bucks, as they mostly give away books.

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The final word on giveaway tips

You will find the best giveaway tips on our website and throughout our giveaway guides. 

Check out Giveaway Listing to see all of the guides available to you right now.

Don’t forget to hit follow on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, where we regularly update giveaway fans on the best available contests worldwide. 

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